Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 4878: Bone of the Fire Dragon



Long Chen and Mo Nian felt a terrifying pressure and pushed them forward. At that moment, their blood swelled and they almost spat out a mouthful of blood.


The strong resistance almost crushed them, and the barrier of Tianmu Mountain collapsed with a huge opening, which was the gateway to Tianmu Mountain.


Because the portal has not yet been fully formed, the remnants of the talisman after the collapse of the sky still have terrifying resistance, and Long Chen and Mo Nian marched forward against the violent resistance.


Xing Wujiang has already calculated the time. He wants to send Long Chen and Mo Nian to Tianmu Mountain as soon as possible, especially Mo Nian. He needs to rush to the location of the demon corpse as soon as possible. Many variables arise.


Xing Wujiang moved very fast, but the deputy hall master of the Fire God Temple was not slow, and he sent Qian Wu in immediately, but after all, it was a little slower than Long Chen and Mo Nian.


Let’s not talk about whether the deputy head of the Fire God Temple is stronger than Xing Wujiang, but in terms of experience in opening Tianmu Mountain, he is a bit worse than Xing Wujiang.


However, what Xing Wujiang didn’t expect was that at the moment Qian Wu moved, four figures rushed out like lightning and followed Qian Wu.


When I saw the four figures, not only Xing Wujiang, but also the deputy hall master of the Fire God Temple was taken aback. You must know that if you dare to send people directly into the passage at the moment when the sky curtain is broken, you must It is their existence at this level, otherwise it is not a gift, but a human head.


Only their strength can offset the pressure of the shards of the sky. That is to say, among the crowd here, there are actually four beings of the same level as them.




Qian Wu’s whole body rose with flames, transforming into wings that cover the sky. She was not afraid of the pressure of the fragments of the sky, and based on the strength of the deputy hall master of the Fire Temple, she accelerated again and chased after her.


“Two **** bastards, some kind of fight with me, Huo Qianwu.”


Until this time, Long Chen didn’t know that the woman named Qian Wu was surnamed Huo. However, this woman’s words were a bit vicious. One sentence made the two of them both angry and funny.


Mo Nian couldn’t help but respond: “Are you an idiot? We have all taken the lead, and are still staying to fight with you? Are you sure you are not pretending to be big shit?”


Mo Nian doesn’t have the habit of accustomed to others, no matter whether the other party is a man or a woman, he will scold him directly.


“Don’t dare to fight, and dare to speak madly, you have disgraced all the faces of men in this world.” Huo Qianwu chased after her, her words did not stop at all.


“Your father is also a man, and we are also men, how can you say that your father is the same kind?” Mo Nian replied without hesitation.


Mo Nian’s words immediately made Long Chen stunned. This guy’s brain circuit is really unusual, and his reaction speed is too fast.


Mo Nian’s words almost choked Huo Qianwu to death. She couldn’t find anything to refute for a while, so she gritted her teeth in anger, seeing that she was about to enter the end of the passage.




With a wave of Huo Qianwu’s palm, a flame whip spurted out, heading straight for Long Chen and Mo Nianjuan.


As soon as the flame whip came out, the entire passage trembled. Long Chen and Mo Nian felt a burst of heart palpitations. The passage showed signs of closing. If the passage was closed, everyone in the passage would be squeezed to death in an instant.


Obviously, Huo Qianwu didn’t know what power he used to compress the passage. If they didn’t want to die, they had to turn back and fight.


“This **** is crazy, I’m going to kill her!”


Mo Nian was furious. He was provoked several times by this woman, and Mo Nian’s anger suddenly came up. This woman was simply shameless.


“You still have business, leave this crazy woman to me.” Long Chen shook his head, Mo Nian’s goal was the demon corpse, which was related to Xing Wujiang’s life, and this matter could not be taken lightly.


Buy more time for Mo Nian, and Mo Nian will have a chance of success. Seeing that the flame whip was already behind him, Long Chen grabbed the whip with his left hand and pushed his right hand towards Mo Nian’s back at the same time.




With a loud bang, Long Chen’s whole body glowed, and Mo Nian was sent out like a meteor. Long Chen used the power of Huo Qianwu to directly send Mo Nian into Tianmu Mountain.


Originally, Long Chen wanted to ridicule Huo Qianwu after he succeeded, but what shocked him was that the power above the whip made his blood surge, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.


The power of this whip is so terrifying. If Mo Nian didn’t share part of his power for him, he would have been seriously injured.




Long Chen grabbed the big hand of the flame whip and was forcibly bounced. Long Chen sent Mo Nian in. Because of the shock, his speed suddenly dropped, and at this time Huo Qianwu had already killed him. before.


Long Chen snorted coldly, kicked Huo Qianwu violently, and rushed straight to Huo Qianwu’s face. Generally, Long Chen never uses such humiliating tricks when dealing with women, but this Huo Qianwu really Long Chen’s anger was hooked, and he was no longer merciful.


Seeing Long Chen’s move, Huo Qianwu was furious, and the flame whip in his hand spun rapidly, forming a circle of ropes, going straight to Long Chen’s feet.


“Shuzi is rude, keep your legs!”


Huo Qianwu’s moves are as fast as The flame whip is even more flexible and changeable. Long Chen’s feet were entangled by the flame whip as soon as he got close, Huo Qianwu stopped drinking, Use strength to tear off one of Long Chen’s legs.


However, what she didn’t expect was that Long Chen’s leg was deliberately entangled in her, and the other leg, a twisted side kick, went straight to her cheek and kicked it fiercely.




Huo Qianwu reacted very quickly, and instinctively blocked her cheek with her palm. As a result, Long Chen’s foot was on her palm, and the power of her palm could not resolve Long Chen’s power. He slammed into the face fiercely, and his whole head jerked back.


Although this kick didn’t hit her face directly, it didn’t make any difference. Huo Qianwu was kicked away.




Huo Qianwu was kicked by Long Chen, but she was not flustered. The flame whip in her hand was pulled violently, and there were countless bone spurs on the whip. Even if she was hit, she still wanted one of Long Chen’s The legs were pulled off, but the bone spurs did not penetrate into Long Chen’s flesh and blood, but stabbed on the dragon scales, and the bone spurs crossed Long Chen, making a harsh friction sound.


When the flame whip slid across Long Chen’s leg, Long Chen’s thigh covered with dragon scales has been drawn into countless white grooves, and there is faint blood overflowing in the groove.


The two exchanged a move. Although Long Chen took a big advantage and kicked Huo Qianwu into the air, his heart was full of shock. He looked at the flame whip in Huo Qianwu’s hand, and through the raging flames, He saw a long whip made of bones.


“Bone of the Dragon”


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