Light Spirit Epic Chapter 984: Fighting for Ziyan (18)


Chapter 984 The fierce battle against Ziyan (18)

At the same time, Kilimanjaro volcano underground palace, in the labyrinth of the center of the earth.

“Come on! It’s almost over!” Albert shouted to Elaine behind him, looking at the exit opposite the cave from a distance.

“Hmm… um!” The white bear man wiped the blood from his shoulders and kicked away the immobile amethyst colossus. The corpse of the monster flew out of Elaine’s rhinoceros horn and fell into the purple flame pillar. The moment it touched the pillar of fire, it was burned to ashes and disappeared without a trace.

“At least we don’t have to worry about the resurrection of these monsters.” Chanel breathed a sigh of relief and jumped on the shoulders of the polar bear again.

“Uh, are you still here?!” Albert glared at the elf girl who crossed her legs and rode on the white bear, and gave the red-faced white bear maliciously.

“Why not? I just needed to dodge to jump off Elaine’s shoulder.” The elf girl said indifferently: “And this is the commanding height, so it is much easier to be vigilant!” Although there are many reasons to support Chanel did this, but Albert still seemed very dissatisfied with it: “My God! You are a girl! You won’t be a little reserved, meow?!” “What is reserved, I don’t know.” The elf girl crooked With his head he said, “Our Knights of the Holy Lily in France are all special units composed of children selected from orphanages. We have been taught to wield swords since we were children who could walk, and strive to be the pillars of the king of France. We We were trained to be knights since we were young, and the restraint that girls should have was never meant for us.” “So what?! You are still—uh uh uh forget it!” Tiger couldn’t really come up with a reason to refute it, and he was at a loss for words. Albert couldn’t keep the argument going: “Go ahead, I just hope Elaine’s little heart can hold it up.” Things, at this time, he was holding a large shield in front of him with both hands, covering a lot of things that made him ashamed.

“Huhu.” Chanel sneered and didn’t say anything more. At this moment, she noticed a strange voice in the distance, and turned her head to look. Fortunately, she was standing on the commanding heights and could easily detect distant movements in an environment where vision was obstructed. The moment she turned her head to look, a bright spot of light appeared thirty yards away between the purple flame pillars.

Ordinary people would never care when they saw this blip. But as an elf girl who was raised as a knight since she was a child, Chanel has excellent warrior qualities and an extraordinary intuition for danger.

Intuition tells her that this is some kind of attack from the enemy, and it’s coming for them! And the enemy will not do useless work, and the attack from that distance must be a long-distance shooting!

At the moment of thinking of this, Chanel put one hand on the head of the bear man and shouted: “Fall down! There is a shooting at eleven o’clock!!” The bear man was still blushing because of the influence of the elf girl , very embarrassing. But the aura of battle suddenly became strong, and Elaine didn’t have time to think about it, so he raised his shield to defend and shrank his body down at the same time!

Pop! ——A purple beam of light has arrived, hitting the Great Shield of the Thunder Lizard of the White Bear Man! Elaine only felt a scorching heat spread around him, especially on his big shield. The heat was so scorching that he could barely hold the edge of the shield with his hands! And the huge impact brought by the purple beam almost knocked the white bear man to the ground!


Chanel, who was hiding behind the white bear, exclaimed: “Oh my god, it shouldn’t be composed of Ziyan—” “No.” Albert immediately denied the elf girl’s hypothesis: ” If it is a beam cannon composed of purple flames, we have no chance at all. The moment the beam hits Elaine’s great shield, the shield will be destroyed, and then it will be us.” “But——” “Those amethyst monsters seem to have a way. Swing part of the power of Ziyan, but it is not complete.” The tiger drew out his long sword: “Although this incomplete power is terrifying, it will not kill us.” The purple flame beam cannon on the shield finally weakened and stopped the offensive.

“God…God!” Elaine’s hands were red and swollen from the heat, while white smoke kept rising from the large shield.

“The block moves!” Albert didn’t give the Ice Bears time to rest: “That thing will come! Staying here will only be a living target! We can only get through this **** lava field as soon as possible, Approaching the **** who fired the cold gun, I will give it a good time!” “I’ll be vigilant!” Chanel couldn’t care less, jumped on the shoulders of the polar bear again, and looked around: “Run towards one o’clock! “”Oh, oh!” Elaine also knew that the situation was serious and couldn’t help but hesitate, so she put up her shield and ran quickly. Running at will in this kind of cave full of deadly purple flame pillars was originally a very dangerous thing. But they couldn’t care less about being sniped. Elaine’s big shield could block the first blow of the Purple Flame Beam Cannon, but it didn’t mean that it could block the next blow! They can only move flexibly and avoid being sniped as much as possible!

“Here again! Two o’clock!” Chanel shouted, “Two steps back!” Whoosh! The polar bear did as the elf girl said, and just took two steps back, a beam of light swiped in front of him, and swept past the big shield, and basically didn’t hit them!

“Yes, saved!” Elaine hurriedly exclaimed.

“Don’t stay still! Run seven steps toward ten o’clock!” The elf girl commanded in an orderly manner. From the height she is at, she can clearly see the surrounding terrain, and only in this case can she direct the white bear to run safely in this cave full of death traps!

The white bear just took five steps, and Chanel had already calculated the time to continue directing Elaine’s forward route: “Then run to two o’clock, five steps!” “Oh!” Elaine has just arrived at the designated place by Chanel. Position, stopped before a huge purple flame pillar of fire, and immediately turned to run in the direction of two o’clock. And Albert followed behind the white bear without saying a word!

It’s almost there, Chanel had planned to continue to direct the polar bear to run in the other direction, but another flash appeared in the distance!

“Tsk! There is an attack at three o’clock! Take three steps back!” “Oh!!” Elaine answered without hesitation. At this moment, he had given up thinking and acted according to the elf girl’s orders wholeheartedly, so he Respond very quickly. As the polar bear retreated, the beam again passed within a yard in front of it, and this time it didn’t even touch Elaine’s shield!

It works! Chanel thought to herself. As long as you keep running at this pace, you will be able to pass through this dangerous cave smoothly!

But after ten seconds, she realized she had miscalculated again. When Elaine took a step back to avoid the oncoming beam cannon, Chanel saw another flash of light on the opposite side!

“My God! There are two sniping monsters!” The elf girl exclaimed, “Oops, I can’t dodge from here!” He pushed Elaine to the ground, and at the same time pulled Chanel from the bear man’s arm: “Elaine, lay your shield on the ground!” “Oh, oh!” The bear man was very obedient, Albert’s orders were carried out with little delay. Fortunately, he moved quickly and did not procrastinate. Before another Ziyan beam cannon came, he placed his shield horizontally on the ground, and used the area of ​​the horizontally placed shield to protect the entire team! Otherwise, if this beam cannon passes by anyone, it will burn people’s ** to ashes!

Pounds! – The beam is coming!

“Ugh!” The huge impact followed, Elaine lay on the ground, and tried her best to resist the shield, so as not to be pushed back. But the same problem happened again. The beam cannon hit the shield and caused high heat, and even started to burn Elaine’s hand out of white smoke!

“Here it is again! Eleven o’clock, watch out!” Chanel deduced the location of the other beam cannon from another sound source, but now they can’t do anything but hide behind shields for defense !

Pounds! A heavier impact came, and two purple flame beam cannons attacked Albert’s team in a V-shape. Two deadly purple beams were sprayed on Elaine’s Thunder Lizard Great Shield!

“No, not anymore!” the white bear man exclaimed. Aside from his own palms that were roasted and lost consciousness, even the Thunder Lizard Great Shield was roasted to a state of red blaze, and the shield would not be able to stop it if it went on like this!

“I’ll find a solution for this!” Albert pulled out his Haitao sword, was lying on the ground, and stabbed with the sword in a rather awkward posture!

Poke poke poke poke poke! The tiger’s sword quickly stabs on the back of the It has a plug-in on the sword, which can generate cold air when the sword is swung. At this moment, the cold air that was originally used to injure the enemy actually had a cooling effect on the Great Shield, slightly lowering the temperature of the Thunder Liz Great Shield, which was heated to a red glow!

But it’s definitely not enough! The high temperature brought by the Purple Flame Beam Cannon is far more severe than the icy cold produced by Albert’s sword, and this high temperature is still accumulating, and sooner or later the entire Thunder Lizard shield will melt away!

“Woooooooooooo!” The white bear is still trying his best to block the impact of the two beam cannons, in order to prevent the big shield from being washed away by the impact. But he knew that there was only despair in front of him, and continued resistance would not be able to restore this decline!

Or maybe not!

Chanel got up from behind Ice Bear and seemed to take something out. She threw the thing in front of the big shield, and immediately fell down in a panic!

Pounds! Something exploded in front of the big shield of the polar bear! . .. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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