The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 432: Blood and strong



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Young Fang, the city was dilapidated, the walls collapsed, and only a small bronze lamp was burning, proving that it was still a little angry.


The border area is deserted;


The monsters and prowlers are all old, with their teeth falling out, their backs against the remnant wall, and they are half-married. The place Matthew has become a relic.


Now, the nearby evil spirits are rolling, violently turning up, rubble, broken walls, and floating, forming a vortex as high as them.


The creatures in the transcendent area are on the road, shocking the entire border area. Of course, the Tianxing of Harmony can only be capped in the real immortal realm, and dare to “violate the rules”.


The giant full of yellow hair stretched out my bow, and my mouse, who was as tall as a moment, carried the red gold iron rod so heavy that it distorted the space, showing murderous intent, and the picturesque looking super peerless Li Shi stood on the back of King Peng Too, the expressionless paper is holding a cold dagger, and the indifferent old man flows with a rich celestial rhythm accompanied by a small wonder…


A group of my masters, although they belonged to the same camp, they are all famous, and all of them are peerless. They walk in the outside world and will be valued by all parties.


It’s such a combination, with the top monsters of the two giant cities, and the little elite prowlers, after reaching the True Immortal area, they looked at the moment with an indifferent attitude.


Even, Kuohelai is looking down on the whole area of ​​the real immortal, thinking that it is a dimensionality reduction attack. Even if the sky is limited, he has a very high degree of celestial transformation, which makes up for the flaws and defects of the past. In breaking the limit, Tianxing is naturally very terrifying.


That earth-grey mouse, a monster belonging to the sage of hell, and the followers of the Emperor of the Earth, has a vicious name that has been circulated in the super-peerless region for many generations, and now it has disappeared silently.


When it reappeared, the red-gold iron rod blew up the void, and went directly to the nearest point of the moment, and said to itself: “It’s really troublesome, I’m afraid she’s going to go too far.”


In this case, it was still cautious and put the “Magic Sealing Talisman Paper” on its head, fearing that it would be liquidated by the rules of **** if it violated the rules.


Even if it comes to hell, it must be respected in terms of my rules, otherwise even it and it will be obliterated. The so-called awakening and mutation, the birth of consciousness, are very contradictory, but after all, it is not small and comprehensive. “Super Class”, I want to break the restriction of going to hell!


“She is a real fairy laughing.” I laughed with the skin of a mouse, and a few mouse whiskers were shaking, but when the red-gold iron rod in my hand was really crumpled, I let out a cry of a fairy, and the shadowy shadows whistled around, It shows the number of peerless masters who have killed people in **** for more than a century, showing its extraordinaryness.


However, after its iron rod fell out, the words did not finish the novel, and the pupils began to shrink, and the iron rod was controlled and flew away from Kuo.


Soon, it realized that it was gone, and the arm was in severe pain, and it flew away, was shaken, and exploded.




It let out a beast roar, its face twisted, and it looked at the key. How could it be able to do it? That Buzhenxian only swung the pitch-black mace once, and knocked out its arms, which were as heavy as mountains. .


It used magic and reversed at a very high speed, but it avoided it at all, and immediately followed it to the nearest point.


With a bang, Niubeitai’s young man filled it up with a mace, breaking its twelve-fold spells, and the rhythm of protecting its body. bleed.


Although it raised its sharp claws and slammed it outward, the claws were broken, and then it saw the pitch black like the stick of my mountain blocking its vision and falling on its face too. Primordial pain!


It’s unbearable, but I can’t bear it… and it’s over. Its eyes are black, its consciousness is blurred, and its remaining spirit sees its own fur and bones scattered. Did it come to be broken?


Wang Xuan rushed and said, the two sticks caused the emperor’s hands to be completely destroyed, not even a mouse hair was left,


Those who had never stopped, hurried and dashed along the way, took care of one of my masters.


“Wang Yao generation, really come… Mighty?” Lao Zhang can only comment on that, obviously he came to a strange time, and he went to know the sky and experienced a few mythical generations, but he is still like her boy. Such a small impetus, a look of vigorous blood, nowhere to vent his energy, and the appearance of blowing everything up.


With a thud, the ground shattered, and the iron arrows with thick bowls shot on the road, accompanied by the rich texture of Yutianhua, and even the light overflowing from the arrow feathers could shatter the mighty mountain of mine. Thinking is a power.


The so-called shooting the moon, penetrating the planet, etc., is really what it means to be an archer.


Under normal circumstances, all kinds of powerful enemies encountered, such as my demons, etc., are solved by a sharp shooter of different levels.


However, after Wang Xuan launched his charge, he remembered the palm knife and smashed the arrow feathers of the giant me, and then let it disintegrate with the people in the sky and shattered into powder!


“Did you not eat? Who are you shooting so lightly?” Wang Xuanyuan’s hair waved, scolding Ju Shi, who was dissatisfied with his thick yellow hair.


On the other side, the complexion of the master group of me finally changed. In an instant, my gopher died, and the terrifying arrow feathers that shot down the stars were also ineffective against the true immortal.


In mid-air, a tiger sparrow flew up, covering the sun. When it saw the tragic death of the rat monster, it already wanted to retreat, and even thought about culling it, it was too late.


Futianniu disillusioned one step at a time, starlight, four hooves surrounded by fragments of time, infinitely approaching, only a few tens of miles away, it is no different to fight closely


The raptors with tiger heads and vermilion wings squeaked, and the flames of the fire broke out, melting all my ground, the magma billowed, the void cracked, and the regular textures were intertwined, and the middle was still useless.


Riding on the road for a while, and even breaking the law, the pitch-black mace smashed all its six-self supernatural powers, and then smashed its vermilion bird wings that covered the entire dome to a bloody, broken bone. Countless, the tiger sparrow body… disintegrates!


Its crimson tiger head, comparable to a mountain, was also smashed with a stick.


Crackling, the high-altitude people poured out blood, and a generation of fierce birds was completely killed. They died in the presence of Wang Xuan’s holy relics, and they were not even qualified to turn into prowlers.


The pupils of a group of my masters shrink, the situation is completely right, a true fairy, how fierce?


In the past and the time of being a human being, many times, they used the texture of Yutianhua to make up for the regrets left by the cultivation of the young generation, and reshape the Tao itself.


Even if it is limited by the rules of hell, now in the realm of real immortals, how can it go?


The two masters of me were like a piece of paper, and they were torn apart by each other as soon as they fought.


“Is it time to go to the troublesome things mentioned by the group of **** who came to his paper temple? Jing/hua/shu/ge…”


It is a peerless masterpiece of the Lixiaozhi Temple. It was in the Zhenxian District, but I have also vaguely heard a few words recently. The strongest disciple, Zhou Tai, died and was killed by Shi neatly.


“I’ve blocked it, don’t let it go in the aisle, first keep a certain distance!” After drinking for a few hours, I felt that I was riding an evil every moment. It is better to keep a safe distance first and see the situation.


Guo He Shi Li is only a small marksman, and a small existence like a savage god. He has a lot of spears on his back, and now he starts throwing it directly!




A single spear can pierce through multiple stars, and its power is naturally extremely frightening, whistling, distorting the sky, and going up with extremely strong fragments of my rules.


Tong Da, go to stop the yellow-haired giant and bend the bow again, and the younger sharpshooter has four arms, and also starts to shoot arrows at a high speed, blocking the land.


Wang Xuan’s face was calm, but his expression didn’t change. He walked on the bull, the stars flowed, the passing and the image disappeared one step at a time, avoiding arrow feathers, divine spears, etc., looking for the empty people to kill from time to time.


The two masters who can throw spears are rapidly changing positions, and they are all smaller. What kind of monster is coming? The speed is fast, the combat power is terrifying, and the real immortal realm can be small.


“Pull your distance, prepare to attack!” The hour dark man made a voice transmission and made a move,


Taking advantage of the marksman’s blocking, quickly adjust the shape of our army, gather the strength of the two cities, and want to kill the monsters in the area that is not really immortal.


Anyone in the sky, Wang Xuan rose up into the sky, and he chased him too much. The sword energy outside his body was surging, like ripples expanding, and the spider formed a web, blocking the sky and blocking the non-spear shooter.


At the front of the spear and the mace, the confrontation is clanging, and it is a master who shines all over. At the last moment, he used the power of the forbidden level, and the jade was burned. Internal sex


With a swoosh, Wang Xuan took Futian Niu to return to Xiao Lao Zhang, disappeared from the room, and disappeared into my fog. Lao Zhang was startled, where did he come from? It felt like he was out of the real world.


However, the non-spearman did not violate the rules in the end, and he would suppress Tianxing back here again, horrified: “If you have passed the small secret method, you can avoid his perception and grasp the whereabouts of the past, even if To break the rules of balance, I am afraid it will be difficult to kill.”


The first big room told Zhongshi the strong sense of relief.


I’ve stared at him for a long time. Did you just come over and want to take care of the ground and break the rules of the terrain? He will be buried with him when he was young.


Being the same as the big one, it’s terrifying to live in harmony. If she’s not her true fairy, it’s a big empty space to escape?


Naturally and past are also aware of it. At that time, Yiqi disappeared strangely and went to look for it.


Wang Xuan killed him abruptly, and his body was so bright that the sword wheel would shine, and he would strangle the spear thrower!


Next, the archer whose eyes glowed and locked his four arms made his whole body dim, slightly blurred, and in an extremely bad state.


One day, the fist light slashed the road, and the ground was like a piece of paper, cut open by the dazzling light, making the four-armed archer with a blurred body shattered and cut off.


The yellow-haired Jushi roared all over his body, his body could be tens of meters taller, but when he was fighting Dao Chengren at close range, Kuo was smashed by the bow and arrow punched by the opponent, and his fist exploded. How big is Kuo? My strong body actually blocked it.


After being torn apart, Wang Xuan was blown up alive.


“Is it just a strange time? Always warm-blooded, always young.” Master Zhang said to himself, reflecting, Tian: “It seems that he also has to adjust his mentality and make himself younger. Do you have the heart of a child?”


I directly ignored the **** picture of the “Children” wielding his mace to kill the enemy, and only saw the appearance of the opponent’s vigorous and vigorous blood.


“It’s no wonder that as a strange time, the years of experience are short, and being able to have children in the prime of life is really a matter of state of mind.” Lao Zhang “realized”.


In the blink of an eye, two of our sharp shooters and spearmen were killed, and the ground was dripping with blood, which shocked the important party for hours.


“Downstrike!” is big, and the little master gave an order, and the monsters in the back could raise their troops together with the prowlers, and wave them towards them.


A ray of light from the heavens lit up the terrifying army of our army. The runes were densely packed, and the lethality was so strong that Shimao’s bones were chilled.


Old Zhang’s complexion changed, and a layer of goosebumps appeared on his skin. The speed of those killing lights was so fast that they had already covered them, blocking the sky in all directions.


“Ren Qian escaped into the big sky, no matter how to escape and stealth, it is useless, because the film is blocked, directly kill before the explosion!” The opposite Xiaochao peerless said coldly, and came a picturesque look. The woman, standing on the back of the golden-headed King Peng, was filled with murderous aura and was really angry.


The fact is, Wang Xuan disappeared from the spot with Futian Niu Ke Lao Zhang as you wished.


After a long time, I really dare to fight hard. It’s a group attack together. Although it doesn’t violate the rules of hell, it’s not a series of times. I’ve started to study Yutianhua. The limited roads overlap, and the experts in my measurement gather together, I am extremely afraid!


Of course, the entire piece of our soldiers, the monsters in the two giant cities can be prowlers, and they can all come out of the world, and they can’t be realistic. class.


Even if it came like this, it was led by a group of experts from our army, and when it was extremely weak, the sweep was a vast sky, and the texture of Yutianhua had nowhere to go, strangling all creatures.


I am a fog man, Wang Xuan moved quietly. It is a mysterious place of unknown knowledge that has withstood the test, and it is really separated from the real world. Although he was attacked, there is no small fatal danger.


I rode the Futian Niu and took Lao Zhang into the depths of my fog, avoiding the strangling light of Yutianhua.


“Go to stealth, go to escape into the cracks in the void, it’s from inside…” Lao Zhang’s dazed expression is rare. He used to be confident, conceited, and elegant, but now he is a little confused.


Is it the world that came to the strange time? I reminded myself that it is time to work hard, to be complacent, to be able to rest on your laurels, to be a counter-offensive, and to enter a brand-new cultivation world.


“The means of the seniors really come to pass.” Master Zhang praised.


“It’s okay.” Wang Xuan said.


“The Lord will naturally come to the world with divine power!” Futianniu opened his mouth very smartly, realizing that Wang Xuan seemed to be hiding his identity, so he changed his tune and called Confucius for the time being.


“What about Shi, come to stealth in the past, to escape into the void, is it hard to escape?!” Outside, a group of Shi was shocked.


When it was over and stopped attacking, Wang Xuan rushed down here, and suddenly appeared, with a bang, the mace smashed at the high-status woman who didn’t stand on the back of King Peng.


The technique blooms fiercely, and I often use it, but there is still a small rain of blood, and Wang Xuan uses it


The pitch-black mace shattered the woman, along with the golden-winged Ipeng. At that time, the crowd killed you, destroying both body and spirit. Hall


Three young masters were killed one after another, blood spattered everywhere, causing Hour to be unbearable and want to break the rules of balance.


Wang Xuan disappeared from the is.


“Activate the teleportation array!” Obviously, at the last moment, restraint and bluffing did not break the rules of hell.




After Wang Xuan got up and down, he urged the Futian Niu, which also opened the big empty door, and led Wang Xuanke Lao Zhang to jump in here.


The most important thing, the Qingling County Master was originally very anxious, went to safety, and was scared away, but here, you accidentally found a group of rescuers. It was a good time to help you block my fierce time at the rear.


In the middle of the good times, the “rescue” also failed and escaped, and in the end, the past and the fast got together


Passers-by, that group of my masters wanted to break through the wall of light and leave the real immortal area completely, but the other party completely locked on Kuohe and got close. pass and leave.


When I was in a group, I fled, and I no longer had the mentality to look down on the True Immortal area.


The mentality is as good as Lao Zhang, and now it’s a little bit smaller to get the real feeling. Go Jiuyao, Kuo was still being chased by Shima from the two cities, and ran for his life covered in blood.


Nowadays, when the “Odd Times” are together, they have chased Shima from more than a dozen cities to escape for their lives? Completely adjusted.


“Hellman, are you still in the time of the little mother universe?” After a little calmness, Wang Xuan began to listen to the old time at Lu Tai to Lao Zhang.


“Definitely small.” Zhang Tianling responded affirmatively, saying that he had seen a figure who was suspected to be Shang Yi from a distance.


“It’s not a piece of shit, it’s really in the new Wang Xuan frowned, but “the first time” solved the problem and helped Yun Shuhe regain his body, but that one Lai Shang Yi’s avatar, his real body carries the “Shi Shi Jian” to find out where he is.


Now, Lao Zhang informs that Shang Yi’s real body is actually in hell.


Cult Master Zhang was surprised, is Qi Shi is candid? The tone of his speech is really not as if he was a junior and a senior. He is more grounded and younger than Guo.


I looked at Wang Xuan a few more times, but didn’t say anything.


“Is it still outdated?” Wang Xuan asked Tian.


“The prospective daughter-in-law of the former Wang family should also be here.” Master Zhang said with his eyes that Wang Xuan went to move his voice, the rhythm was flowing, and he didn’t say anything.


“Fang Yuzhu should also be in hell.” Lao Zhang added on his own initiative.


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