The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 251: 251 Clumsy?



Gu Liufeng raised his eyes slightly, and continued: “Gu Mou means, since Fairy Ice Lotus has hurt Gu’s people, no matter how you hurt people, let Gu return to Fairy as it is. In this way, The grievances between you and me can be regarded as clearing up!”


“You—! Gu Liufeng, you don’t know what’s wrong!” Feng Lianying trembled in anger, “If you are sensible, get out of my way, or don’t blame me for being rude! Your Gu Liufeng’s cultivation is nothing but mine. Quite, now that I have taken the medicine for help, my skill is far superior to yours, should I really be afraid that you will fail?”


Gu Liufeng smiled leisurely, with a burst of light in his eyes, “Or Fairy Ice Lotus can choose to apologize to Gu’s subordinates!”


“You’re courting death—!!” Feng Lianying let out an angry scream, turning into a sword shadow and charging straight towards Gu Liufeng.


What she hates most now is hearing someone tell her to kneel down and apologize. She will never forget the humiliation that that **** Xiyue did to her!


In the blink of an eye, two figures, one red and one white, are intertwined, and the big ones are indistinguishable.


The movements of the two people were extremely fast, and the sky above the secret realm was constantly being recklessly with powerful spiritual pressure, and there was a brilliant light blooming.


Zhou Yan’an just felt dazzled, and after watching it for a while, his chest felt tight and he wanted to vomit. Although he was also in the Golden Core Stage, such a battle was really beyond his current level.


But Hexi watched it very seriously, and the strange thing was that she could see the movements of the two people clearly.


What surprised her was that at this time the two were evenly matched, but she always felt that Gu Liufeng’s strength seemed to be far more than that. Is he… hiding?


He Xi was frowning and looked engrossed, and suddenly met a pair of eyes that were half-smiling but not smiling.


These eyes are shaped like peach blossom petals, with shimmering light inside, like reflecting bright multicolored rays of light, but in an instant, these rays of light disappeared without a trace.


Valley Wind—!


At such a tense moment of battle, he could still be distracted and look at himself, and the deep smile in his eyes seemed to see through his mind.


He Xi suddenly lowered his head, a look of contemplation in his eyes.


Zhou Yan’an sees Hexi bowing his head, revealing only a delicate and pale profile, as if the whole person is fragile and beautiful porcelain that will shatter at any time.


He couldn’t help comforting: “Young Master Xi, don’t worry, as long as the young master is here, we will be fine. Although the young master is only in the golden stage, he is completely different from a waste like me. I have never seen him. There are warriors of the same rank who can beat him.”


Hexi raised her eyebrows and didn’t answer, but suddenly asked: “Shopkeeper Zhou, you and I are just one-on-one, and I don’t have any kindness for you. Why did you sacrifice your life to save me?”


Hexi couldn’t figure this out from the beginning. She could understand Dandan and Jinlong saving her. However, Zhou Yanan met her by chance and said that it was normal for him to help him casually, but it was too strange to risk his life to save him.


Zhou Yan’an’s face showed a hint of shame and struggle, and he was silent for a long time before saying: “To be honest, I originally came to the Zijin Palace because I wanted to get the inheritance here. But I didn’t do it for the Mahaxindian. But for the pill recipe that Zijin Zhenren left behind.”


A look of surprise appeared on Hexi’s face.


She has already obtained the inheritance of the Zijin Palace, so she naturally understands that there is no pill recipe in the inheritance of Zijin Zhenren.


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