Light Spirit Epic: Notice: About revision period


————About revision period————-

To our readers:

I’ve been wanting to postpone this issue for a while now, but, well, here comes the one that’s coming. “The Legend of Light” is set to hit the shelves in early 2014.

Before it was put on the shelves, I decided to revise the previous chapters, mainly for typos and typos, plot bugs, and various excessive **** and violent content.

Due to the strict censorship of **** and violent content (and the censorship standards are vague, 囧…), the revision of violent descriptions can be said to be urgent.

Editing is more time-consuming than writing. Since there are more than 500 chapters and more than one million words to be revised, the amount of text is really staggering, and the revision period may be relatively long.

The revision period is tentatively scheduled from December to January. During the revision period, I am afraid there will be only one update per day. Slowly but never.

In the revised version, the main storyline is exactly the same, only the details are expanded, and the content that is not rude is more rude. Readers who have already read the previous content can ignore this revision, and interested readers can also read it again. Interested readers are also welcome to troubleshoot and detect leaks together:

In addition, according to the original agreement, the first volume of “The Legend of Light” will not be put on the shelves until the end of the first volume.

However, the 17K policy stipulates that there is a limit on the number of words for books that can receive pensions at the end of the year, and the number of words on the shelves must be no less than half of the entire book in order to receive a meager pension.

If “Light” keeps writing in a state that is not on the shelves, it is estimated that it will take three or four million words to complete the book. The risk of doing so is always too great, and in the end, it may be a big hit and even the pension will be lost. Can’t get it.

So, I’m sorry everyone, but the rack is still up. The next is also forced by the situation, there is no other way.

However, before putting it on the shelves, I will fix the previous article to the point where I can agree (without touching the **** and violent content), and live up to the great expectations of readers. This is a promise I make to you, and I stand by it as proof.


Raven D. Vixas November 2013

The first release of this book is from 17K, so watch the genuine content for the first time!



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