Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 4879: Dragon Dust VS Fire 0 Dance



“You can actually block the thorns and bone spurs of my Flaming Dragon Bone Whip. You are also number one, but you will eventually die in my hands.”


Huo Qianwu and Long Chen exchanged a move, but instead of taking advantage of it, she was kicked away. Her eyes finally changed, and she lost her previous contempt.


The flame dragon bone whip in her hand was made from the corpse of a Heavenly Sacred Ancient Flame Dragon, and after being nurtured by countless generations, it possesses terrifying power. exist.


Huo Qianwu is the super genius of the Fire Temple. She possesses a powerful flame power. She was recognized as the master of the Dragon Bone Whip at the age of eight. If you dance in the God Venerable Realm, you can exert 50% of the power of this bone whip.


You must know that the average Heavenly Sacred Warrior can only exert 60-70% of the power of the Heavenly Sacred Armament. This can only be done if the attributes of the Heavenly Sacred Armament and the master are compatible to a certain extent.


It can be said that with the Yanlong Bone Whip in hand, Huo Qianwu has the strength to single-handedly challenge the Heavenly Sage powerhouse. Has arrogant capital.


“Whoosh …”


However, at the moment when Long Chen and Huo Qianwu shot, Dao Dao figures flew past them like lightning and charged straight into Tianmu Mountain.


Originally, at this time, Long Chen should try to intercept these people, even if it is to delay their entry into Tianmu Mountain, so as to reduce the danger of Mo Nian.


But at this time, Long Chen was stared at by Huo Qianwu. As long as Long Chen was slightly distracted, she would find a gap and attack, and the shot was a thunderous lore.


At that moment, Long Chen was angry, and there was a cold murderous intent in his eyes. He entered Tianmu Mountain this time, not for treasure hunting or chance, but to help Xing Wujiang.


Let’s not talk about it, the relationship between Xing Wujiang and the Daxia royal family, just the friendship between Xing Wujiang himself and him, this is enough for Long Chen to go through fire and water for him.


Now this woman is blocking him, which means that he is in danger. At that moment, Long Chen’s powerful killing intent instantly locked Huo Qianwu.


Huo Qianwu suddenly felt the hair stand up, and the extreme sense of danger enveloped her. She suddenly became alert. She slammed the flame dragon bone whip in her hand, and instantly collapsed straight. Under the strong pressure of Long Chen, she instinctively took defensive.


“Damn, what’s the point of competing with a bitch? It’s more important to do business.” Long Chen originally wanted to sacrifice the keel evil moon and hack the woman to death, but when he thought about the mission of this trip, he gritted his teeth, and the thunder wings supported him behind him. open, like a bolt of lightning flying towards Tianmu Mountain.




I originally thought that Long Chen was going to fight her, but Long Chen suddenly slipped away, and Huo Qianwu, who was tricked, suddenly jumped like thunder, and the flame wings rose behind him, like a flaming meteor, galloping away, catching up.


At this time, the geniuses outside Tianmu Mountain squeezed into the passage. Without the help of the strong, they could only wait for the power of Tianmu Mountain’s enchantment to dissipate before they dared to enter.


At this time, Long Chen has long since disappeared, and Huo Qianwu’s figure has just disappeared from the end of the line of sight.


Countless arrogances rushed into the passage like crucian carp crossing the river. Xing Wujiang watched Mo Nian and Long Chen enter the passage with a smile on his face.


“Good luck to you guys.”


Xing Wujiang had a satisfied look on his face. He never imagined that he would meet such two warm-blooded brothers in his lifetime. At this time, he couldn’t help but look at the passage behind him. At the end of the passage, the Demon City was still as majestic as a mountain. , Steady as a rock, but it can be seen that the black spots are slowly growing in the cracks of the city wall…


Long Chen and others entered Tianmu Mountain, and the older generation of powerhouses who escorted the disciples did not disperse. They all stayed in place and waited quietly.


And Gao Jianli, Cao Guofeng and the others no longer disguised themselves, but walked into the camp of the Fire God Temple openly, and even made a provocative gesture to Xing Wujiang.


Xing Wujiang ignored them. He sat cross-legged on the golden chariot and quietly looked into the distance. At that moment, his expression was so peaceful. It seemed that all the disputes in the world had nothing to do with him. Enjoy everything in front of you quietly.






Long Chen rushed out of the passage and suddenly felt the vast demonic energy coming from the surface. There were endless grievances buried here, and the breath of death was all around his nose, as if he had fallen into **** in an instant.


Long Chen rushed into Tianmu Mountain, but he didn’t see Mo Nian’s figure at all, nor did he see Mo Nian leaving any mark on him, which means that Mo Nian didn’t dare to delay for a moment, and everything had to be found by himself. .


He went to identify the direction for the first time, but before he could confirm it, the void behind him was agitated, and the flame whip was like a sharp sword, piercing the back of Long Chen.


“So fast”


Long Chen didn’t expect this Huo Qianwu to be so difficult to deal with, and he chased it so fast that he couldn’t get rid of it. The most terrifying thing was that when she hit her, the surrounding space collapsed. If Long Chen wanted to escape, It is bound to be bound by space and cannot be freed from it.


“Courageous coward, I see where you can escape?” Then the figure flashed, and a flame-wrapped Huo Qianwu appeared in front of Long Chen.


Seeing that four people had rushed into Tianmu Mountain and disappeared, and this Huo Qianwu was stalking endlessly, Long Chen’s anger suddenly rushed up.


“Damn, if you don’t cry today, you won’t know who Long Sanye is.”


Seeing Huo Qianwu’s flaming keel whip whistling, Long Chen stretched out his hand, the evil aura radiated to the universe, the black keel evil moon appeared in his hand, and a knife whizzed past on the whip.




A shocking sound, violent flames blazed, the two divine soldiers collided, the ground shook and the mountains shook, the ground was scorched, Long Chen and Huo Qianwu were simultaneously shaken back by each other’s power.




Long Chen and Huo Qianwu fought each other, and as a result, some unlucky **** who had just come out of the passage, before they understood what was going on, were swallowed up by the aftermath of the flames, and the blazing flames made them scream.


Fortunately, these people are the first batch of strong people to rush in with their own strength. Each of them is a master of the master. No one was killed by the shock, but one by one was burned to the point of no skin and no hair. Burnt black, embarrassed.


“Six in one”


Long Chen has been completely irritated. After one blow, the keel evil moon rises into the sky, tearing the universe, and slashing down with a knife, like a hanging galaxy falling down, one shot is the most severe lore.


Huo Qianwu was also angry, and she failed to get a favor from Long Chen several times in a row, which had already damaged her face and could not accept it.


“Dragon Breaking the Sky”


Huo Qianwu shouted angrily, and the bone whip in her hand swirled rapidly. Suddenly, the shape of the bone whip changed, the whip became slightly thicker, and it turned into a dragon head.


The runes on the dragon head circulated, the bone whip joints crackled, and a mighty force rushed from Huo Qianwu’s hand to the long whip.


The power moves forward along the bone whip. Every time it passes through a joint of the bone whip, the power will increase by one section. The bone whip has a total of thirty-six joints. After thirty-six increases, the power has been increased by several times. Hundred times, when it was passed to the faucet, the faucet suddenly opened its mouth wide, and a ball of light shot out, hitting the keel evil moon fiercely. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!


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