Sword Spirit Chapter 295: On Wudian



“That’s right! New disciples must go to the Hall of Discipline to discuss martial arts, especially those of you who have been promoted from the disciples of the inner sect. In the inner sect, you are one of the best geniuses, but at the core, in order to avoid you You are arrogant and arrogant, and you need to recognize your own strength. This is the rule of the core disciples. If you think about it, Lu Xuan will not refuse it, will you?” Kong Wenbin said, the rules are the rules, and they cannot be changed, so he doesn’t believe Lu Xuan. Xuan dared to refuse.


“Is there such a thing?” Lu Xuan was stunned. Some things about the core disciples were recorded on the nameplates of the disciples, but Lu Xuan hadn’t had time to read them.


Xia Chenxi nodded and said, “That’s true. When I joined the sect, I also participated in martial arts.”


Lu Xuan hadn’t agreed yet, but Lin Tian, ​​who was beside him, hurriedly said: “Since this is the case, then we can’t avoid it, I think, let’s discuss martial arts, and learn about the core members. Senior brother’s brilliant idea.”


He wanted to watch the fun for fear that the world would not be chaotic. Kong Wenbin, Sun Yingshuai and the others didn’t know Lu Xuan’s strength, so how could he not know that now that Kong Wenbin wanted to challenge Lu Xuan, he naturally wanted Lu Xuan to fight. Instead, look at how humiliated Kong Wenbin is, refining the spirit realm? so what!


“Lin Tian is right, Lu Xuan, let’s go now, don’t let others underestimate our inner sect disciple.” Mo Dean also said.


“Okay, let’s go now, I also want to see how powerful the core disciples are.” Lu Xuan was also a little itchy. Since the battle with Wei Suo, he has never been more full I have fought once, although Mo Shen has fought several times. But he can’t exert his strength at all, and he is mainly based on guidance.


Seeing that Lu Xuan and the others all came down the same way, Kong Wenbin’s group suddenly showed a smile on their faces, not afraid that you should not fight.


Sun Yingshuai flashed a bit of viciousness. He had just lost face at Mo Deshen’s hand, and he could not wait to see Lu Xuan’s defeat.


“Notice all the juniors and brothers, today’s new disciples in the Lunwu Hall are discussing martial arts.” Kong Wenbin said, and the two disciples behind him immediately took out their nameplates and notified the core disciples one after another.


Discussion on martial arts is a big event. The purpose is to suppress the arrogance of the new disciples. As long as there is nothing to do, generally all the disciples will go there.


Seeing that the matter of martial arts is a foregone conclusion, Xia Chenxi whispered in Lu Xuan’s ear: “Lu Xuan, be careful. This is the martial arts hall. It is just to let the old students suppress the new students. All battles start at the beginning. , it won’t stop at all, even if someone loses, there will still be stronger disciples going up to fight.”


After a pause, Xia Chenxi continued: “Although you are at the 10th level of body refinement, there are a few core disciples in the 10th level of body refinement, and several of them have cultivated high-grade Huang-level martial arts, and even obtained You have acquired some profound martial skills, especially Senior Brother Kong, who has reached the realm of refining spirits, so you will definitely not be his opponent.”


After hesitating for a while, Xia Chenxi continued: “Even if you lose, it doesn’t matter, this is a matter of course, at least in the history of Fengjian Sect, I have never heard of that new disciple being able to compete in martial arts. If he wins, even if he wins, I, I will not agree to his pursuit.”


“Don’t worry, I have my own measure, just to see the methods of the core senior brothers.” Lu Xuan smiled slightly.


Seeing that Lu Xuan didn’t show any nervousness, Xia Chenxi breathed a sigh of relief.


The group immediately walked to the Lunwu Hall, but Kong Wenbin turned back from time to time. Seeing Xia Chenxi constantly talking to Lu Xuan, his heart was even more jealous, which was quite unpleasant. What he said to Xia Chenxi a month ago, I am afraid that Lu Xuan and Xia Chenxi didn’t talk as much today, and he deliberately found some topics to chat with Xia Chenxi, let alone Xia Chenxi took the initiative to talk to Lu Xuan.


Lu Xuan and the others had not arrived yet, and the Lunwu Hall was already lively.


“Junior Brother Yu, you are here too, but you got the sound transmission from Senior Brother Kong?”


“Haha, I didn’t expect Senior Brother Xiao to come too. I heard that some new disciples came to discuss martial arts. This is just to watch the excitement.”


“Yeah, I haven’t discussed martial arts for a year. It’s okay to be lively. When the time comes, Junior Brother Yu wants to come on stage to discuss martial arts?”


“Hey, let’s not hide from Senior Brother Xiao, that when Junior Brother entered the sect, but was bullied by all of your Senior Brothers, since there are new disciples coming over this time, Junior Brother I can only vent the fire here.”




One after another, dozens of core disciples have come to the entire Lunwu Hall, and many of them are eager to try. They were all abused in Lunwu Hall. Now that there are new disciples entering , How can I miss this opportunity, of course, martial arts is just a discussion, not a battle of life and death, that is, just a joke.


“It seems that your intelligence is not good. This time the discussion of martial arts is different from usual.” A disciple said proudly.


“Oh? What’s the difference, let’s hear it?” Another disciple asked curiously.


“You all know Junior Sister Chenxi, whether it is beauty or talent, they are all first-class. Senior Brother Kong has been pursuing it for a long time, but I heard that one of the new disciples this time has a relationship with Junior Sister Chenxi. It is not shallow, and it is even very likely that she is Junior Sister Chenxi’s lover in the secular world. The reason why Junior Sister Chenxi has always rejected Senior Brother Kong’s pursuit is because of this person, and this martial arts discussion was initiated by Senior Brother Kong himself. Is the second discussion of martial arts the same as before?”


“There is still such a thing? Then it was quite lively this time, but, of course, only Senior Brother Kong is worthy of Junior Sister Chenxi, so what kind of new disciple is worthy of Junior Sister Chenxi, I think this When it comes to martial arts, he has to make a fool of himself.”




“Cough cough!” A voice sounded from the door, it was Kong Wenbin.


Seeing Kong Wenbin, all the core disciples suddenly fell silent. After all, talking behind others’ backs is not a good thing.


“I’ve seen Senior Brother Kong, but I don’t know where the newly promoted Junior Brothers are?” A disciple came out and asked, it was the Senior Brother Xiao who spoke before. Kong Wenbin is the core number one, and he is the core number one. two.


As soon as the words fell, the three of Lu Xuan, together with Xia Chenxi, appeared at the door. Suddenly they saw three new faces, and all the core disciples immediately understood that the three people who came here, I am afraid this is the time It’s a new disciple of Lunwu.


“Lu Xuan (Lin Tian, ​​Mo Deshen) has seen all the senior brothers.” Lu Xuan and the three saluted everyone present.


But seeing Lu Xuan, everyone present was shocked!


“What are you kidding? This person named Lu Xuan is also a new disciple? This is the strength of the tenth level of body training!” (To be continued, please search Piao Tianwen, the novel is better and faster!


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