Light Spirit Epic: Sequence


Volume 1: The Memory of Avalon

Chapter 0 Prologue: Destruction in Reincarnation

In 513 AD, the first imperial capital of Pantoracken, the Holy Camilo.

The fire engulfed everything.

The knight rises from the rubble and wipes the blood from the corners of his mouth. Facing the surrounding enemy, he raised his lightsaber.

The enemy did not show the slightest tolerance, and was slowly narrowing the encirclement and coming together.

The knight clenched his right fist, and the lightsaber in his hand condensed the photons (magic power) of this world to form a blade.

The blade glowed green, reflecting the ghostly invaders in the darkness of the twilight.

The same green brilliance also reflected the thin and determined face of the Celestial Knight Uther Pantoracken.

“Surrender, Celestial Knight. Your capital has fallen, your country has perished. There is no point in struggling any longer!” roared the enemy general. Their silver armor and red shirts indicated that this was a group of invaders from Rome.

“Don’t waste your words.” The Celestial Knight Uther retorted, pointing his sword at the enemy: “Even if the country is destroyed, even if I die here today, I will take away a few more enemies. The glory of Pantoracken. Always shining in the sky, even the **** storm can’t cover up its light!”

“Stupid!” The general sneered and waved, “Then die with your honor!!”

“Assault!!!———” Under the order of the Roman general, hundreds of soldiers rushed up. They raised their guns in salvos, and the light bullets swarmed down like raindrops.

A luminous projectile was fired at the Celestial Knight, pointing directly at the center of Uther’s eyebrows.

“Hahahahaha!” The Celestial Knight smiled proudly, waving the lightsaber in his hand at an astonishing speed. The enchantment that makes up the blade of the lightsaber repels the electromagnetic field of the light projectile, bouncing back the approaching light projectile. The light bullet hit the chest of an enemy soldier impartially, and the soldier flew out screaming and fell to the ground dead.

Ten light projectiles were fired at the Heavenly Knight, all attacking the vital point of the Heavenly Knight. The blade bounced them back one after another, and the light bullets drew arcs and returned to the arms of the enemy. The soldiers fell one after another, white smoke wafting from their chests pierced by stray bullets.

Hundred-light projectiles are fired at the Celestial Knight. The Celestial Knight fluttered everywhere at a rapid speed, raising his sword to counterattack at the right time, and rebounding nearly half of the attack. Every two seconds, a soldier fell to the ground, and the staggered rain of bullets was like a melee between two armies.

Heavenly Knight’s reaction ability has reached superhuman level, and the mere rain of bullets can’t help him at all.

When the Roman general saw this, he shouted: “Don’t be afraid! It’s just a stray bullet! Shoot me! Shoot! Shoot! No matter how skilled he is, he is tired, and one mistake is enough to bring him down!”– —On the shield team!!”

The enemy set up a photon shield and was overwhelming. Hiding behind shields, the soldiers opened fire frantically, dyeing the Imperial City green with a rain of bullets.

In the face of such a dense rain of bullets, Uther, the Celestial Knight, was still defending in an airtight manner, but his face was obviously tired.

—— pop.

Under the neglected defense, a gleaming bullet hit the armor. The armor that used light energy did not have the effect of protecting the master, and the light bullet penetrated the chest of the Celestial Knight.

The Celestial Knight had no fear or remorse on his face, just closed his eyes with satisfaction and fell to the ground. Countless light bullets came one after another, landing on the Heavenly Knight, opening one after another scorching black holes on his body.

After a wave of attacks passed, the enemy was convinced that the Celestial Knight was dead, so he finally relaxed his guard and stepped forward to inspect the Celestial Knight’s body.

However…the corpse of the Heavenly Knight gradually faded and disappeared.

“What? Virtual magic?!” The general exclaimed.

It’s too late. The heavenly knight suddenly burst into laughter, “Do you underestimate me too much?”

The sparks splashed, the earth cracks roared, and countless pillars of fire poured out from the ground. Some of the hapless soldiers were immediately set on fire by pillars of fire, screaming and rolling on the ground, then twisted and charred in agony.

“Don’t panic! Rearrange the formation and pay attention to your feet!!” the general shouted.

“Hahahahaha!!” The Celestial Knight and the flames burst out of the ground together. Taking advantage of the chaos, they frantically rushed left and right, slashing with their lightsabers.

A soldier’s back was on fire, and he just ran away, completely unaware of the **** of death behind him. Uther was happy to cut him in half with a sword!

Another soldier was raising his sword in the panicked crowd. He just saw Uther’s figure and was about to raise his sword to fight back, but Uther had already rushed forward, and a head hammer hit the soldier, making the soldier dizzy. , another sword pierced the soldier’s chest!

The three soldiers are surrounded by back-to-back, thinking that they will be fully protected. But Uther took advantage of the thick smoke to get in from the blind spot of the three people’s sight, and before the soldiers could react, he slashed his sword, and the heads of the three fell to the ground at the same time!

The green light of the lightsaber and the red light of the fire interweave into a web of death.

Wherever the sword light goes, there are all shredded enemies. Wherever the flames went, all the soldiers were burned.

The Celestial Knight killed hundreds of people in an instant with the power of one person. This is the strength of the Pantoracken Heavenly Knights, the highest combat power among the Knights!

The general’s brows are furrowed. If nothing is done, his troops will suffer heavy losses. He quickly commanded: “Send the magic team!”

The magicians swarmed forward from the rear of the army, using interference magic to suppress the Celestial Knight’s Pillar of Fire, and at the same time fired fireballs to drive away the Celestial Knight. There were more soldiers with guns beside the magic team, and they used a dense rain of bullets to prevent the knights from approaching.

Countless light bullets and magic flames were fired at the Celestial Knight, and the attack was too dense to be blocked with a lightsaber!

“Get up!” The Celestial Knight smashed the ground with a punch, and the earth wall lifted by the kinetic energy magic was like a thick city wall, blocking the attacks flying all over the sky. It lasted for a few seconds until it was beaten to a pulp and turned into dust. Under the cover of this smoke, the Celestial Knight had long since escaped into the ground and fled elsewhere to ambush.

“Four times? No, five magic tricks. There is also a big magic trick.” The general sneered, “As expected of a heavenly knight, he can withstand the consumption of five magic tricks with his physical body, and still not petrified?”

“How long do you consume energy? Your flesh will soon be consumed by photons and turned to stone! Your remains will be weathered into dust, and nothing remains!”

“Flesh or something…” A voice sounded from behind the general. The general slanted back and stabbed with a sword, but he stabbed on the illusion created by magic, and the stab was empty.

“——I wouldn’t be rude!” The real Heavenly Knight descended from the sky and landed on the general’s back. He raised his sword and stabbed down, and his hand shattered into ashes before it fell.

The general stabbed his sword into the heart of the Celestial Knight. The Heavenly Knight spat out a mouthful of blood.

“It’s over,” said the general.

“Indeed, it’s over.” The Celestial Knight said, his only remaining arm had begun to petrify. However, he smeared his own blood with stiff fingers, and painted the last magic ritual on the armor of the enemy, paying the last of his soul.

Humans are just the bottommost existence of intelligent creatures in this space and time, and even using magic will bring petrification punishment. The more you use it, the more your body will rapidly age, keratinize, and finally die like a stone.

Uther, the heavenly knight who uses the ultimate magic, his purpose is to fight the enemy desperately.

Only if you give up desperately, the value of human existence will be revealed at this moment, and it will shine like never before.

This splendor is also the last splendor of life, it is brighter than the sun.

——[Ultimate Magic—Core Fusion], activate.

The air instantly boiled, making a crackling sound of discharge.

“Damn!” the general cursed. He wanted to order the soldiers to escape, but he knew it would be pointless. Once nuclear fusion starts, the surrounding space within a kilometer will be completely melted by the high heat of the sun, and then there will be a huge explosion, and everything will be reduced to ashes.

“Forgive me, Arthur,” he whispered with his last breath, almost completely turned into stone.

The light in the air was instantly connected, all the scenes were distorted, and the atmosphere was plasma in a high-energy state.

“Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble!!!!!!!!!”

A flash of light engulfs everything. The thousand-year-old city walls of the imperial capital were vaporized in an instant. The huge air wave blew the citizens who fled outside the city to the ground one after another, making these people who fled in a hurry even more embarrassed.

The teenager got up from the ground, wiped the blood on his knees, and looked at the huge mushroom cloud in the sky.

“Goodbye, father.” The boy didn’t even shed a single tear.

The wind blows, smoke and heat engulf the world.

Darkness A vision appeared in front of the boy’s eyes.

The seat of the great god, Kama (Fate), stands in front of the young Arthur.

The whole body of the **** is surrounded by dark fire, evil and mysterious. The eyes of God shone with pure white light, solemn and solemn.

God does not move, God is speechless, God snickers at the ignorance of the world.

Standing in front of God, Arthur, who was as weak as an ant, was not even qualified to challenge God.

God stretched out his right arm and suppressed the little boy. The boy was immediately paralyzed and unable to struggle.

God stretched out his left arm and penetrated the boy’s chest. Something in the young man’s body was grabbed by God and crushed into pieces!

As the price of [miracle], God took more from the boy again. The young man returned to God, only the anger quietly burning in his eyes.

The darkness completely engulfed the boy, and he fell helplessly at the crossroads of fate.

Why? ! Can those who have power squeeze the weak at will? !

Why? ! Can even a **** be able to play with the fate of others at will? !

Never agree, never compromise, never yield! —— Dare to take anything from me again, even if it is a god, I will kill it for you!

——From that day on, the boy’s counterattack against fate has already begun.

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