Light Spirit Epic Chapter 988: Fighting for Ziyan (22)


Chapter 988 The fierce battle against Ziyan (twenty-two)

The opportunity cannot be missed, the werewolf and the magic swordsman did not speak much, and dashed out at the same time, rushing towards the enemy’s location. They all know that what they should do is to eliminate two of the enemies as quickly as possible. And the remaining enemy will be dealt with by the one of the two who takes the lead in solving the opponent!

Pasha! ! Bedivere rushed in front of an amethyst colossus and braked suddenly! The enemy was still shooting fireballs in Tristan’s direction. He didn’t expect the werewolf to rush over at such an opportunity. At the same time he was taken aback, the werewolf was already waving the tortoise’s tongue and whip, and with all his strength, he slammed the monster into the fireball. Tear off your head first! !

And he did it for another reason! He raised his whip and threw the head of the amethyst colossus over to the other colossus—the one that neither he nor Solar could handle! ——And of course, the thing has turned and aimed at Bedivere, ready to shoot fireballs! Although it cannot be tracked and can only be shot directly, the lethality of the fireball is still undiminished!

The werewolf ignored the opponent who was about to shoot the fireball in the distance, and dealt with the amethyst colossus in front of him first. He went around to the foot of the colossus and raised the shield bow and swept the shield bow. The bow body of the shield bow has now turned into a sharp blade , slammed **** the monster’s tripod-like feet!

Whoa! The feet made of amethyst shattered in an instant. It was designed for stability rather than movement. It was not made particularly strong and durable. It was a matter of course that it was smashed under the strong blow of Bedivere! The colossus only supports its body on three legs, and if one of them is lost, it cannot keep its balance and falls down immediately!

And the first wave of fireballs shot by the Amethyst Golem in the distance followed, almost shooting through Bedivere’s back! The werewolf raised his shield bow with his backhand, and while blocking the side, he climbed over the body of the amethyst colossus. The moment he crossed over, he also drew out his sword, looked for the weak part of the stone, and stabbed it with a sword! Clap! He could clearly hear the sound coming from the depths of the stone, which was proof that the core of the colossus was shattered! This amethyst colossus is dead, at least temporarily!

At the same time, the head of the amethyst colossus, which was thrown by the werewolf’s turtle tongue whip, also drew a gorgeous parabola in the air and smashed heavily on the head of the enemy in the distance! The guy was still in the middle of rapidly shooting fireballs, and suddenly his head was hit by something, and the fireballs landed on it, instantly shattering the large piece of amethyst, causing an explosion!

Boom! The head of an amethyst colossus slammed into the head of another amethyst colossus, and the explosion was far beyond Bedivere’s imagination – he originally thought that as long as he could block the opponent’s shooting, he would earn it. !

And Solar had just finished the third amethyst colossus. Seeing that the werewolf successfully blew the head of the second colossus, he rushed over unscrupulously and stabbed the monster!

However, something seems wrong! ! Bedivere felt a chill in his heart. The head of the second Amethyst Colossus exploded a little too fast, too easy! Like this, it’s like acting on purpose to lure opponents closer? !

“No! Don’t go!” The werewolf shouted and rushed out of the bunker, the turtle tongue whip in his hand was already raised and flew towards Solar!

It’s too late! The explosion on the head of the second amethyst colossus was indeed a trick to lure the enemy into the depths. It saw Solar rushing towards him, and the shape of his body immediately changed drastically! Amethyst instantly proliferates, expands, and emits a dazzling light! The thing became vicious and mournful, as if to avenge its dead companion in the form of suicide!

The Amethyst Colossus becomes a huge, expanding orb of light! It’s the bomb! It looks like it’s about to explode! !

The werewolf is startled. He rushed out from the bunker with a bad memory. Not only could he not be able to save Solar, but even Bedivere himself could not be protected!

No! According to the power of the attacks that these amethyst monsters used before, it is conceivable how powerful their explosions are! It’s not necessarily safe to hide behind a bunker. At any time, you may be blown away by the air waves raised by the explosion, even with the bunker, and fall into those purple flames!

The only way to survive this terrifying explosion is to run far away! But they were so close, it was too late to escape!

What should I do? !

“Get down!” The werewolf shouted hoarsely, pulling out a bottle of potion from his waist!

Despite everything, pour it down your stomach! Bedivere’s whole body instantly turned red, and even the equipment on his body seemed to be dyed, and was instantly covered by crimson! !

The Red Wolf of Chaos, Awakens Again!

He raised the crimson tortoise’s tongue whip, and with hundreds of times the power that was usually unattainable, he rolled up the corpse of the colossus behind him — it was a giant rock weighing thousands of pounds!

He rolled up the boulder high and smashed it towards the amethyst colossus that was about to explode!

Smash it! ———- Smash it! ! ————————–lb! ! ——— The boulder flew over Solal’s head and crashed into the exploding Amethyst Colossus! The boulder and the colossus collided fiercely, and the amethyst colossus, whose body swelled several times, was smashed into the air before approaching the critical explosion point, and flew into the monstrous purple flame column in the distance!

Before it had time to explode, it fell into the pillar of fire, was swallowed up by the purple flames at a faster speed, completely vaporized, and disappeared without a trace! !

“Mr. Bedivere—!” Solar stood up, still unable to believe what had just happened. The werewolf reversed the irreversible danger of death by means of some rude and completely inconsistent with the laws of physics!


Bedivere came back to his senses, only to remember that his secret was discovered by Solar. He glared at the magic swordsman and said, “Can you not tell anyone what happened just now?””…Of course, my friend .” Solar paused notably for a long time before answering.

Tristan also measured the end of the battle and came over to check. He just happened to see Bedivere’s wolf tail turn from dark red back to silver, and that red gradually faded from the base of the tail to the tip.

The murloc prince was stunned for half a second, then rubbed his eyes, thinking that he had hallucinations after using the mental pollution technique: “Have they been resolved? Why are there only two corpses left on the ground?” “Solved. “The werewolf glanced at the remaining corpse of the amethyst colossus, which was destroyed by Solal: “The other two ends were hit into the flame column and steamed directly. Don’t worry – let’s move on.” “Of course. There’s not much time left, let’s go.” Tristan walked ahead and subconsciously patted the dust on his body, although his armor was already torn and unsightly even if he was tidying up. Bedivere followed suit, raising his shield bow to open the way.

Solar silently followed behind the werewolf, watching the tip of Bedivere’s tail. —— Maybe it’s Solar’s delusion? He blinked again, trying to see clearly. There seemed to be a deep red on the tip of the werewolf’s tail, which could not subside for a long time.

At the same time(?), in the virtual world of a game.

“So?” After listening to Howl’s explanation, Husky was puzzled: “You mean, there is some kind of procedural error in this Zhangren castle that will hurt us in reality. Is this really possible?” “Yes, it’s really meow.” The leopard boy eagerly persuaded his friends to log out of the game, but he couldn’t tell Husky directly about the black spider. He could only speak vaguely in a circle: “Hal just confirmed with Uncle Arthur, there is something wrong here! If we die in the game, we don’t know how it will affect us in reality! For the sake of For safety’s sake, listen to the adults, and log out of the game as soon as possible.” “Well…” The dog boy stared at the campfire in front of him: “But we don’t have time. In the real world, it’s almost evening. Well, if Husky hadn’t been able to get to level 5 before that, Uncle Arthur said that the reward for Husky would be in vain. Although I don’t know what the reward was, Husky seemed to get the reward. “”But! It’s too dangerous here, meow!””Well, Hal…” The dog boy pondered for a while, trying to find a compromise solution: “It’s almost midnight in the game. After the next day, After our combat skill usage times were reset, we immediately came out from here and tried to find a way to leave the castle. We just sneaked through the ventilation pipes, and we won’t encounter too many battles, probably…” “Probably? God knows. What trouble are we going to get into, meow!” Hal obviously didn’t want to take this risk: “If you don’t have to take a risk, it’s better not to take a risk, meow. Hal doesn’t want to…don’t want to see what happened last time, meow again… …” The words stinged Husky. The last time he took the Leopard boy to explore in King Arthur’s castle, he accidentally entered a different space, and almost lost his own life because of Even the life of his friends was almost taken. . Husky always carried a vague guilt towards the Leopard boy, and was unwilling to involve Hal in dangerous matters.

But conversely, Husky also aspires to be stronger. As long as he can become stronger, maybe he will be able to protect his little friend——In reality, the leopard who is sitting in a wheelchair, has no power to restrain the chicken, is so pitiful, and always needs someone else to protect it. young people.

While Husky is convinced of this, his Uncle Arthur will find a way to make him stronger. The reward for upgrading hard today may be the first step in making Husky stronger.

The canine boy is also convinced that if he just hears about danger and runs away, he will never become stronger.

That’s what his dad, Bedeville, told him.

Therefore, the canine boy has long since made up his mind. No matter how Hal persuades him, he will never escape, and he will never log out of the game for safety.

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