Martial God Space Chapter 3250: Only one punch breaks all methods




The first time the two met, but Bian Xiaoyue had the upper hand. This undoubtedly subverted the three views of many people. In their opinion, this is simply impossible. Jue Li has been famous for a long time. The last time He was already out of the limelight at the Dao Discussion Conference, and Bian Xiaoyue was just a rookie who had just started cultivating for a hundred years. It was a fantasy to be able to make Jue Li suffer for a while.



But it was such a fantasy, or did it happen?



These young masters of various ethnic groups suddenly had many different thoughts in their hearts. They were even more in awe of the never-shown Emperor Ye Xiwen. Bian Xiaoyue was only given the guidance of Emperor Wu for a hundred years. Even with such a cultivation base, how powerful he should be.



Although everyone knows that Bian Xiaoyue and their identities are not the same, they are descendants of the emperor who do not know how many generations, or they are disciples, although they can also get the emperor’s guidance, but that is not common.



As for Bian Xiaoyue, who is a direct disciple of Emperor Wu, it must be completely different for him to be able to get guidance.



However, what they can’t help but care about is that Bian Xiaoyue is only a hundred years old. Could it be that the emperor himself pointed out that there is such a big gap between them?



Even if they are proud and conceited in their hearts, they have to admit that it seems to be the case.



“Jue Li has been a Taoist-level practitioner in the last hundred years. He has been in the limelight and has strong strength. I thought that Bian Xiaoyue was definitely not his opponent, but looking at this, Bian Xiaoyue is probably already After going through the catastrophe, I have become a god!”



Someone couldn’t help muttering, his eyes were shining brightly, obviously he regarded both of them as great enemies.



They are all outstanding among the young masters of this generation. They must have been strong enemies for a long time. At this time, it is natural to observe the battle between the two sides.



If you know yourself and your opponent, you will be victorious in every battle!



And the many young children of the human race finally breathed a sigh of relief. Bian Xiaoyue’s strength was stronger than they thought, and finally there was no situation where she was defeated with one palm. If something happened to her, these people would also All to blame.



Although they are called brothers and sisters, in fact, just in terms of seniority, Bian Xiaoyue, who is a direct disciple of Martial Emperor Ye Xiwen, is definitely an old-fashioned class. Those who can compete with her are basically the worst nowadays. He is also a king of gods, a first-class figure of the quasi-emperor.



In fact, it should be their ancestors, and they can’t be the same.



“I didn’t expect you to have some strength!”



Jue Li looked at Bian Xiaoyue, his eyes were even more unkind.



He has already seen that Bian Xiaoyue is definitely someone who has survived the calamity and entered the realm of Taoism. This cannot be underestimated, otherwise, he will be the one who will suffer.



“You don’t need to test anymore, just use all your strength, otherwise, you will die faster!” Bian Xiaoyue’s pretty face was slightly cold, and she raised her eyebrows slightly, but what broke out in her beautiful eyes was astonishing. The cold glow of the man was overflowing with killing intent, and there was no obstruction at all.



“Don’t think that if you block my palm, you will be invincible!”



Jue Li said, but his voice didn’t fall, I saw that he didn’t know when he was slaughtered in front of Ye Xiwen. He only spoke to attract attention. In fact, this was his real killer move. .



In order to deal with a life-and-death enemy like Bian Xiaoyue, he doesn’t care about his dignity.



In Jue Li’s hand, a long sword appeared. The whole body of the long sword was golden yellow, and an amazing light erupted. Zheng Ming is the same.



The sword light fell down like the Milky Way, and the direction it fell was exactly the direction of Bian Xiaoyue.



In the face of the sudden attack, Bian Xiaoyue did not panic at all. At some point behind her, a pair of black wings stretched out and protected him.






There was a clear and loud collision sound, like the intersection of gold and iron, directly colliding with sparks and splashing, and the sword light cut out sparks on the black wings, leaving only a faint trace. But it was impossible to break through the defense of the black wings.



These are the Devil’s Wings. Ye Xiwen used to use Devil’s Wings to defend against them. After he became an emperor, he also optimized and modified Devil’s Wings so that Devil’s Wings were not just a simple movement technique. Also has the method of defense and offense.



Sure enough, at the moment when the long knives collided, the feathers on the Devil’s Wings stood upside down, just like sharp arrows.












After a sharp sound of breaking the sky, these feathers formed a rain of arrows, but in just a moment, a large net was formed in the sky, and they shot directly in the direction of absolute force. .



Jue Li hurriedly slashed out a series of sword beams, blocking the feathers, preventing them from getting close at all.












Jue Li’s sword light constantly collided with these feathers. Jue Li didn’t care at all at first, but soon he realized that something was wrong, because he found that his arm was starting to become a little numb, which was simply unbelievable. The possible things, with his current strength, can be said to be unparalleled in the world, and his strength is so amazing that it is terrifying.



However, the moment these feathers collided, they felt a huge force spread from the knife to his body, making his arms numb.



“What a great power!”



Jue Li was forced, and had to retreat while resisting. The opportunity to seize the opportunity just now was completely lost.



He also couldn’t figure it out. As a human race, how could Bian Xiaoyue, who looks thin and weak, be so terrifying. This terrifying power simply does not give him a way to survive.



“Take another punch from me, Human Dao Fist!”



Bian Xiaoyue roared, and another humane fist bombed out. Behind her, the air of red dust re-condensed, turned into a huge wave, and with the deepening of time and distance, The air of these red dust is getting bigger and bigger, and the power is so great that there is an uncontrollable feeling.



“This is… the pinnacle of longevity!”



Many people were shocked to discover that Bian Xiaoyue had not only demonstrated the Dao, but had already climbed to the pinnacle of the immortality realm. You must know that many of the people here are just entering the immortality realm just now.



Even so, he is already a first-class figure in the Eastern Region, and Bian Xiaoyue has actually entered the pinnacle of the immortal realm. It seems that he may enter the immortality realm at any time. This strength is enough. shocked many people.



When Jue Li noticed Bian Xiaoyue’s re-attack, it was too late. The Human Dao Fist had already attacked and killed him. He barely raised his knife to resist, but he couldn’t stop the powerful punch. , was immediately blasted out by a punch.






Jue Li spewed out a mouthful of old blood and flew backwards, hitting the ground hard.



However, to everyone’s surprise, Bian Xiaoyue did not take advantage of the victory, but said lightly: “Jueli, I know this is not your true strength, use your true strength. , I want you to understand the gap between us, don’t say that you hide your strength, even if you really explode all your strength, you are not my opponent!”



Everyone was horrified, Jue Li actually hid his strength, so how tyrannical is he?



Jue Li wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth slightly, and said with a sneer, “I didn’t expect you to have such strength, it’s true that I underestimate you, but since you have pushed my strength to this point, then It’s your time of death, and no one can save you!”



He roared, and the momentum from his whole body was released frantically, and everyone immediately felt like a boat floating in the ocean, facing the wind and waves, it may capsize at any time.



“This is… indestructible!”



Many people were horrified to find that Jue Li had already entered the realm of immortality. In the case of many people entering the realm of immortality, Jue Li, who was almost the same age, had actually entered the realm of immortality. It’s something that many people didn’t expect.



This Jue Li is indeed a genius, even more tyrannical than them, but this contrasts Bian Xiaoyue’s terror even more.



“This knife will send you to the West!”



Jue Li’s face flashed a bit of madness. He knew that this was the sacred mountain of Buzhou, the territory of the human race. Once he started killing people, it would lead to terrifying consequences, but he simply did not He is willing to think so For him, hatred has burned his brain, and he is only willing to kill Bian Xiaoyue with one knife.



The light of the sword traverses the sky, as if it swept from one end of the long river of time to the other end, faintly having the prestige of the ancestors of the sky-devouring demon clan.



“It’s useless, it’s useless even if your strength reaches the peak!” Bian Xiaoyue’s cold voice came from the endless sword light, and then a shocking expression erupted from her body. Breath, actually entered the immortal realm from the peak of the immortality realm in one breath, and it is still improving.



Everyone couldn’t help but take a breath. Both of them actually hid their strength, especially Bian Xiaoyue, who has only practiced for so many years, but she has entered the realm of immortality. No wonder she is not afraid of Jue Li hiding her strength. Because she is stronger and has no fear at all.



“I only use human fists, enough to defeat you!” Bian Xiaoyue snorted, and the same punch swept up endless red dust and hit Jue Li Hengkong.



She can suppress thousands of people with just this simple move. As Ye Xiwen’s disciple, her fighting style is naturally very similar to Ye Xiwen. , I only punch everything.






With a loud roar, Daomang and Fist Jin collided. Everyone only saw that Jueli’s Daomang was broken like a piece of paper, and then a punch hit Jueli’s body. (If you like this work, you are welcome to come (,) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users, please go to m,, to read.)〖To be continued〗【】


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