Light Spirit Epic Chapter 975: Fighting for Ziyan (9)


Chapter 975 The fierce battle against Ziyan (9)

“Boom!” The tiger’s sword struck the monster’s left foot made of purple dragon stone crystals, but it had no effect at all!

The tiger used a slash with full arm strength. It could smash the hands and feet of the same type of ice crystal golem before, but it had no effect on the amethyst golem! These purple dragon stone crystals are really not ice crystals constructed by magic. They are much harder than ice crystals, and ordinary sword blades cannot be broken!

But this attack isn’t over yet! Tiger sneered and pulled the trigger on his weapon. Clap! A cold storm swept up from the blade! Albert’s weapon is equipped with a plug-in that sprays compressed liquid nitrogen. After the trigger is pulled, the frozen liquid will be sprayed from the hilt, forming a freezing effect!

Clap la la la la la la! Liquid nitrogen was sprayed on the monster’s left foot, instantly taking away the temperature of the monster’s foot. It’s starting to freeze!

“I don’t believe I can’t break you!! -” The tiger retracted the blade, took a step back, took out another spare dagger, and slashed at the same foot of the monster!

Boom! ! The lizard tooth dagger again slashed at the same position on the left foot of the Amethyst Colossus, and this position was the center of the ice. It shook the monster’s frozen left foot with a roar, but it still couldn’t destroy its extremely hard purple dragon stone crystal foot!

It’s not over yet! Tiger pulled the trigger on the blade again! This short sword was originally a crude weapon made of Thunder Lizard’s teeth. It did not have a plug-in system. However, under the skillful transformation of Seglade, it just loaded a plug-in – a shock wave generator. Plugin!

When the tiger’s sword slashed the monster’s leg, the blade was already clinging to its crystal. As the shock wave was released from the other side, the blade that received a strong thrust directly cut into the hard amethyst that could not be cut!

Crack! ! The left foot of the Amethyst Colossus was smashed! Originally, it used all its strength to fight against the white bear, but now it is losing its balance and falling to its left!

Albert slipped behind Elaine and shouted at the same time: “Elaine!!” Although the white bear is stupid, he is not ambiguous when fighting. Good urgency, know how to adapt to changes! He saw that the tiger had successfully removed the monster’s left foot, and the monster had become unstable. It was a rare opportunity to take advantage of it, so he raised his big shield with both hands and slapped it hard!

Touch! His shield has become the best weapon at this time, its power lies not in the sharp blade, but in its weight! The heavy giant shield slapped the monster backwards in an unstoppable trend, and the amethyst colossus lost its foot and couldn’t stand at all, so it had to follow this inertial trend and fall in the direction of three o’clock!

The tiger instantly understood Elaine’s intentions from the actions of the white bear. He also chased after him, and the dagger in his hand chopped out!

Touch Long! When the short sword collided with the monster, a shock wave was generated again, creating a strong thrust, pushing the monster that had already fallen out further!

A little bit more! The white bear man chased after him without thinking, already drawing his rhinoceros horn with one hand. The tiger just stepped aside halfway, and the white bear changed his sword and stabbed hard!

Boom! The tip of the great sword just hit the monster’s body! Reasonable distance judgment makes the white bear man’s pursuit to achieve the best effect! The kinetic energy caused by this stab was all transmitted to the monster, knocking the monster that had fallen backward farther!

Touch! The Amethyst Colossus has landed! But it was so heavy that even the continuous attacks of Albert and Elaine couldn’t push it to the edge of the fire column, just a little bit!

No! Or maybe not! The elf girl Chanel took out something from her back and shot at the monster!

Touch! An invisible shock wave hit the monster, pushing it back a little bit! It’s just a little bit, it was originally a trivial point, but it played a key role at this time! When the monster was struggling to get up, a stone protrusion on the back of the rock had touched something – the flame of a purple fire column!

Fuck! The Amethyst Colossus hasn’t figured out what’s going on, and its entire monster body instantly boils! In the next second, it steamed and disappeared without a trace!

The three people present gasped at the same time! Just touching a little bit, that terrifying purple flame vaporized the entire amethyst colossus! If only a part of the body of the Amethyst Colossus was ablated, it would be normal, but the purple flame really vaporized the entire monster, along with the part that did not touch the flame! This is so unscientific!

“See? I just saved your life.” Albert patted Elaine on the waist. The silly white bear wanted to reach out and touch the purple flame before, thinking that a light touch with the tip of his fingernail would be fine.

“Woo–!” Elaine shuddered again, only then did she know the true horror of this purple flame pillar.

Albert glanced at the elf girl again: “By the way, what did you use to attack that monster just now?” “Well, secret?” Chanel didn’t answer directly.

If you don’t want to say it, forget it. Albert suppressed his dissatisfaction and urged: “The guy in the way has been removed. Let’s continue walking.” But he thought that the cave that was dissatisfied with the Ziyan Fire Pillar was also a very terrifying place, and the consequences of staying here would only be more terrifying, so he stepped up and walked forward.

At the same time, Team Bedivere, who was behind Team Albert, also saw the battle just now from a distance.

“Have you seen it?” Tristan glared at the werewolf youth and the magic swordsman in disbelief: “What the **** are those things? Is there really such a terrifying flame in the world?!””…We Be careful.” The werewolf raised his shield bow without commenting on the flame. At this time, he was glad that he had this kind of defensive equipment, because the cave full of flame pillars was really inconvenient to move, and if he accidentally hit the purple flame pillar, it would be wiped out.

“That flame, it’s like…” But the face of the magic swordsman Solar turned pale. As a magic swordsman, he is well aware of the legends of all kinds of magic weapons in this world. At this moment, he probably already knows something.

“Let’s go.” The werewolf wanted to ask something when he saw Solar’s face changed greatly. But they were still in the stalker Albert’s team, and they postponed what they wanted to ask for later, for fear that Lang would waste time discussing and lose the tiger.

He took the initiative to ask Ying, and the big shield with a shield bow walked at the front, and Tristan and the others followed.

“I don’t like it very much, I don’t like it very much.” Tristan followed behind the werewolf, armed with a spear on alert.

Different from Albert’s team, they don’t have Chanel’s keen sense of hearing for alertness, and they walk in this dangerous cave without any defense; and Bedivere’s shield bow is more defensive than Elaine’s Great Shield Several grades lower, God knows how far he can prevent it?

In the worst case, they will be suddenly attacked by an amethyst monster that never knows where to go, knocking them all away with one blow, and all three of them will fall into the fire column and be wiped out. Even if this worst situation is avoided, it is difficult for them to flexibly dodge the attacks of monsters in this dangerous environment, which is extremely disadvantageous!

Also can only see walking, adapting to the situation. Tristan uneasily followed the werewolf into the cavern full of death traps.

About ten minutes later, the Palamidis team also followed the Bedivere team at a distance of a hundred yards, watching the werewolf group enter the cave from a distance.

“What should we do?” Ivan asked in a low voice, “Should we also walk past while being alert?” “No need.” Countless barbs have changed, and these barbs are so sharp that the **** panther can walk against the wall: “Hold on me, let’s go through the wall and the ceiling.” “Are you sure?! Although this can avoid those fire pillars , but if it falls—” “It will never fall, don’t worry.” Palamidis smiled confidently: “And we are walking close to the wall, and the monsters can’t catch up. If you are still worried about falling If you want to, just use a rope to fix yourself on my waist, as long as it doesn’t affect my actions, I will have no problem.” The Banlong youth gave the **** panther a white look: “Uh, if it’s a beautiful woman, it’s okay to say, but Your uncle who smells like a cat-” The blue veins protrude from Palamidis’ forehead: “Okay, don’t ride up. I’ll take a step first and wait for you on the opposite side of the cave. Please wave you well. That arrogant eagle eye technique, walk through this ghost cave!” “Ugh…” The stinged Ivan was The tone was also relatively weak: “Okay! Okay! I Just follow you, **** big cat.” He took out a safety line from his bag, a safety line made of parachute cloth, strong as steel.

He tied several dead knots, fastened his waist to the big cat’s waist, and crouched on Palamidis’s back, guarding himself from being dropped by the running cat. This posture is really embarrassing, if possible, Banlong youth really doesn’t want to do this.

Anyway…with such preparations, they are fully prepared to pass this Ziyan Cave, except for one thing: at this time, they are completely moving at high speed and basically have no means of attacking.

Even if Palamides promises that he will never be attacked, God knows what will happen?

“What are you thinking?” Palamidis smiled disdainfully: “Do you still have weapons to use in this situation?” “Well…there is one.” Evan took out a weapons.

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