The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 431: As a child there is a parent



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A black iron arrow as thick as the mouth of the bowl smashed the sky, and it was called a giant arrow. It shot at Master Zhang. The lethality is really small. It flew against the mountain without touching it. Arrived, and the light alone made the hill burst into pieces.


Zhang Shiling’s color changed slightly, and he was locked by a master again, which was very troublesome for him.


The black arrow was shot by a huge yellow-haired man. It was extremely violent. Then he was a top expert in the peerless field. The arrow feathers carried the runes of Yu Shihua, and they were called Dao gods to block and kill gods and Buddhas. Stop the Buddha!


“It’s too late, hurry up!” Wang Xuan said in a deep voice, and Shi also saw it, except for the huge man covered in yellow hair, and her small group of masters, it’s all that simple. With a “bang”, Master Zhang slammed your “light wall” with a punch and said that it really twisted, collapsed, and even cracked, but he quickly closed it again, without her completely tearing it apart.


Wang Xuan is puzzled. Sometimes he can tear apart the “wall of light” with his true immortal-level strength. Lao Zhang, if you don’t use a higher level of cultivation in the advanced area, why bother?


Zhang Shiling said quickly: “The wall of light is protected by the law of balance. When it is strong, it becomes stronger. The more powerful it is, the more powerful it is, the easier it is for him to penetrate it.”


With a bang, the huge arrow with a thick bowl flew up, and Master Zhang avoided it. The arrow feathers shot you into the wall, hitting a small hole in front of you, and a terrifying rune light erupted. Browsing *browser* search*: @ Essence Book Pavilion…the fastest update…


The same wall hummed, flowing with fine textures, and small half arrow feathers penetrated it.


Fu Shi Niu was taken aback, and a small, dark arrowhead rushed towards you, almost shooting you at the head of the bull, it immediately glared, scolding: “Do you want to live? Purely seeking death! “It is Wang Xuanmian who is very low-key, but being provoked at that time, she is quite temperamental.


In the distance, no matter if his yellow hair is huge or he is a master at the time, he ignored it, he just swept it away with cold eyes, and then stared at Lao Zhang again.


“Below!” Wang Xuan opened his mouth and found that Lao Zhang was actually very dangerous. Because of the reminiscence, a group of terrifying masters chased after him with a small number of monsters and prowlers. Remember the URL m.xbeqge. com


Zhang Shilingxiang was running Tai, and began to bombard the wall of light again, while Wang Xuan took the opportunity to pick up the stunner and tore at the wall with his bare hands.


Zhang Shiling sucked in the extraordinary factor, because when I felt that the wall of light was broken, the opponent’s hand was very outrageous, like he was cutting butter with a hot knife, and I cut it open.


Obviously, you Lao Zhang took a fancy to him, the other party is so powerful that he has broken the limit, and he is so terrifying that he is not recognized by the rules of hell, so he can easily cross this same area. It can also cut through the wall of light, but they need to brew it, and it must not be so easy.


“It’s a shame he’s so old.” Shi could only be amazed and put it on from the torn part.


Ripple little by little, and the wall of light returns to its original state in an instant.


With a bang, several black arrows with thick bowls shot through the wall of light, and her spear flew up, penetrating the boundary wall that contained her rules, the imperial texture of the mobile people was not afraid, almost stabbed to the point of old age open.


Sect Master Zhang was very calm. After reaching the True Immortal area, he didn’t turn his head back. He waved his hand at the back, saying, “Go back to Tai, don’t give it away.”


“Let’s go here!” The high-level area catches up with a small wave of big players. He is a group of masters, leading some elite monsters in the two cities.


Magnificent. Wang Xuan just glanced at it and ignored it. The small army in the giant city had seen it more than a dozen years ago, and now you are still being chased and killed by Shi, and you are two big horses in two cities?


She’s going to go there. Anyway, on the border road, she has many post stations and dilapidated cities. If she really crosses the border, Shige will dare to break the balance rules of hell, and she will educate Shichu every minute if she dares to jump.


“Thank you, senior, I really think that this is the time to meet you in the new universe.” Zhang Shiling looked very touched by her.


Wang Xuan’s face was calm and calm. She was called by the old Zhang, and the experience was really wrong. She felt that she had passed the extraordinary road to perfection.


After all, it was one of the goals that Lao Zhang pursued beyond when he was not.


Zhang is the youngest leader of Ling’s mother universe, and after the sect was established, all parties were convinced. Even the demon ancestors who were three or four thousand years old were not less intimidated by the time, and they often subdued the demons and eliminated the demons.


What the second generation of demons, etc., they are younger than they were at the time, but they are all dead to those they are afraid of. For example, Qi Lian is the parent and son of the demon ancestor. After encountering him, Shi Shi directly grabbed his neck and pushed him away, forcing him to call him uncle.


The corners of Wang Xuan’s mouth were slightly raised, revealing a smile. Dasheng was “full”. Da-Lao Zhang, who used to imitate him, is now a senior when you called him.


The whole body is full of rhythm, so they don’t want Lao Zhang to look at people.


Zhang Shiling really looked at this wear and secretly stunned. It’s a shame that he is so big, and the flow of her body is that Yun Jing is a little deep. This is unexpected. It’s like he went through so many times before and accumulated my heritage in the extraordinary small universe.


Wang Xuan hasn’t revealed his real body for a while, so it’s good to be called the next generation.


He is the most important, Lao Zhang’s eyes, and his face, etc., have always been respectful.


Wang Xuan feels that he has always been respected and always felt very cool. So, when the decision is made, let’s take a sample first.


Only he knows that, when the real person is revealed, what will Lao Zhang think of him? Maybe he will be more happy and moved when he meets his old friends when he meets his old age?


Let the next surprise brew me again, ferment me, keep it for Lao Zhang temporarily, and give the “splendid accident” of the past, Wang Xuanru thought.


“In the past, God wanted Wang Xuan to be like old friends at first sight. He didn’t expect her to think that he was a great person in the generation, and a genius heard about the way you left the mother universe.” Master Zhang said yes.


“Let’s go, it’s too late to chase the enemy!” Wang Xuan opened his mouth and really wanted to be entangled in your identity. “Huh?” Master Zhang was startled.


Wang Xuan said, “Don’t you see that Tian is busy? If you want Tian to chase after her, the enemy in Fang’s dozen of giant cities is big.”


“How much?” Master Zhang clicked and believed her own ears. No matter how high your status, how little magical power, you hell, you have to abide by the rules of balance, and your fighting power is limited.


Even if he and you are beyond the peerless area, she is very terrifying and huge, and her accumulation is unparalleled. No one can become extraordinary, but she can’t chase the monsters of more than a dozen giant cities.


When the group of strong men behind Lao Zhang conquered and controlled the giant city, and led the small army of prowlers from the two cities to encircle and suppress him, it was already a small movement for him.


Now you, the next big one, you are chasing monsters in more than a dozen cities? It was the first time that Lao Zhang made a gaffe, his facial expressions were neglected, and he felt like he had a fantasy.


The generation of the mother universe is so big, how tyrannical it is? When I lost my mind, I felt that the other party was really serious about this accident!


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The wall of light shattered, and in an instant, six snake heads as gigantic as a mountain peaked, all flowing with terrifying runes and rhymes.


On the other side, her extraordinary creatures are starting to cross the area. Let’s go up and kill Master Zhang. It was a deformed and gigantic monster with eight heads and eight tails, and my son rushed to six ferocious heads, fangs like a giant sword, and a scarlet tongue like a river of blood. Obviously, the balance rules contained in the light wall are very particular, making it extremely difficult to pass through the wall.


Wang Xuan urged Fu Shi Niu to rush to Tai Tai, and with a pitch-black mace in his hand, he directly smashed Tai Tai.


Then, the blood rained like a pouring rain, and the snake heads as small as six mountain peaks were blown up, accompanied by angry and shrill basilisk howls. “What’s the ban? It didn’t even try to break the rules of Hell’s balance.” Wang Xuan rode Fu Shi Niu and rushed away. Behind you, there were broken bones, blood stains, and a mess on the ground. He was not afraid.


Zhang Shiling’s eyes dizzy. He is so pedantic in the lower ranks. My hands are crisp and resolute. Shi can only sigh, this is a shame, her surname is Wang, her son must be her father, when Wang Xuan was in the last years of your mythology, in the depths of your universe, you wanted to fight a strong man who could leave from the small screen, and he deserved my death. I’m dead.


“The light wall is based on the balance rules. Unless you step over it, you can do it if you want to violate the rules.” Zhang Shiling explained.


The same, Shi was also very shocked, you are in the same field, the next rank is very fierce, and it is easy to hit that little snake.


There are high-level areas, but most of them are indifferent, staring at Wang Xuan. Especially when he was in Fang, and she passed through the wall of light, and a small part of her body went up, then the man with short blond hair that he held her in front of him was majestic, tall and straight, and said coldly: “True immortal, and dare to meddle in business? Looking for death !”


“Noisy!” Wang Xuan urged Fu Shi Niu to kill him in an instant, asking the opponent to slap him.


You balance the rules of me, both sides are really good at it, with a bang, like an earthquake, and then the entire right arm of the former blond man is gone. “Just get down?” Wang Xuan said this, and then grabbed Shi’s neck and shoved the front to the outside.


Old Zhang’s eyes are straightened. The blond man before the next step is definitely his simple generation. She has extraordinary wealth. She has survived to the later stage of the next era. Peerless last limit.


“Young generation, don’t judge the time, be careful that the jade and stone will burn and destroy the balance rules of hell.” Zhang Shiling reminded.


You see, even if Wang Zesheng is very big, he dares to fight against the rules by breaking the rules. After all, he is in the real fairy area.


“Well, let’s get to the road.” Wang Xuan clutched the blond man’s neck, his palms dropped instantly, crushing the entire front.


Sect Master Zhang swallowed a small mouthful of super-substance, secretly amazed, the lower-ranking Qi Da really took his slaughter decisively, and seeing the way of clenching his neck, why did she look familiar?


Soon, Shi realized that she also likes to clench the opponent’s neck on weekdays, and the way between the two is surprisingly similar to her.


When you can only nod your head, the way the hero loves, he has the same!


Let’s just say, Master Zhang told him that he was very conceited, and even controlled her to be narcissistic. The masters also called him because he was the youngest leader of the top sect in his mother universe and was respected by all parties.


“Go, keep chasing and killing!” Wang Xuan was a bull, but did not forget his own


It’s business, and then hunt down the princess from the depths of hell.


Master Zhang hurriedly followed after seeing this. He had a brand-new experience. One of the first horses chased and killed monsters in more than a dozen giant cities. He came back, and they completely pierced through the real fairy area of ​​hell. Rhythm!


“Young generation, there are so many monsters to be prowlers, and can they be killed?” As you said, Lao Zhang shrank to the ground and ran after him, asking yes.


When she clicked this, she understood how the lower-ranking Qida went to the real immortal area, and, whether Wang Xuan had entered the new universe, why did the lower-ranking Qida kill you alone, she had a lot of questions.


“Speaking of monsters in more than a dozen cities, but your road died a lot and her little half collapsed. It is estimated that only my six or seven cities are left.” Wang Xuan said yes.


Then, Shi “explained” again, preparing to start with the True Immortal area first, and then go through the too advanced area and experience it all.


As conceited as the leader of Zhang, he also sighed secretly for a while. He is so big and strong, and he wants to sort out the whole hell. “And what’s the situation?” Wang Xuan asked.


“Tianxuan you and his “Jiulingdong” are big. Back then, you fled each other in the sea of ​​​​supernatural light, and Tian was taken away by Jiuling Zhensheng. This is where the wrong is. “Zhang Shiling first mentioned a few simple sentences and found your roots.


Wang Xuan nodded, naturally knowing that the former is the same, and you were fishing with cause and effect in different seas back then


Pole fishing, in addition to catching Yida Li Lin in Yuesheng Lake, I also caught a cat in Jiulingdong. It took many years to throw you a killing pattern, and I was sick and hungry.


Finally handed over to Lu Renjia.


As a result, Lu Renjia simply threw it into the black market and drank it with Yu Shihua’s liquor.


Of course, the ending is good for him. The cat has been sold back to Jiulingdong by the black market at a high price.


The same, Wang Xuan remembers, when you were at the Longevity Fruit Festival, you also saw you go to Zhou Qinghuang and became a disciple of Jiulingdong, but he was the only one who dared not recognize each other.


I didn’t expect Lao Zhang to be there with you, so I won’t be too “visiting relatives” in the future.


Sect Master Zhang continued: “Next time, God, you inadvertently learned a secret from the peerless area. She is a real saint who wants the monsters in the depths of **** to collude and conspire. After being awakened by the time, the sky will begin. was hunted down.”


After the supernatural person breaks the limit, he is super peerless. According to the small realm, both belong to the realm of the curtain. But he, there is a level to go beyond the peerless gap to narrow, you **** can, she also has two small areas of the same. Browsing *browser* search*: @ Essence Book Pavilion…the fastest update…


Lao Zhang went all the way from the super peerless area to the high-level area, and then fled to the real fairy area. He was surrounded and suppressed by a group of masters with two elite monsters in the city. I don’t see how miserable she is. Fierce and powerful. Of course, the time escape technique is superb, and he controls one aspect of them.


“Where did the monsters in the depths of **** collude?” Wang Xuan asked.


“The paper temple is big, what are you plotting for the emperor in the depths of hell.” Zhang Shiling told him.


“And his paper temple?” Wang Xuan frowned.


“This will only come out from time to time, and she can’t involve a super-transformed prohibited item, which supports the Paper Temple.” Lao Zhang cautiously informed by voice transmission. Even Wang Xuan sucked in the mythical factor, super-transformed prohibited items are considered to be more difficult to deal with than true saints, and their strength is extremely poor




Thinking of something, I heard rumors a long time ago that the Paper Temple wants his ally of the Tattoo Palace, and behind you Shiran, she seems to be supporting her terrifying creatures.


Wang Xuan said: “It’s fine, it’s fine elsewhere, you can go to hell, it’s your turn to decide when the time comes.”


On the opposite side of the border wall, the light and rain were steaming, and the group of large and small groups of large horses activated the teleportation array and disappeared from the place.


Then, you are far away, people experience violent energy fluctuations, the group of adults shows, and you cut through the wall of light, with a small army, and you cross the border as a whole. This has been around for a long time, and when I crossed the border near you, I was blocked by Wang Xuan again and again, and suffered a small loss. Now that you have run far enough, the face is too pierced through the wall, just to be able to go up safely, this was attacked kill.


“Shizou has reached the real fairy area as a whole, and you are blocked!” Zhang Shiling looked solemn, not a small army like him. She is a master of the field, and she is also the emperor in the depths of hell. The followers of her, who can’t be the followers of her super-transformed banned items, with the elites of two giant cities, you **** can just swallow mountains and rivers, and you can’t destroy them.


“It’s nothing small, he will let a flock of sheep go, and he will chase down two flocks of sheep as well. Let’s go!” Wang Xuan urged Fu Shi Niu, carrying a mace, and directly killed Zai Tai, He also greeted Zhang Shiling, saying, “Old Zhang, follow Jintian, even if he breaks the rules of hell, he will die every now and then.”


Sect Master Zhang was startled for a while, the name you used for a long time, but the impression you had at the time was only when Chen Yongjie asked Wang Xuan to like you the most behind his back.


At the time, he was forbidden to look at the greatness of the mother and some thoughts flashed in his heart, but he felt that this was reliable. grow to the next level.


“Guo Zhang, why are you stunned? Let’s go, follow Daotian. God sees some vicissitudes with her, and he is about to become an old man!” Wang Xuan shouted back and “remedied”. Being called a senior by Lao Zhang, he is really comfortable, and he hasn’t had enough addiction yet.


“Go!” Master Zhang’s escape technique was really good, and he quickly followed Daotai. At the same time, my heart was shaken by a big one. Do you really want to defeat the huge group of pursuers on top of Fang?


“The real immortals who have been there, are really wild. They rode alone and rushed in suicide with a mace.” On the opposite side, she spoke in a peerless manner. And a small group of strong people are watching you indifferently.


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