Light Spirit Epic Chapter 983: Fighting for Ziyan (17)


Chapter 983 The fierce battle against Ziyan (seventeen)

Faced with Hal’s unreasonable request, Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table, had an embarrassed look on his face: “Now? Right now? His Majesty is still training…playing? If you disturb him casually, you will be scolded again…” Leopard Boy He tried to strengthen his tone and emphasized: “Hal really has something very important to say to Uncle Arthur meow! Really… meow!!” “Really?” Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table, looked at him suspiciously. Leopard boy, thinking to himself, what important thing can such a child have to find King Arthur.

But since Howl is King Arthur’s nominal nephew, there are probably some things they can’t tell in their family. Only they can talk privately, right? Anyway, this kid is too aggressive in the background, so it is better to follow him. Anyway, if King Arthur wants to blame him, he is only blaming this kid. Cameron has too many excuses.

“Okay, come with me. You can contact the players in the game from the main control room opposite the computer room.””Um, if possible, Howl would like to talk to Uncle Arthur alone-“”Of course. ,” Cador couldn’t help laughing, this little black panther is really difficult to serve, and a letter has to be so mysterious: “I’ll just take you to the main control room to connect the connection, and then you can talk slowly. .” At the same time, in the virtual world of the game.

“Humph.” Arthur wiped the blood from his armor and drew his lightsaber from Zhangren’s chest. The lightsaber had pierced the enemy’s chest, burning a horribly large hole. And this Zhang Ren is already the last enemy.

“Ding ding ding.” Some kind of prompt popped up on Shaxing’s head, Xinghuilong tilted his head and looked at him curiously: “You have risen one level, you are now the fourth level…? Upgrade? What is an upgrade?” “Don’t worry about it, it’s a trick used to deceive rookies.” King Arthur smiled disdainfully: “In short, it makes people feel that the higher the level, the stronger they are, so that they have the motivation to continue the simulation training.” “It’s so treacherous…” “This is a game system that is open to civilians, and it will eventually become a massively multiplayer online game that operates on a world scale.” Arthur explained, “You are a newcomer to the world. The stupid dragon, you don’t understand the mentality of human civilians.” “I just don’t understand. The higher the level, the stronger you are? Hehe…” The evil star also returned Arthur with a disdainful smile: “But forget it, I’m not arguing with you about this, it’s your own game anyway, and it doesn’t matter to me what you like to do.” Arthur wanted to say something, but something sounded beside him. A ball of light fell and stopped about an inch beside the shoulder of the king of knights.

“Tsk–Cameron?” Arthur reprimanded with a slight dissatisfaction: “How many times have I said it, I refuse to disturb during the simulation training-” “Uncle Arthur!” Hal’s voice But interrupted the knight king’s complaint: “Great, I finally found you, meow!” “Hal? Why are you- uh, are you in the real world? Cameron let you into the control room? Then The guy actually allowed the child to enter such an important place-” “It’s Uncle Cameron’s meow, please! Hal has something very important to discuss with Uncle Arthur, meow.” There was anxiety in the voice of the leopard boy.

“What’s the matter?” The evil star came to join in the fun, but was pushed away by Arthur annoyed.

“Hal, do you want to find me?” “Yes…” The leopard boy paused: “Uncle Arthur, you must believe Hal, meow. Although the next thing may be absurd. , but what Hal said was true meow——” Arthur smiled coldly: “Yes. Let’s hear it. I will decide whether to spank you or not according to the situation.” “Uh——” Leopard boy After hesitating for a while, he told King Arthur the truth about his experience in the dream world and the fact that he was attacked by a black spider in the game.

The King of Knights has been listening silently, not expressing an opinion.

“That’s it, meow.” The leopard boy finally breathed a sigh of relief after speaking. “Although it’s only half, the spider did run into Husky’s body meow. Hal is so worried, I don’t know ha Will Skye be attacked by the nightmare that the spider turned into when he sleeps meow. If he dies in the nightmare, he may be affected in reality as well.” “Is it all your intuition, haha Er?” Arthur asked indifferently.

“Yes meow. It’s all intuition meow. It might sound stupid, but—””But it’s not wrong for you to worry about your friends.” Arthur breathed a sigh of relief: “Okay, I’ll just believe your completely unfounded claims for a while. Then, what do you think I should do? Run into Husky’s dream and help Husky fight like that white spirit named Pavle. Retreat from the nightmare?” “If possible…” “Huhu…the whimsical little devil.” Arthur sneered for a while: “But you have found the right person, I do have a way. Although to do all this, you need to do a lot of preparations in advance. “Really, really meow?!” The Leopard Man boy was overjoyed: “Uncle Arthur, you are amazing meow!” “Before that—” Arthur warned again: “Where are your characters in the game? In Zhangren’s castle?” “Yes, yes, meow.” “That’s good, I’m attacking this castle, and I’m probably going to join you soon.” Arthur looked up at the outer wall of Zhangren’s castle : “Before that, you have to log into the game as soon as possible, either persuade Huski to log out of the game and wait for our response, or stabilize him to prevent him from losing consciousness or dying in battle. Can you do that?” Uh, Why meow?” “Because this game system has settings to protect the player’s brain. When the player suffers heavy casualties in the game, their consciousness will temporarily enter a state of coma–for about a few minutes–if the player dies , the character’s body will be teleported back to the bonfire of the Eternal Altar at this time.” The face of the leopard boy in the communication in the main control room turned pale: “That is to say, even if Husky does not take the initiative to fall asleep——” “As long as he is knocked out or killed in battle, he will be [forced] to sleep by the system. Yes.” Arthur added what the leopard boy wanted to say: “Assuming what you said is true If you do, then Husky will not wake up once he falls asleep. Do you know the seriousness of the matter?” “Oh my God! – Hal will immediately persuade Husky to log out of the game, meow!” said the leopard boy boy , then hastily cut off communications and ran away.

It’s hard to say. King Arthur watched the ball of light used for communication disappear, and thought to himself. This kid Husky is very stubborn, and he and King Arthur have an agreement to upgrade the character to level 5 within today. The canine boy may not believe everything Hal said, and if Husky was asked to quit the game and stop playing, it would only result in a quarrel.

Without a valid, convincing reason for Husky, it’s hard to force a canine boy to log out of the game and stop playing.

If Arthur logs out of the game now and uses the system’s permissions to forcibly cut off Husky’s simulated training, it is estimated that he will be hated by the dog boy. Moreover, the forced severing of the system has side effects. It may damage Husky’s cranial nerves, and it will also cause the canine boy to temporarily lose consciousness. At that time, Husky will still be attacked by [nightmare].

In other words, Arthur’s side still needs to work harder to capture this Zhangren’s castle as soon as possible and protect Husky and his party.

“Hehe-” The evil star who came to eavesdrop seemed to know everything, and the guy was smiling with misfortune: “The kid may be right. I’ve been feeling this simulation since just now. There is something wrong in the world.” “Oh?” Arthur glared at the evil star. The unique photon smell of dragons may really sense something: “Is there something wrong? What is it?” “That’s right, just like the old zombie king before.” The evil star pretended to be sniffing.

The evil star is probably referring to the ancient king of the Keltons – Cather.d. Pantoracken.

Arthur’s expression changed dramatically.

No way! That mysterious super-space entrance would be opened in Arthur’s bedroom, and it was already very bizarre to lure two orc teenagers into it. But now, the same power has actually affected the game that Arthur and the others have made—in this simulation training system? !

Is this really possible? !

No. Maybe it’s really possible.

Arthur has understood since the first duel. At that time, the ancient king of Kathy was nothing but a spirit body. It is an evil spirit attached to a corpse.

If it is a spiritual body, it is indeed possible to invade this simulation training system. Because this simulation system is originally a fictional sensory world using photon network computing! The information interaction between this system and the human brain is originally transmitted by photons.

And the spirit body is just a group of photons!

The evil spirit probably sneaked in along the system’s server, and then invaded the victim’s body! No wonder the system has been abnormal recently, and the specific reason cannot be found. It’s not because the program of the simulation system is wrong, but some kind of [foreign object] outside the program has entered the simulation world!

This game system that Arthur thought was foolproof and absolutely still has loopholes! The invasion of these spiritual bodies is simply impossible to prevent!

“Damn.” King Arthur looked at the castle gates open. Zhangren’s castle is dark and empty, as if there is some kind of invisible death trap waiting for Arthur and the others to step on: “This may not be the safe way, but it will be the most time-saving way – Shaxing , let’s rush in from the main entrance!” Xinghuilong smiled: “Are you sure? This is simply slamming into the trap set by the enemy? Only a fool will take the initiative to step on the trap set by the enemy. This sentence is not Did you say that before?” “I know. But I don’t have time to spend it.” Arthur didn’t care about the evil spirits’ mockery: “If there are really evil spirits planning to attack those three little devils, they will all be in danger— —Including Prince Calvin. The longer it drags on, the worse it gets — “(He sees through!) “Tsk! I get it!” The evil star interrupted King Arthur displeasedly, as if some part of the words touched Arrived at the sore spot of the dragon: “Let’s rush in now, no matter what traps are traps or not, all problems are solved by technology!” “Very well, this is our brave evil master.” Arthur jokingly shot Afraid of Xinghuilong’s shoulder, and the dragon obviously did not want to be slapped on the shoulder like this, he let out a low and rough mutter.

Two shadows, one black and one gold, dashed out, and arrows rushed into Zhangren’s castle. . .. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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