Light Spirit Epic Chapter 987: Fighting for Ziyan (21)


Chapter 987 of the fierce battle against Ziyan (twenty one)

Solar, Tristan, and Bedivere followed one by one, rushing towards the pillar of flame, then swiftly bypassing the pillar of fire and coming to the enemy!

The magic swordsman first saw that thing, and his initial feeling was a burst of surprise!

Except for the familiar stone body, the monster’s body has undergone earth-shaking changes!

Its head looks like a machine gun, and it is covered with holes for shooting fireballs, and it can shoot fireballs alternately from multiple holes! The two huge and pointed ears made of amethyst really have some similarities with bats! ——Prove Bedivere’s guess is true, that thing is indeed relying on ultrasonics to detect the enemy’s position! And the monster has almost no feet. Its three long legs made of amethyst are like tripods. They are not used to move, but are deeply embedded into the rocky ground, so that they can also be able to shoot in high-reaction bursts. The stability of the body is well maintained!

This is more of a turret than an enemy! A turret specially designed to stop Bedivere and others from advancing! In order to resist the invasion of the enemy, these guys have highlighted the wonderful shape, they are not [creatures] at all, they are just [weapons] used to block the invaders!

And when Solar rushed in front of the monster, the thing was stunned! It was stunned because the disturbance just now made it impossible to detect the surrounding movement with ultrasonic waves for a short time! It was stunned because it has almost no organs to sense optical signals, and completely relies on ultrasound to detect the environment! It felt that someone was approaching rapidly, and it felt bad, but it was temporarily unable to use ultrasonic detection. Of course, it was a mistake!

But the monster’s hesitation lasted only a thousandth of a second! It did not continue to be stunned, but recklessly ejected fireballs from its machine-gun-like organs!

Kng, clang, clang, clang! If you are hit at zero distance, the impact of the fireball cannot be underestimated! Solar’s giant shield blocked it, but was still pushed back nearly three yards by the indiscriminate fireball!

At the same time, Tristan also drilled over, holding a shield in one hand and taking out a long sword in the other, and stabbed!

The monster’s strafing was diverted from Solar’s direction to Tristan, and it reacted much faster than Tristan had expected! And the murloc prince saw that the situation was not good, so he could only block with his shield!

Kng-kang-kang-kang! The fireball hit the little shield of the murloc prince, but the shield’s blocking ability was not very ideal. Although the first wave of fireballs was barely blocked, they smashed countless scars on the small shield, and even kept smashing the shield. The murloc prince pushes back!

Crap! If it goes on like this, the murloc prince will either be smashed to pieces, or he will be pushed to the side of a purple flame fire pillar behind him, and he will be burned to ashes!

If you can’t do anything about it – Bedivere has already rushed to the monster desperately and stabbed with his gun!

Click! The spear penetrated deep into the stone body of the monster, and the werewolf pulled the trigger at the same time, and vibrated again, destroying the monster from the inside!


Crap! You will be covered in fireballs! Eat this kind of attack head on, Bedivere’s head will be blown away, it can be said to be dead! The werewolf’s heart was half cold, and he was about to dodge, but found that his body couldn’t move at all! That is the sequelae of the overclocking vibration. When the long spear in his hand moves that kind of vibration, when he attacks the enemy, it will also cause a momentary recoil to the user’s body, leaving the user in a state of temporary paralysis! This kind of paralysis is very short-lived and can be almost ignored at ordinary times, but it can kill people at such a critical time!

The werewolf couldn’t move his whole body and was crying inwardly. Seeing that the situation was over, his head was about to be smashed by the fireball from the monster’s body!

However, that thing didn’t shoot anything! As if the bullet was stuck, the machine gun-like head of the Amethyst Colossus did not make any attack on Bedivere!

It pauses for a while, then twitches. Its twitches fade away, and it’s dead!

“Huh—” Bedivere gasped for a breath, only to realize that he had broken out in a cold sweat: “What happened to that… just now?!” You want to ask, why didn’t it blow you away? Head?” Tristan got up from the ground, the small shield in his hand had been damaged by the blast just now, and the armor on his body was badly damaged: “That’s my hypnotism. I’ve never encountered this The monster started to use hypnotism at the moment, in order to be able to use it at a critical time.” (So will you think of a solution in ten minutes?) Bedivere suddenly realized that there was something very strange in the other party’s words, and immediately felt incredulous. Staring at the murloc prince: “Wait – you can use magic?!” Tristan gave the werewolf a disdainful glance: “Idiot. Hypnosis is not magic, have you forgotten?” So it was. Bedivere couldn’t help sighing in his heart – no wonder the combination of Tristan and Evan was able to reach Mount Kilimanjaro from Cairo at the fastest speed as the [Chief]. Although the magic is sealed, Tristan’s hypnotism still works! They must have taken advantage of hypnotism along the way!

This is all within the limits of the test organizer, and even if it feels unfair, Bedivere can’t protest more.

“Yes, I’m saved.” The werewolf pretended to accompany him with a smile and said, “Anyway, I should say thank you.” “No thanks. I’m also saved.” Tristan looked at the purple streak less than a yard behind him The pillar of fire can’t help but feel a chill down my spine. If Bedivere hadn’t sacrificed himself just now to attract the firepower, Tristan would have been pushed into the fire column first by the impact of the fireball.

“You’re such a strange guy, you rush up to cover others desperately, don’t you know you’ll die.” Bedivere didn’t say anything.

“Forget it. Fortunately, you are lucky. It was originally expected to take ten minutes to hypnotize the monster, but I didn’t expect its individual consciousness to be weaker than expected, and the hypnosis took less time than scheduled. Thank you for this I saved my life, thank me and thank God at the same time.” “Yes, is it?” Bedivere frowned, as if thinking of something.

After Solar returned the shield bow to the werewolf, Bedivere wiped the smudges on the shield sadly.

That is the scorching and impact marks left by the fire bomb on it, most of which come from the slightly higher carbon content of the stone in the middle of the fire bomb, and the other part is the damage on the shield surface. Still, the wear and tear of the shield is quite large.

The werewolf whispered: “I hope you don’t encounter this kind of monster again. This kind of guy, it’s enough to deal with just one, if they are attacked, we’re afraid we will-” “pounds!” Several fireballs They flew towards the crowd, but fortunately everyone reacted fast enough to get out of the way.

“Oh, you’re a crow’s mouth!” Tristan scolded angrily.

The number of amethyst colossi standing in front of the three increased, and judging from the ballistics, there were three in total. They actually haunt in groups, wanting to surround and suppress everyone to death!

“Oh my God!” Bedivere used the body of the fallen Amethyst Colossus as cover, using this only means of protection against the fierce shooting in front of him. The shooting was extremely ferocious, and the stone cover was continuously cracked and the stone chips splashed!

The werewolf gently poked his head out to look at the situation outside, and at the same time asked dejectedly: “We can’t hold on like this! Tristan, how long does your hypnotism take?” I have two minutes!” said the murloc prince.

“Uh, two minutes would be enough?””Yes! Two minutes! The most time-consuming part of the preparatory work for sleep spells is to spread out the photons with my command, and then it just takes time to tune in. !But—!” pound pound pound pound pound! A more ferocious rain of bullets came, and a loud noise interrupted everyone’s conversation.

“Woo!–” The werewolf used all his strength to hold up the shield, and with the support of Solar from behind, he managed to block this wave of attacks. As soon as he had time to catch his breath, he immediately asked, “But?” “But, I have already completed the first step of this technique; and the second step, which is the step of controlling the enemy, does not need to be completed at all! – If you only use the Disrupting the opponent [Mind Pollution Technique], you will move much faster!” Tristan sneered, and suddenly stood up: “Dizzy me!” At the same time as the murloc prince shouted, Bedivere suddenly felt himself a little too small. Dizziness. But he was a sane person, and this disturbance technique had little effect on him, and his dizziness only lasted less than a tenth of a second before it stopped.

“Fool! What are you doing standing up?!-” The next second he thought was only worried about the safety of the murloc prince. Standing up at will in a storm of fireballs is like saying to the enemy: Kill me now.

But Bedivere’s concerns are clearly unnecessary. Those fireballs no longer followed the crowd, but fluttered everywhere—or rather, they just followed the original trajectory and shot straight out. Losing the tracking ability, most of the fire bombs could not bypass the Ziyan fire pillar at all, but fell into the fire pillar weakly, and dissipated in an instant.

At the same time, through the reverse calculation of the ballistics of those fire bombs, Bedivere and others also know the approximate hiding place of the enemy!

That’s right, Tristan doesn’t need complete control of the enemy! He only needs to use mental control to interfere with the opponent’s tracking fireball projectiles and cancel the fireball’s [tracking] ability to achieve the desired effect!

The ability to add tracking to magic is a very complicated operation, and since it is so complicated, it is also very easy to interfere – especially for those opponents with weak individual consciousness!

“Come on!” The murloc prince stood still, concentrating his willpower to mentally interfere with the enemy: “You only have two minutes! Go and kill them!”. .. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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