Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3843: Nine Sons’ Provocation (Part 2)


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The Nine Sons are reincarnations of great power!

Everyone knows how strong the Nine Sons are, so they enjoy a very high status in Xiaoyao Immortal Palace.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the elders have to give in when facing them.

After all, once Jiuzi officially grows up, he is extremely powerful. It can be said that he wins at the starting line the moment he is born.

However, even if Jiuzi is so powerful, without his own team, it will still be difficult to move forward in the future.

Now is different from the past. It is difficult to achieve anything by just one person.

Even the Immortal Emperor and his ilk need their own team, right?

The Immortal Emperor is like this, let alone the Nine Sons.

Just like this, there was a scene of recruiting people and wooing disciples before.

Chu Yan and Chen Li were considered promising new disciples at the time.

I will definitely be able to achieve great things in the future.

It’s not surprising that he wants to bring them into his team.

In fact, Liang Goudan’s vision was correct.

The rapid rise of Chu Yan and Chen Li shocked even the nine disciples!

Just imagine, if Chu Yan and Chen Li were given enough time, even if they were not as good as Jiuzi, they probably wouldn’t be too far behind!

Now their thoughts have been confirmed. Chen Li will not talk about it for the moment. Chu Yan is indeed terrifying, and he has already received an invitation.

However, for Liang Goudan, this kind of thing is almost a slap in the face! “Although Liang Goudan respects him as one of the nine sons, he has some vision, a little bit, but not much! He is said to have vision because he really discovered Chu Yan’s extreme extraordinaryness and wanted to Discover Chu Yan and use it for yourself

. It’s not much, as the name suggests. It’s pulled, but it’s not completely pulled. Isn’t this because of limited vision or something? “”Ha ha ha ha! Is this good for you to say Liang Goudan? Don’t forget, Liang Goudan is one of the Nine Sons, and he is still in the realm of immortality… Oh, although we are also in the realm of immortality! But ah, Jiuzi and his ilk, tsk tsk

! I advise you to be careful in your words and deeds! “What about Jiuzi?” So what? You still have to be reasonable! Isn’t what we said the truth? Liang Goudan, he had some vision and fell in love with Chu Yan, but unfortunately he lacked courage and failed to leave Chu Yan completely! This is not already

Did you explain a lot? We are just telling the truth! What’s wrong with this? “Yes. Could it be that these days, you don’t even tell the truth anymore?” You can’t have someone deal with me just because I told the truth, right? Even if the Nine Sons are good, they can’t be so overbearing! Do you think so? Anyway

I don’t think I am guilty just by saying a few words! “That’s right!” No matter what, I won’t say anything else. If so, then give it a try! Let’s see if we are soft persimmons and if we are really being manipulated casually! Although, I dare not say that I can match it

It’s Jiuzi’s, but my strength has indeed improved a lot recently. If he wants to give it a try, I think it’s okay! ”


Everyone was just teasing and carefree, not afraid of being troubled or seeking bad luck by Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons.

Because are they the ones who slap Liang Goudan the most right now?

No, absolutely not!

The person who slapped Liang Goudan the most was Chu Yan, okay?

Even if you want to deal with it, deal with Chu Yan first!

How can we deal with them first?

Of course, if Liang Goudan really wants to attack them first, that’s not impossible!

Let them also try the gold content of Jiuzi!

After all, although they are not as good as Jiuzi, as outstanding disciples of Xiaoyao Immortal Palace, how could they not have some confidence in themselves.

This made Liang Goudan look very ugly.

Everyone now clearly sees the excitement as a big deal.

Therefore, if Liang Goudan cannot resolve this matter, then the Nine Sons and the like will undoubtedly become a joke.

Liang Goudan, one of the nine sons, how could he let himself become a joke!

As a result, Liang Goudan directly said to Chu Yan in a deep voice: “Chu Yan, you are really courageous! How dare you ignore our overtures? This is because you feel that your wings are stiff. Really? Have you stood up?”

The Fierce Flame God and Demon also gradually woke up, and she found this scene very funny. “Lord Chu Yan, what’s going on… I can’t recruit you, so you’re angry? Tsk tsk, if that’s the case, your determination is too weak! Your strength is not as strong as ours, Lord Chu Yan, and you actually want to recruit you. Chu Yan

My lord, is this shameless? “What’s more, isn’t recruitment a matter of your own free will?” Now that Master Chu Yan is unwilling and unwilling, is he still trying to force himself? Such a guy really doesn’t know what he is thinking or planning! Lord Chu Yan, give him some face

Look at it, lest he doesn’t know how high the sky is and how high it is! “”Huh? Why is Lord Chu Yan ignoring me? Could it be that you hate me…I am your slave and I am loyal to you. How can you do this? How can you do this? Ah, Master Chu Yan, I was wrong, I really know

Wrong, please spare me! ”


The Fierce Flame God and Demon were still talking about it, but she instantly felt the suppression from Chu Yan!

This made her look pale and she didn’t dare to make a mistake!

Being suppressed by Chu Yan is an extremely terrifying thing. To put it simply, life would be worse than death.

Chu Yan just had a thought and suppressed her, causing her to scream in pain.

If Chu Yan really suppresses it seriously, the consequences are unimaginable!

That’s right, she didn’t care about the fierce flame gods and demons, and quickly begged for mercy, begging Chu Yan to let her go.

“Don’t make any noise, there are still strong people here. Once your existence is discovered, I will not be able to explain it.”

Chu Yan said lightly.

Yes, in this situation, there must be a strong person from Xiaoyao Immortal Palace nearby.

It’s just that the time is not up yet and they didn’t show up.

However, this does not mean that the fierce flame gods and demons will not be noticed.

Once discovered, Chu Yan would not be able to explain clearly.

Isn’t it?

The fierce flame gods and demons are gods and demons. Chu Yan should not hang out with such a character, even if he is a slave. In theory, it should not be done.

Chu Yan was too lazy to tell the whole story, so he told the Fierce Flame God and Demon to shut up before he was truly discovered!

Otherwise, when Chu Yan personally shuts her up, the scene might not be so pretty.

Seeing this, Fierce Flame God Demon dared to say no, so she quickly stopped talking. Although she was also complaining in her heart, this guy Chu Yan was really incompetent. Even though she was so humble, she was still so disrespectful!


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