Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3844: Defeat Longevity (Part 1)


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Chapter 3844 Defeat of Immortality (Part 1)

If you don’t give face, then don’t give face. She doesn’t ask Chu Yan anymore, does she think it’s anything special? Humph!

However, Fierce Flame God and Demon is also curious about what kind of Jiuzi this is. Compared with Chu Yan, who is stronger and who is weaker!

In any case, Chu Yan has now reached the life-killing realm and is much stronger than before.

It’s just that Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons, is also extraordinary. He is in the Immortal Realm and one of the Nine Sons.

From the conversations between these guys, the Fierce Flame God and Demon probably knew that the so-called Nine Sons were actually reincarnated powerful men!

To put it simply, they are a group of guys who won at the starting line.

They have accumulated all kinds of things, such as cultivation and improvement. It is much simpler than ordinary people!

As long as you give them enough time, they can 100% become strong.

It is not strange to become a powerful person and go further than before.

For such a character, it is so common to want to form his own team in advance!

Anyone would have such thoughts.

What’s more, as everyone said, Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons, has vision, but not enough!

If he was really so far-sighted, he should have spent all his efforts to win over Chu Yan at all costs.

It’s good now, Chu Yan has risen, and Lao Shizi Liang Goudan has been slapped in the face.

After being slapped in the face, she wanted to regain her place with Chu Yan and gain a sense of presence… She just wanted to ask the fierce flame **** and demon!

Are you sure you won’t embarrass yourself even more?

Chu Yan is not a good man or woman. Many times, it would be nice if Chu Yan didn’t take the initiative to find trouble. Liang Goudan even came to his door. It’s amazing, it’s really amazing!

“Chu Yan, if you kneel down now and admit your mistake, then maybe I can let you go!”

Liang Goudan said in a deep voice.

In this current situation, Liang Goudan himself is riding a tiger and is unable to get off.

If Chu Yan cannot be made to surrender here, then Liang Goudan’s name will probably make it difficult to suppress anyone in Xiaoyao Immortal Palace in the future.

That’s it, everyone is watching the show!

They want to see if Liang Goudan will lose his reputation or what.

If the prestige is ruined… Haha, then it will be fun!

This is equivalent to one of the nine sons falling behind first!

This kind of thing is definitely not a trivial matter.

After all, Liang Goudan’s competition is also the same Jiuzi as him.

Now that he is the first to fall behind… the other nine will only rush to give him a quick hit instead of helping each other.

Therefore, when Liang Goudan faced Chu Yan, he promised to win but not to lose!

Chu Yan must kneel down, Chu Yan must surrender!

“What do you think? Liang Goudan, can he tame Chu Yan? If he can, it is definitely not a good thing for us. Who doesn’t know that this Chu Yan is very ferocious! Liang Goudan is really If we surrender, then it will do us no good at all!”

“Haha, just think about this kind of thing. How can we really be afraid! First of all, I bet that Chu Yan will not surrender to Liang Goudan! Although, Liang Goudan seems to be very sincere. It seems that just because he failed to win over Chu Yan in the first place, it already means that this time the win over was a failure! If it was successful, wouldn’t Chu Yan have agreed early?”

“Perhaps Chu Yan is well aware of his situation… He knows that his golden scales are nothing in the pond! If it is possible to reach the height of Jiuzi in the future, then the question is, why should he serve for our Jiuzi? ? And it’s not like you don’t know this guy Liang Goudan. He is sincere in doing things, but his vision is very limited! ”

“Isn’t it the best that we can sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight? If this Chu Yan is really as powerful as Jiuzi, then Liang Goudan is destined to have a hard time defeating him! Both sides will suffer, this is the best But, getting rid of two Jiuzi-level opponents at the same time is undoubtedly a good thing for us!”

“Hey, hey, hey! You are not mistaken, are you? Do you really think that Chu Yan is a being at the level of our Nine Sons? We are just talking, do you still take it seriously? I don’t think that our Nine Sons are that It’s not worth it. Anyone who comes here is at the level of Jiuzi!”


Everyone whispered, disapproving of the statement that Chu Yan was at the level of Jiuzi.

After all, what kind of existence is Jiuzi? Now casually saying that this and that are at the level of Jiuzi, then do they still need to hang out?

Isn’t this purely funny or what?

However, there are also people who hold objections.

They think that Chu Yan can get the invitation, which means that this son has amazing strength. Whether he has really reached the level of Jiuzi is open to question!

The gold content of Jiuzi is self-evident!

It’s just that Chu Yan must be confident if he dares to be neither humble nor arrogant.

Otherwise, isn’t this asking for death, self-destruction or what?

Chu Yan is definitely not such a dull person!

“Liang Goudan, do you think you can suppress me at will?”

Chu Yan asked calmly.


As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked.

Isn’t it?

Chu Yan’s words are not ordinary arrogance!

This is basically calling Banliang Goudan by name!

That was Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons. With Chu Yan making such a challenge, did he have full confidence?

Otherwise, what’s the difference between doing this and seeking death?

Everyone found it unbelievable!

However, no matter how unbelievable they think it is, it all happened before their eyes, so they couldn’t help but not believe it!

Although some people have also thought that Chu Yan is unlikely to retreat. After all, with the current situation, once Chu Yan retreats, the fun will be great!

It can be said that Chu Yan’s only way to survive is to be tough and fight Liang Goudan, one of the nine sons, to the end!

Once Chu Yan chose to retreat, he would be dead.

Even if Liang Goudan didn’t kill him, no one else would make it easy for Chu Yan.

In comparison, Chu Yan can only protect himself by showing his powerful side, and keep these guys who are eager to try and make moves at a distance.

“Wow, this Lord Chu Yan of mine… tsk tsk! It’s really extraordinary! Although I also know that Lord Chu Yan has always been unusual, but being so tyrannical and terrifying, it is absolutely unbelievable. I didn’t expect it! Fortunately, I am on Master Chu Yan’s side, otherwise it would have been miserable!”

The Fierce Flame God and Demon secretly thought: “Also, from this point of view, my decisive begging for mercy before was also the right thing to do!”

Chu Yan is definitely a decisive person in killing. He doesn’t make too many jokes with them, he just does what he says and kills when he says, without hesitation.


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