Martial God Space Chapter 3072: Heaven and Earth change



Ye Xiwen’s figure flickered. When he reappeared, he was already in the small courtyard of the Wang family.



The others were fine. Although the father and mother knew that Ye Xiwen should be a cultivator, for them, it was the first time they saw Ye Xiwen use his magical powers and disappeared in an instant, which still left them feeling dumbfounded.



It’s like an ordinary neighbor, although I always hear that he is rich, but he suddenly drives a Ferrari like a shock.



While the others took a short distance, they also reacted and were instantly shocked, not because Ye Xiwen disappeared in an instant, but because Ye Xiwen disappeared in front of them, and they didn’t notice at all, fast, really fast.



“Could it be tearing the space apart?” The third elder of the Wang family couldn’t help but be shocked. The space in the divine dynasty was so solid that even gods couldn’t tear the space apart. Whether a **** is powerful or not depends on the realm. Whether it can tear open the space is also a very important indicator.



But soon, they all reacted, and they followed out of the small yard and looked up. However, in their eyes, it was still a blue sky with no clouds at all.



“Senior, what’s the matter?” The third elder of the Wang family couldn’t help but ask carefully. Naturally, he couldn’t see anything.



But to say that Ye Xiwen disappeared in an instant was to enjoy the sun, it would be too ridiculous, even a boring senior would not be so boring.



Even the third elder of the Wang family couldn’t see anything, let alone other people. He couldn’t see any difference at all, and couldn’t even sense anything. He just looked up at Ye Xiwen and looked up at the sky, and couldn’t help looking up together. , As for why look up?



Never mind him!



Ye Xiwen’s expression was solemn, and his vision was far away, as if he could see through the entire sky in an instant, even the many layers of formations in Tianxing City could not block his vision.



His eyes are far more powerful than any other heavenly power in the world.



In Ye Xiwen’s eyes, in that layer of sky, there are many small worlds and spaces. Although there are layers of barrier formations, in front of him, there are no secrets at all.



And farther away, in the depths of the endless sky, a huge crack appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. It was already thousands of miles away. to the slightest difference.



However, for a player of his level, this mutation was almost like someone was playing a drum in his ear.



“Boom!” wakes people up from any state.



That huge crack spreads tens of thousands of miles long, and endless rays of sunshine pour out from it, and there is also a dead black mist pouring out from it.



Occasionally, you can see a huge creature sticking out from it, and Ye Xiwen even saw the head of a huge beast, which was thousands of miles in size, like wings hanging from the sky. Probing it out, it has a terrifying ancient and fierce aura.



“Ancient alien creatures!” Rao, with Ye Xiwen’s current cultivation, couldn’t help but take a deep breath after seeing this scene.



In fact, in the God of Fortune Dynasty, although the creatures from the outside world outside the biological city outside the God of Fortune were unified, there are still differences. Those whose founders fought a war are called Ancient Outer Territory creatures. Those who are the best among Outer Territory creatures are extremely powerful, able to compete with emperors and plunder all races for ingredients.



It was fierce for a while, and many of these Outland creatures now have the bloodlines of ancient Outland creatures. Although they are also very fierce, they are still incomparable with those ancient Outland creatures.



It’s just that those ancient alien creatures have disappeared for many years. After all, no matter how tyrannical the alien creatures are, most of them will still die. Only some ancestors who have cut off their own way and turned into cultivation laws can survive.



And he didn’t know where this crack led, but there was a powerful Ancient Outland creature sticking out his head, which happened to be caught by him.



Ye Xiwen felt that almost at the same time, in the Sky Star City, one after another powerful aura swept across the sky, and the same divine sense swept into the huge crack that was thousands of miles away.



The emperors lurking in the city were also alarmed by this change, because the laws that emerged from this crack and even the laws between heaven and earth were changed to a certain extent in an instant. Perhaps the perception is not very clear, but for the emperor, all these changes are really clear.



The change was immediately felt.



Ye Xiwen could think of it at the time, I am afraid that a big change is about to happen, and this will inevitably affect the attention of many emperors of the God Dynasty and many emperors in the outer realm.



And now, the Taiyi Juyuan Dan of my own deity has also reached the end of refining, it should be almost there, maybe it’s still too late.



“It’s okay, it’s okay!”



After a long time, Ye Xiwen finally retracted his gaze and returned to the Wang family. He didn’t explain much. It’s useless to explain this matter. Those who should know will know, and those who don’t know have nothing to say. usefulness.



Ye Xiwen doesn’t say it, other people naturally don’t have the courage to ask questions, but everyone can feel how solemn Ye Xiwen’s expression was before, obviously it is not a trivial matter.



“When you arrive at the Wang family, you must cultivate well, especially that set of swordsmanship, you must not put it down!” Ye Xiwen said.



“Understood, Uncle Ye!” Wang Jun nodded.



Ye Xiwen is satisfied, Wang Jun is not a spiritual genius in the traditional sense, the only talent is kendo, so Ye Xiwen will teach him the sword burial art, if he let go of the sword burial art , I am afraid that future achievements will only be at that level.



“Okay, I’m almost done with this meal, I have something to do before I go back!”



Ye Xiwen did not leave in a hurry, but chose to leave after she was full of food and drink.



Seeing Ye Xiwen leaving, the third elder of the Wang family had no intention of staying any longer. After saying goodbye to Wang Jun’s family, he took the disciples of the Wang family and began to fly in the direction of the Wang family.



Naturally, he didn’t know what Ye Xiwen saw, but for him, what really mattered was that there was such a god-level teacher suddenly beside Wang Jun. For the Wang family, he didn’t know whether it was a good thing. Still bad.



It must be reported in advance.



In the ancestral land of the Wang family, in a secret room.



The Wang family elder sat opposite a middle-aged man, both of whom had serious expressions.



After a long time, the middle-aged man said, “You mean that Ye Xiwen is actually a master at the proving level?”



The third elder of the Wang family nodded solemnly and said, “Although I don’t know what kind of master, but it must be a master above the proving level!”



The third elder of the Wang family shared his speculation with the middle-aged man in front of him, because this middle-aged man was none other than the head of the Wang family.



He went to win over Wang Jun, but he ended up provoking such a strong man. Of course, he had to report it, which was beyond his ability to deal with it.



“You pay close attention to this matter. No matter what, Ye Xiwen doesn’t seem to show any malice towards my Wang family. This can only be regarded as a personal adventure for Wang Jun, and the matter of winning Wang Jun must be carried out as soon as possible. We must let Wang Jun feel that our family attaches great importance to him, and then slowly ask about the origin of Ye Xiwen!” The Wang family’s patriarch thought for a while, but still gave the most secure plan, he did not know Ye Xiwen’s strength. and his origins, but one thing he knew very well, when Ye Xiwen had not shown hostility, it was best not to try to provoke him.



But what he didn’t know was that for a character of Ye Xiwen’s level, provoking or not provoking actually means nothing at all. When the emperor is angry, the destruction of a world is just a matter of hand.



“Understood, then I’ll go down and make arrangements!” After reporting this matter, the third elder of the Wang family could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.



In the small world of the courtyard that Ye Xiwen bought, Ye Xiwen suddenly opened his eyes, and in front of him, Fen Tianding began to emit the aroma of medicinal herbs, which turned into colorful rays of light. out.



These pills also have magical effects for ordinary practitioners Ordinary people take a sip, and their cultivation can even be compared with gods. As long as they can keep up with their perceptions, it is not difficult at all to prove Taoism and become a god. .



This is the effect of Taiyi Gathering Yuan Dan. If it weren’t for this, it would not have caused the competition of Dan Emperor and many other emperors.



With a slight movement of Ye Xiwen’s palm, the lid of the cauldron flew open automatically.



And in this one, a divine elixir was about to form a sky-filled haze in an instant, transforming its spirituality and escaping from the elixir.



How could Ye Xiwen give him this opportunity? He immediately stretched out his big hand and annihilated the little bit of spirituality that had just formed on this divine pill.



If the spirituality of this Taiyi Juyuan Pill is allowed to grow, it will not take a million years before another ancestor of Pill Dao comparable to an emperor is born.



The medicinal power in the Taiyi Juyuan Dan is too powerful. Almost at the moment of its generation, it will trigger the manifestation of the rules in the sky. If it is not in Ye Xiwen’s own small world, it will immediately trigger countless people. attention.



“It’s finally done!” Ye Xiwen opened his eyes with a slight smile on his face. He had already learned from that ray of primordial spirit avatar that the changes in the depths of the stormy sea might be about to set off stormy waves.



And before that, he had to be prepared.



Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen swallowed the Taiyi Juyuan Pill, instantly turning it into infinite power and flowing into his limbs. (This text is provided by the sailing update team @Mo, Xiao Gongnan God)


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