Martial God Space Chapter 3073: 10 years



Chapter 3073 Ten Years



Ye Xiwen’s current skill can be said to be a part of the good fortune. It is ancient and shining, and his body is like another universe. However, even so, this Taiyi Juyuan Pill still destroys his whole body in a short period of time. The space was filled up, as if the vastness of the sky washed away Ye Xiwen’s limbs and bones.



This force was so huge that Ye Xiwen had to control it carefully.



Originally, if he wanted to attack the realm of the fifth realm, he had to scour the barrier of the fifth realm day after day and year after year. With his huge skill, he could only use this method of water droplets and stone penetration. However, now It is different.



After swallowing the Taiyi Juyuan Dan, the endless power was like a surging river, and it began to madly impact the realm of the fifth realm.



At the same time, behind him, the dragon vein began to emerge and was fixed by the chains of the law, and then countless auras began to flow into the mysterious space inside Ye Xiwen’s body, and began to go crazy. The analysis of its many mysteries of the fifth realm.



The many mysteries of the fifth realm soon appeared in front of Ye Xiwen’s eyes, and they were analyzed bit by bit. The fifth realm had no secrets in front of Ye Xiwen.



Of course, Ye Xiwen’s absorption of the spiritual energy of this dragon’s vein is not as rude as when he absorbed the dragon’s vein of the Heaven-Swallowing Serpent Clan before. Although such a rude absorption is very effective for a time, it will not be as long-term. Not worth it.



Before in the Swallowing Fierce Python clan, it wasn’t his own anyway, so he naturally had no scruples, but now, he can’t do that.



And the time was passing minute by minute as Ye Xiwen swallowed Taiyi Juyuan Dan to break through the fifth realm.



The outside world, as Ye Xiwen first guessed, began to fall out completely.



The fact that a crack was torn in the sky above the Stormwind Sea quickly spread among the major forces in the Stormwind Sea.



And the things about the ancient creatures in the cracks are widely circulated. Although there is only a glimpse, a head is stuck out, but it is still noticed by many people.



And there is no way to hide this news, and it was exposed directly.



No one knows what is in that crack.



Over time, many legends and beings that are extremely powerful have appeared.



A month later, the figure of the Killing Emperor, who once killed the world and preached Taoism, once appeared near that crack.



Two months later, the super **** of war of the God of Creation Dynasty, who was once thought by everyone to have completely fallen, the war emperor returned to the rivers and lakes and led millions of Yin soldiers to the stormy sea.



At the same time, in the deep sea, the Zhentian Turtle Emperor, who forged the incomparably brilliant overlord Zhentian Turtle Clan, also appeared above the cracked sea.



Two and a half months later, the undead demon emperor, among the invincible emperors of the supreme demonic way, appeared alone in the sea of ​​​​storms and wandered near the crack.



Three months later, the Night Emperor, one of the ten emperors of the Far Fortune God Dynasty who defected from the Fortune God Dynasty, appeared in the sea of ​​​​storms.



These are either now, or once famous in the world without enemies. Among them, there are even many old antiques that are thought to have been settled, because of this crack, they all appear in front of everyone.



These are not even idle emperors, but supreme beings who are the first of many emperors. Some people say that some of them have actually entered the realm of Tianzun, and some people say that they have not yet.



But it is undeniable that, no matter what, they are one of the strongest in this world, but these strongest people appear because of this crack, how can this prevent countless people from side glance.



With the appearance of these big men one by one, a lot of news about this crack has come out one by one.



But it turned out that in this crack, there is no other place, but the Pantian Palace of Emperor Pantian who once ruled the Stormwind Sea for countless years.



Because the age of Emperor Pantian is so far away, many people today have never even heard of the existence of Emperor Pantian.



But as that dusty history began to be turned up, everyone knew that it was a terrifying existence.



No one knows what the body of Emperor Pan Tianhuang is, but he only knows that he has been an emperor-level creature from the very beginning, which is extremely terrifying. Later, he fought for many years. In the end, he even unified the Sea of ​​​​Storm Wind, allowing countless races in the Sea of ​​​​Storm to submit to his seat for his use.



During that period, Stormwind Sea was extremely powerful, and even repeatedly fought with the Eastern Regions, once gaining the upper hand, making the God of Fortune shudder in the wind.



At that time, the stormy sea and the God of Creation were constantly at war with each other, and there were countless casualties. This kind of battle continued for countless years, until the last stronghold of the Emperor Pantiangong was breached. It finally disappeared from the public eye.



In that battle, Pantian Temple also disappeared with the defeat of Emperor Pantian. Unexpectedly, after countless years, Pantian Temple actually reappeared in front of everyone.



It’s no wonder that even if it is a killing emperor, an invincible existence like the war emperor will be moved by the wind. How could someone not care about the Pantian Temple left by the once invincible existence.



As more and more information is disclosed, more and more people are beginning to covet the Heavenly Palace. Although this idea is extremely dangerous, once it succeeds, there is no doubt that it will be almost a sure thing to reach the sky in one fell swoop. matter.



Seeking wealth and honor at risk, and not going into a tiger’s den to get a tiger’s son, this kind of thing is not lacking in the heavens and the world, and it is also the same in the gods of good fortune.



As the news about Pantiangong in this crack gradually spread, accompanied by the arrival of countless masters from both the Fortune Dynasty and the Outer Territory, many people do not need to be urged by others, just Pantiangong is enough to kill them. attracted.



The Outland and the God of Creation have fought each other for many years, and without any detailed division, they were naturally divided into two camps, and they began to fight frantically around this crack.



Originally, there were two sides with deep grievances, and the direct fight was torn apart. With the gradual escalation of the fight, it has been from the first fight between the gods to the emperor who started to fight at the back.



And more and more famous emperors, or emperor-level old monsters lurking in the deep sea appeared one after another, not even one by one, but between groups of emperors.



The aftermath of the fight swayed in all directions, and even spread to Skystar City, which was originally on the front line of fighting the Stormwind Sea, and the situation became more and more severe.



Even the confrontation between the two sides has spread to Tianxing City. Tianxing City, which has been spied on by some alien creatures from time to time, is under constant siege during this period of time. Although there has not yet been a fight between emperor-level creatures, however It has already caused the entire Tianxing City to be surrounded by a river of blood, and the blood is drifting.



As for the residents of Sky Star City, although they are used to fighting, the collision between the two camps on such a large scale still makes the entire Sky Star City seem to fall into a shadow.



This confrontation, with the passage of time, a full ten years in the blink of an eye.



More and more news about the rift came, but because of the confrontation between the two camps, neither side was able to enter the rift.



The Outer Domain Creatures claim that they naturally have the power over the Pantian Temple, because the Pantian Temple belongs to their Outer Domain Creatures, but the God of Fortune doesn’t see it that way.



In the last battle that broke out in Pantiangong, I don’t know how many Gadai masters who made the gods of good fortune were buried.



Besides, Pantiangong itself is an extremely powerful terrifying magic weapon, and it is impossible for Pantiangong to fall into the hands of foreign creatures.



In the end, it’s useless to say anything, in the end it depends on who is stronger with the fist in his hand.



In the past ten years, more and more experts have gathered from both sides, and even the existence of the ninth realm, the war emperor and his like have taken action, but even so, it is still impossible to truly determine the situation of the battle~IndoMTL. com~ The situation is evolving in a worse direction, especially the faction of either the God of Creation or the alien creatures is a behemoth. Once the battle between the factions breaks out, I am afraid that even the emperor will become a piece. Falling, even if the leaders of both sides have shown relative restraint, but in the case of more and more serious misfires on both sides, the war is only on the verge of breaking out, and it has become more and more a possibility.



The small courtyard that Ye Xiwen purchased has not changed in ten years from ten years ago. Ye Xiwen’s incarnation of the primordial spirit still reads books under the tree. Neighbors on the surrounding streets have long been used to this. Therefore, it has been almost thirty years since Ye Xiwen moved here. For ordinary human beings, this is already a generation, and now even ordinary people have heard that Ye Xiwen is a powerful cultivator.



Many people even want to take Ye Xiwen as their teacher. After all, there is an example of Wang Jun. After getting Ye Xiwen’s guidance, Wang Jun has made great progress all the way. Even in the Wang family has achieved a huge name.



And all of this just stemmed from the seemingly inconspicuous young man in green robes, and they couldn’t help but be moved.



If they can defeat Ye Xiwen as their teacher, then their lives may also be changed.



However, Ye Xiwen never gave advice to anyone other than Wang Jun many years ago. For him, maybe it was because of lack of fate, and he didn’t feel that way.



On this day, guests came to this quiet courtyard. (To be continued)【】


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