Martial God Space Chapter 3251: Extinction is severe, the world is changing




This punch is approaching the extreme, and the power is also extreme. With the addition of the power of the world, it has really reached an astonishing level.



“Wow!” Jue Li slammed into the field, but it didn’t cause any damage to the field. It only caused ripples on the surface of the field before disappearing without a trace.



After spouting a mouthful of blood, he immediately felt much better, but it was only he who knew how many years of cultivation this mouthful of blood had.



But at this moment, the stern eyes were full of horror, and he said with blood at the corner of his mouth: “You are already at the peak of the immortal realm!”



In the simple confrontation just now, he felt that Bian Xiaoyue definitely not only stepped into the immortal realm, but also completely entered the peak of the immortal realm.



As soon as he said these words, all the young heroes in the field were completely shocked.



Although a hundred years of cultivation to prove Dao is amazing, it cannot be said that it is completely impossible, but after the realization of Dao, the time required for each realm is an astronomical figure.



Jue Li stepped into the Immortal Realm a hundred years ago, but now he has barely stepped into the Immortal Realm. Even so, his speed is already amazing.



However, Bian Xiaoyue’s speed is even faster than him, but in just a hundred years, he has already entered the peak of the immortal realm. This speed is almost enough to make these people who are well-informed in normal times. The proud son shattered his glasses.



Not to mention comprehension, it will take a long time just to accumulate, especially those outstanding children of the human race, who have heard a lot of things about Bian Xiaoyue and know that she has never traveled, so naturally Not to mention any adventures, it is simply shocking to be able to cultivate to this point only through dry cultivation.



Many people think they understand it. It is no wonder that even a powerful Gedai like Emperor Wu would accept her as a disciple. It is not without reason.



It’s just that Emperor Wu was able to see these many years ago, such a great person is really not something that he can speculate on himself.



However, Bian Xiaoyue has an indifferent look on her face. Others don’t know, don’t she know? With Ye Xiwen’s constant suggestions, the practice is even more extreme, and accumulation is even more unnecessary, because With the pills given by Emperor Pill, as long as he continues to comprehend, the medicinal power scattered into his body will continue to be transformed into his own skill, which is why her cultivation is so fast, the further back, the more accumulated it is. Deep hòu, the speed of progress is even faster.



These people all claim to have the guidance of the emperor, but can they be the same as her? She is the direct descendant of the emperor, and other emperors of the human race have taken good care of her. It is only the treasures of heaven and earth that are bestowed upon her. , just pull one out, and it can brighten their eyes.



It’s just that it’s a trump card and can’t be used easily. Although I never traveled, Su Hui became very enlightened after practicing. Many things don’t need personal experience to understand, just need to think about it. A strong practitioner, Just so capricious.



Moreover, just relying on its own strength, it is enough to crush the heroes.



“That’s right, so, you’re dead!” Bian Xiaoyue said indifferently, as if announcing something, not a threat, just a simple statement of one thing.



At this time, the elites of the various states could not help but hold their breath. Originally, they thought that what Bian Xiaoyue said to prevent Jue Li from going out was just a threat to Jue Li, and they might even use the high-level Terran to destroy him.



If that’s the case, then it’s going to be inferior.



After all, they have held numerous conferences on Taoism, but there has never been such a precedent. If the senior elders intervene, then who would dare to come. Although they are arrogant and invincible, they are not fools, and come to die in vain.



Now they really understand that Bian Xiaoyue doesn’t need to rely on the power of the upper level of the human race at all, just relying on her own power is enough to push them horizontally.



“I didn’t expect that the Terran is only the first time to host a Taoism conference, and it will come out on top. It’s unimaginable. With Xiaoyue’s age here, you can still participate in a Taoist conference. I’m afraid the next one The top spot is also hers, who can compete with her?”



Many young heroes can’t help but smile bitterly. They only feel that they are already the first-class people in the world. If the difference is only a little bit, then they can make up for it. However, when the difference exceeds the distance that can be surpassed, they are not happy at all. Can’t afford to fight.



They can all be said to be the best among their peers, and surpassing those seniors is just a matter of leisure. However, although the woman in front of her has not yet reached the distant future, she can already predict that, as long as she does not die midway , must be another one who crushes his peers and has no enemies of the same generation. His future prospects are limitless, and he is even expected to become an emperor.



When they have such an idea, it is already an incredible thing. There are more emperors in the world of creation than in the heavens and the world, but the realm in the world of creation is also much wider than the heavens and the world. , Becoming an emperor is still the only thing among countless billions of beings.



These people are the best among the younger generation in the Eastern Region. Although they can’t say that they have taken over all the powerhouses, they are definitely the top figures among them. However, in fact, they themselves are very clear. It is normal that there is no emperor among them.



Even if they count their first and next generations, they cannot become an emperor, which is quite normal in itself.



To be able to evaluate a person’s possibility of becoming an emperor here is already the greatest recognition.



Thinking about the suffocating supreme figure in the Eastern Territory recently, I didn’t expect his disciples to be so outstanding, almost despairing and incomprehensible.



But then they thought about it a little bit. The emperor’s parent-child or direct disciple, which one is not a hero, no one can compete with them, and the only ones who can compete with them are they have the same status only.



And although they are also the best among their generation, in fact, they just don’t know how many generations of blood and disciples, and there is no comparison with Bian Xiaoyue.



“Okay, okay, okay, I didn’t expect a person like you in the human race!” Jue Li’s eyes shone with a terrifying light, “But even if I die today, you will never have a better time! “



Jue Li roared, the entire mountain trembled under his roar, the law between heaven and earth solidified, and the utter recovery ability that reached the immortal realm also reached an unprecedented level. It is extremely difficult to kill, and during the period of delay in speaking, it has recovered seven to eighty-eight.



Immediately afterwards, his two mouths bit his tongue, and blood spurted out. In his mouth, it turned into a large blood-colored formation, and a terrifying force rushed out of it, scattered into Among the bones of his limbs, under the influence of this blood-colored force, the aura on Jueli’s body was constantly rising, and it was even faintly equal to that of Bian Xiaoyue.



He held the long knife in his hands, his entire hands were trembling, as if he was holding some incredible power, and then he suddenly roared, the sword light traversed the sky, and charged directly towards Bian Xiaoyue. .



The expressions of the young masters present suddenly changed. If they changed their words, I am afraid that they are not opponents at all. Just this knife is enough to cut them down completely.



However, in the face of this slashing down, Bian Xiaoyue just took a step forward, or simply punched it out, and didn’t even use any artifacts, but her own flesh was the supreme artifact.



The horror of the Great Asura body of the Asura tribe is completely revealed. Although it is not innate, it is only acquired, but the Great Asura body cultivated by Ye Xiwen’s improved cultivation method is no worse than innate. , even faintly stronger.



“Human Dao Fist!”



It’s just this simple punch that ripped apart the sky, ripped apart time, and ripped apart everything that could be seen. That sword light was terrifying and could be seen in a human fist. The mortal air of the fighters confronted him, and he didn’t even lose the wind for a period of time, but it was still useless. In front of the Human Dao Fist, it only lasted a little longer.



Then it was completely broken, and this punch, Bian Xiaoyue did not have any reservations, and went straight across the past, punching into Jue Li’s chest.






Jue screamed and his whole body flew upside down. The surface of his body was densely packed with cracks, which could not be healed at all. A terrifying air of red dust spread all over his did not let him at all. There is a chance to heal, and everything is completely covered.



Before he could take a breath, a huge six-path roulette condensed on the sky, and then descended from the sky, mercilessly falling on Jue Li, directly covering Jue Li itself. The traumatized body collapsed on the spot, and the fierce primordial spirit was also completely destroyed in this blow. Even with his immortal cultivation base, after encountering this level of attack in a row, he still had to deal with it. Being hit hard is the same as dying, it doesn’t make any difference.



Many young heroes can’t help but feel a little bit sad. People who used to be as famous as them, or even slightly above them, died like this, almost without the ability to fight back.



It was just a few short fights before being beaten to death by Bian Xiaoyue.



He didn’t even get the upper hand from the beginning to the end, just like a constantly struggling ant, struggling desperately, but was still crushed to death.



This is the only feeling they have. If it was replaced by them, I’m afraid it would not be as good as Jue Li. They should have been pressed to death before they even struggled.



For the first time, Bian Xiaoyue established an invincible majesty in their hearts, and only used one fight, stepping on a stern corpse.



Before waiting for everyone to express their feelings, everyone seemed to be telepathically feeling something happened, and they all looked towards the north, the endless vastness. (If you like this work, you are welcome to come (,) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users, please go to m,, to read.)〖To be continued〗【】


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