The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 252: 252 Xi’er, why are you here?



But I heard Zhou Yanan continue: “Just after seeing the son, I suddenly felt that, compared to the illusory Zijin real person’s Dan Fang, perhaps the son is our real savior.”


Savior? What does it mean?


Zhou Yan’an’s body was weak and his face was pale, but he sat up at this time and bowed deeply towards Hexi, “Young Master Xi, the truth is honest, I just gave up my life to save each other because I have something to ask for. “


“Speak and listen.”


“If you guessed correctly, Mr. Xi is the genius doctor who healed Prince Ouyang.”


Zhou Yan’an looked at He Xi nervously, until he nodded and admitted, he was relieved, and then said: “After leaving the secret realm, I want to ask your son to help save someone.”


Zhou Yan’an’s words were extremely straightforward, but Hexi breathed a sigh of relief.


What she is most afraid of is the secret calculation and use, treating her as a pawn, and making an overt transaction pleading like Shopkeeper Zhou is her favorite way of doing things.


In any case, it is better to have a clear transaction purpose than to somehow owe a favor.


Thinking of this, Hexi raised his head slightly and said lightly: “Okay, I agree to your request, and I will consider it as a return of your favor today.”


But the seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy didn’t have the slightest hesitation on his face when he said outrageous words, but his eyes were surprisingly bright.


If someone else said this, it would make people feel arrogant, but when the young man in front of him said it, Zhou Yanan only felt it was right, and he was extremely happy and reassured.


During the conversation between the two, Hexi’s expression suddenly changed slightly.


She felt that many people were coming in her direction, and everyone’s breath was very powerful and terrifying, and she didn’t know whether they were enemies or friends.


She was about to speak to remind Zhou Yanan and Gu Liufeng above when suddenly, Feng Lianying in the sky let out a painful howl, and her whole body fluttered and fell backwards like a kite with a broken string.


Gu Liufeng’s eyes flashed a hint of consternation, and then his eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a smile of interest.


The next moment, a fierce sword beam full of killing intent slashed straight at Gu Liufeng.


Gu Liufeng’s expression was slightly condensed, and he changed his inattentiveness when he fought against Feng Lianying before. With a wave of his right hand, a fiery red sword glow was emitted.


Two sword beams meet at a high altitude, and a wave of earth-shattering energy erupts, causing waves of spiritual energy fluctuations in the entire secret space.


After the explosion, Gu Liufeng slowly fell, staggering and taking a step back.


The thin lips that were exposed outside the mask turned a blood-like red like cherry blossoms due to the surge of qi and blood.


“Young Master, are you injured?” Zhou Yanan exclaimed, struggling to get up to treat Gu Liufeng.


Gu Liufeng smiled slightly, looking at the crowd slowly emerging not far away with deep eyes, and said loudly: “His Royal Highness Pluto has a profound cultivation base, and it really lives up to its reputation.”


I saw that most of the people in the group were high-level warriors above the Jindan stage. The purple-clothed man at the head was full of anxiety. He held the pale-faced Feng Lianying in his arms and shouted anxiously, “Sister Lianying, you Are you alright?”


Behind the purple-clothed man, Nangong Yu, with a gloomy expression and cold eyes, walked casually in his footsteps.


Nangong Yu’s icy gaze swept across Gu Liufeng, and fell carelessly behind him, then his pupils contracted suddenly.


“Xi’er, why are you here?!!” Nangong Yu’s voice was so high that almost everyone present was taken aback.


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