Light Spirit Epic: The book is wireless, play an advertisement


As in the title.

The book is wireless, please advertise:


I just bury my head in writing, I don’t even know that my book is wireless, and I’m afraid I’ll stay in the dark without the news from Jin Da, and I’m drunk…

Fantasy is very difficult to get along with in Wireless. After all, there is no separation between fantasy and fantasy, there are many fantasy gods, and fantasy has no chance to come forward. I beg your friends for a little support, so that the book doesn’t look too clunky at least. First, thank you!

In addition, Jin Da’s book “Digging in Chaos” is also on the wireless shelf, and here I can help you with advertising, please support!


The first release of this book is from 17K, so watch the genuine content for the first time!



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