Sword Spirit Chapter 294: On martial arts



Although Sun Yingshuai successfully blocked Mo Shen’s gun, but Mo Shen’s gun intent was too strong, and he got Lu Xuan’s guidance, and faintly touched the threshold of the mid-term gun intent.


With one shot, Sun Yingshuai was directly shot down from the arena. Although he was not injured, according to the rules of the fight, if he left the arena, he would naturally be defeated.


Falling to the ground, Sun Yingshuai felt a little confused, was he defeated? He was defeated by a disciple who had just entered the core, and was only a disciple of the eighth level of body refining?


For a while, a sense of shame and anger poured out of Sun Yingshuai’s chest. You know, his goal at the beginning was to slap Lu Xuan in the face, but now let alone Lu Xuan, just Even a lower-strength man next to Lu Xuan couldn’t beat him.


“Hehe, don’t some people look down on the disciples of the inner sect? Tsk tsk, it’s a pity, I’m not even as good as the disciples of the inner sect. I’m so embarrassed to pretend to be big here, I really slap myself in the face.” Lin Tian mercilessly satirized road.


Sun Yingshuai’s grandfather is the elder Sun, and Lin Tian’s grandfather is also the elder Lin. In terms of background, the two are not different at all. In terms of identity, now Lin Tian is also a core disciple, how could he be afraid of Sun Yingshuai.


Lu Xuan’s eyes fell on Sun Yingshuai, and he said lightly, “If you want to avenge the Long family, come to me, you are the only one who can do this, I can follow it!”


“Lu Xuan, don’t be arrogant! This matter will definitely not be over, just wait!” Sun Yingshuai gritted his teeth and let out harsh words.


The two core disciples who came with him whispered: “Junior Brother Sun, let’s withdraw first. It will take a long time to come to Japan.”


“Humph!” Sun Yingshuai flicked his sleeves and left angrily, this time his face was humiliated.


“Lu Xuan, promise to fight with me for ten more fights, but don’t break your promise.” Mo Dechen walked down from the martial arts arena and said, compared to fighting with Sun Yingshuai, Mo Dechen is more willing to fight against Lu Xuan, he can reap the rewards There are more things, and in the inner sect, he has the title of “gun idiot”.


Lu Xuan showed a smile and said, “Don’t worry. After you settle down, it’s fine to chat with you every day.”


He then turned to Xia Chenxi and said, “I’m so sorry, I just came to show you a farce.”


Xia Chenxi smiled and shook her head: “You, it’s still the same as before, you’re always in trouble wherever you go. You’ve just arrived at Yunxiao Mountain, so you’re in trouble. However, this junior brother Mo has Sure enough, Sun Yingshuai is a little higher than you. He can win.”


Mo depressed but said: “My strength is nothing in front of Lu Xuan. If I really want to fight with Lu Xuan, I can’t even take a single move from him.”


At the time of the Zongmen Grand Competition, Lu Xuan’s first two moves of the Cloud-Shocking Sword Technique and the Dragon Sword Art were all seen by Mo Dechen, and he had no confidence to fight against them at all.


Xia Chenxi was a little surprised. Lu Xuan was at the 10th level of body training, so it was natural that he should not be depressed and fail, but it was scary enough to say that he couldn’t take a single move.


Lu Xuan smiled lightly and didn’t explain much, just said: “Me and Deshen and Lin Tian have just come to this Yunxiao Mountain, and we are not familiar with everywhere. I would like to ask you to introduce us to familiarity.” /


“That’s natural, but, don’t look at your level higher than mine, but I’m going to start before you, but you have to call me senior sister.” Xia Chenxi pursed her lips and smiled.


“Junior Brother Lu Xuan has met Senior Sister Chenxi.” Lu Xuan also gave a very cooperative salute.


Xia Chenxi smiled suddenly. She was very happy to see Lu Xuan again after a year’s absence. Otherwise, with her temperament, she would definitely not make such a joke.


“Since you just arrived, you haven’t chosen a mansion yet, right? I’ll take you there first.” Xia Chenxi said.


The four of them continued to walk inside. Lu Xuan and Xia Chenxi walked in front, chatting and laughing, while Lin Tian was behind and whispering to Mo Dean.


“Depressed, I admire Lu Xuan more and more. After staying in the Enchanting Hall for a few months, I got the precious daughter of Hall Master Chen. Girl, and I have only just arrived at the core disciples, but I also know such an extraordinary Xia Chenxi, such a blessing, we are simply beyond our reach.”


“If you have Lu Xuan’s talent and strength, I believe you can do it, too.” Mo Shen said with a unchanged expression.


Lin Tian immediately said angrily: “Forget it, I’ll catch up with you first, Lu Xuan, it’s too enchanting.”


“Chen Xi, where is your mansion? I’ll choose beside you too, and I’ll take care of you when the time comes.” Lu Xuan said.


Speaking of this, Xia Chenxi seemed a little helpless: “When I joined the sect, I deliberately chose a remote mansion in order to be quiet, but now, it has already been selected.”


Lu Xuan was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud. Obviously, those disciples who were selected near Xia Chenxi all had different thoughts. As the core number one beauty, who doesn’t want to kiss Fangze, naturally they would fight close to the water. Get the month’s mind first.


“Then take me to choose a quiet place. It’s above Yunxiao Mountain anyway, so it’s not difficult to meet on weekdays.” Lu Xuan shook his head and said.


“It doesn’t matter, I can choose to change residence, and then I can move to your side.” Xia Chenxi said, and immediately realized something, her face turned slightly red: “Don’t get me wrong, listen to Mo Dean. , you are good, and I will have to ask you for advice at that time.”


“That’s fine… that’s fine.” Lu Xuan’s heart suddenly jumped, but when he remembered what he had said to Lin Xinyi, he secretly alerted himself, but he must never do anything to hurt Xinyi again.


Lu Xuan and the others first went to Xia Chenxi’s mansion. She didn’t have too many things. She just packed some personal belongings and started looking for a new place with Lu Xuan and the others.


Walking all the way, the four Lu Xuan soon arrived at a sparsely populated mansion group. The mansions for the core disciples are not much different, and the number is quite large. The only difference is that some disciples like quietness. Some disciples like to be lively.


“Just here.” Lu Xuan nodded with satisfaction: “I want this room.”


Since the decision was made, the four of them chose the new mansion one after another. Xia Chenxi and Mo Depressed’s mansion were next to Lu Xuan, while Lin Tian could only choose the one opposite Lu Xuan.


The mansion is clean and clean. It can be seen that although no one lives there on weekdays, it is not neglected to clean, and all the furniture is complete.


Everyone quickly packed up and chose a mansion. It was just the first thing. According to Instructor Yang, the martial arts pavilion above Yunxiao Mountain was more advanced than that of the inner sect, and the level of martial arts and exercises in it was also high. Even higher, it is not uncommon for high-rank Huang-level people. Lu Xuan and the others have just come over, so they naturally want to see and see if there is any martial arts that suits them.


Just as the four of them just went out, several figures came in a hurry.


“Chenxi, I went to your mansion just now to see it. Your house number has been taken down. Could it be that you moved here?” the leading man asked in disbelief.


Seeing this person, Xia Chenxi just bowed lightly and said, “I have seen Senior Brother Kong, I did move here.”


Hearing that, Senior Brother Kong’s face darkened slightly. Just now, Sun Yingshuai told him that Xia Chenxi seemed to have a very good relationship with a new kid. Disciple uniform, it is rare to dress up.


Originally, Kong Wenbin didn’t believe it. He thought that Xia Chenxi could change for a kid who just entered the sect, but now it seems that the relationship between Xia Chenxi and this new kid is not only as Sun Yingshuai said. Like that, even getting close, even the mansion has been relocated!


“How many times have I told you, don’t call me Senior Brother Kong, just call me Wen Bin.” Kong Wenbin said with patience, he wanted to slowly break through Xia Chenxi’s heart, but Xia Chenxi was dripping water. If you don’t enter, you won’t even change a title.


After a pause, Kong Wenbin looked at the three of Lu Xuan, his eyes swept over the three, and soon settled on Lu Xuan. Both Lin Tian and Mo Deshen only had the eighth level of body training, only Lu Xuan At the tenth level of body training, Kong Wenbin naturally knew who Lu Xuan was.


“You are the new core disciple, Lu Xuan?” Kong Wenbin asked.


“That’s right, I think your Excellency is Kong Wenbin who is the first in the core, Senior Brother Kong?” Lu Xuan glanced at Kong Wenbin and said, he couldn’t see through Kong Wenbin’s strength. Obviously, Kong Wenbin also broke through to the realm of spiritual refinement, worthy of being the first in the core. one.


“It’s me.” Kong Wenbin directly admitted that although he had just met Lu Xuan, he had already listed Lu Xuan as a rival in love, and could make Xia Chenxi do so many unusual things. Lu Xuan has nothing to do with Xia Chenxi, Kong Wenbin doesn’t believe it.


It took him nearly a year to get Xia Chenxi’s heart, how could he not be angry when Lu Xuan made Xia Chenxi make so many changes just now.


“Lu Xuan, do you dare to fight with me? Strength is king. How about using a fight to decide Chen Xi’s ownership?” Kong Wenbin said bluntly.


Hearing this, before Lu Xuan said anything, Xia Chenxi already frowned: “Senior Brother Kong, you are in the realm of spiritual refinement, while Lu Xuan is only at the tenth level of physical refinement. Isn’t it too much?”


Lu Xuan smiled indifferently and said: “Chenxi’s ownership cannot be decided by a mere battle, it can only be decided by Chenxi, let’s not say whether you can win or not, even if you win, it will be useless. .”


Although Lu Xuan doesn’t want to provoke more debts, Kong Wenbin’s words are really too much.


“Humph.” Kong Wenbin snorted coldly. He only said so out of desperation. With his strength in the spiritual realm, it was really unreasonable to challenge a disciple who had just entered the sect.


However, seeing Xia Chenxi and Lu Xuan so close, and the two living together now, how could Kong Wenbin feel better? If that’s all, he is really unwilling.


“Senior Brother Kong, if I remember correctly, if the new disciples enter the core, they need to fight in the Temple of Lunwu, so that the disciples can see the strength of the new disciples.” Sun Yingshuai reminded him.


Hearing this, Kong Wenbin’s eyes suddenly lit up. In a hurry, he forgot about it. This is a very good excuse, and this is the rule of the core disciple, and Lu Xuan can’t tolerate it. (To be continued, please search Piao astronomy, the novel is better and faster!


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