Light Spirit Epic Chapter 974: Fighting for Ziyan (8)


Chapter 974 The fierce battle against Ziyan (eight)

The purple flame column in front of Albert and others is actually the same as the flame on the [Flaming Demon Sword – Raivadine] sword, and it belongs to a special ultra-high temperature magic flame.

But Albert has theoretically never seen the real [Flaming Sword – Raivadine] wielding it, and of course it is impossible to see the lavender flame blade wrapped around Raivadine.

The only time a tiger has seen anything like it is the black flame of the [Destruction Sword] that King Arthur used to burn a certain emerald knight seven years ago. Exactly what makes the tiger link the purple flame to the black flame is another mystery.

“Anyway!” Albert warned again: “Don’t touch this flame, you have to be careful when you walk here! If you are not careful, you will die!” “Know, I know.” White Bear The man replied tremblingly. In fact, there is no need for the tiger to remind him deliberately, Elaine has already stepped back many steps, far away from those flame pillars. In addition to the darkness, the most fearful thing for young white bears is this kind of inexplicable and unknown things-because you never know what kind of pain you will experience when you are involved with these unknown things.

“If we pass here carefully, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?” the tiger asked the elf girl, “Or, there may be an ambush, it’s too dangerous, and we have to take a different path?” “Just Let’s go this way.” Chanel replied in a low voice: “I’m familiar with the sound of this flame, and it won’t affect my vigilance work. There are too many death traps in this place that are inconvenient to move – but if there are enemies here, the enemy’s The situation is probably the same as ours, and there is nothing to be afraid of under the same conditions. We avoid fierce battles and pass this cave as soon as possible.” “Very good, that’s it.” Tiger nodded with satisfaction: “Elaine, you put up a shield. Walk in the front, right?” “Uh, me?” The white bear man was a little stunned.

The tiger glared at the white bear: “Of course it’s you. Who else can hold that giant shield besides you?” Albert wanted Elaine to be at the forefront of his life. Because there are such dangerous purple fire pillars all around the cave, it will cause problems if they touch it. If they really want to encounter a sneak attack by a monster, it will be very disadvantageous when they need to dodge – maybe they will fall into the fire pillar with a roll. Let Elaine set up a shield to open the way and block the opponent’s first wave of attacks. It will be relatively easy to fight. Although this is only theory.

“Actually…I have one thing to ask of you, Elaine.” Chanel laughed, “Stop and don’t move.” Feel a sudden increase in weight on your shoulders. Before he could realize what was going on, Chanel had already jumped along the white bear’s back and onto Elaine’s shoulder… riding on the polar bear’s arm!

“You, you, what are you doing?!” The white bear man exclaimed, his face flushed. “Well, the scenery here is not bad.” Chanel replied with a smile, raising a bow to guard. Her legs crossed the bear man’s head, and were wrapped tightly around Elaine’s shoulders. The petite elf girl rides on the shoulders of the tall white bear, and the picture is like a little daughter riding on her father’s arm.

“You woman—” Albert’s face turned purple with anger, but he pretended to be nonchalant and said: “It’s really thoughtful, so that you can ensure good vigilance and increase your bow and arrow shooting. range, and better protection for Elaine, who is in charge of the forward defense. Um-” “You just have no opinion.” Chanel’s original idea seemed to be deliberately to anger Albert, but none of that mattered. , because this practice is really helpful for vigilance work.

“Yes, but I can’t breathe…” Elaine felt like she was about to suffocate.

Chanel’s body temperature came from her two snow-white slender legs, slowly seeping into the polar bear’s shoulders. There was some kind of girl-specific body fragrance lingering in the polar bear man’s head.

When I meet this scene, this kind of situation, a man’s heart beats faster and he is very excited. Although the white bear man is simple and young, he is not deep in the world and is a little stupid, but he still has the reactions that a healthy man should have. His face became more and more rosy because of the congestion, and the red light shone from the white fur of the white bear man, and even the purple light in the environment couldn’t cover it up.

“Hoohoo, you’re blushing. What a little boy.” Chanel chuckled, a little smug after the prank succeeded.

“Uh—” The bear man grumbled from the depths of his throat, and helplessly raised his giant shield with both hands to cover his body. At this time, the Thunder Lizard Great Shield is no longer as simple as a defensive tool, it also serves as a cover for the white bear.

Seeing this picturesque scene, Albert was even more unhappy: “Why don’t you say anything while riding on his shoulder, but I accidentally bumped into it. You’re going to call me a pervert?” “Because he’s a little boy and you’re a man.” Chanel replied cheerfully.

“The little boy you mentioned is…cough!” Albert was so angry that he almost choked to death on his own saliva.

“I, let’s go, okay, okay?” Elaine almost begged the two to stop bickering. The reason is not only that he is afraid of taking time, but he is also afraid that other teams will catch up at this time and see the humiliating scene of the white bear being ridden by an elf girl.

And in fact? I am afraid that many people will be envious and want to switch identities with Elaine, but the pure white bear did not think so much.

In this way, Elaine, the white bear, erected his shield and walked at the front of the team, while the elf girl Chanel became a “turret”, riding on the shoulders of the white bear to guard and shoot with bows and arrows. The tiger man Albert is the rear of the team. The strange party thus entered a huge cave full of death traps.

The surrounding purple fire column did not stop spraying for a moment, making a slight but continuous abnormal sound, as if it was a whisper from the depths of hell. This low voice seems to be warning the fellows to turn back as soon as possible, because the road ahead is full of danger and murder.

Elaine shuddered, subconsciously not thinking about it so much. He adjusted his breathing and steadied his pace to move forward. After getting used to it, Chanel’s influence on Elaine gradually faded – there are so many things to worry about in the polar bears, so that they have no time to take care of those strange physiological reactions for the time being, so they have to ignore them. .

The white bear walked forward one step at a time, walking.

“Um…” Chanel exclaimed: “There is movement. Three o’clock.” The polar bear subconsciously moved his shield in that direction. But his vision was blocked by a huge purple fire column in that direction, and he couldn’t see anything in that direction for the time being.

“Let’s go around. Be careful,” Albert ordered behind Elaine. This kind of environment is inconvenient to move, and it is even more unfavorable for fighting. If possible, Tiger still wants to avoid fighting as much as possible.

The bear man nodded and stepped back. With the fire pillar as the center, with a shield on one side, he turned around and turned a corner. They’d rather go a long way than go near that suspicious spot – God knows what enemies are waiting for them there?

However, their wishful thinking came too early. As if it had been alerted, something in that direction began to make footsteps, approaching the Albert team who were retreating while guarding.

Chanel heard the footsteps of the other party’s gradually accelerating, and knew that something was wrong: “No…it is catching up, and it can’t get rid of it at our speed – ready to fight!” “Touch!” A monster leaped out instantly, from a A purple pillar of fire emerged from the corner!

That’s true. Albert sighed inwardly. That thing was no different from the ice crystal monster that the tigers had encountered before, but its rocky body was no longer covered with ice crystals, but was replaced by purple dragon stone crystals. The crystal is purple with different light, and it seems that the terrifying ultra-high temperature flame has been absorbed into it. God knows what kind of damage will be caused by touching this purple crystal of the monster?

“Elaine, be on the defensive!” Albert shouted, and he had already circled around the Ice Bear, ready to dash over to deal a fatal blow to the opponent after the Ice Bear blocked the initial blow!

But the tiger’s wishful thinking did not start again. The Amethyst Colossus did not use any long-range attacks, but rammed like crazy, hitting Elaine’s big shield!

Touch Long! ——The polar bear only felt a numbness in both hands! Elaine, who has a strange power, held the big shield with both hands at the same time, resisted with all his strength, and barely blocked the monster’s collision!

“Okay, so heavy!” Elaine muttered, gritted her teeth against it!

However, the opponent is a monster after all, and its strength seems to be a product out of nothing, and there is no way for ordinary people to compare it. It increased the strength of the collision, and used its whole body to press on Elaine’s shield.

If you continue to block like this, the white bear will be unable to hold up the shield, and the defense will collapse! And ten yards behind him, is another purple flame pillar of fire! If you are pushed down by the monster, the consequences will be unimaginable!

The situation is is not idle at this time, she draws her bow and shoots an arrow at the monster’s stone-like body!


Accompanied by the collision sound, Chanel exclaimed: “What!?” The arrow hit the monster’s hard rock body, making a sharp sound and bouncing at the same time!

Even though it had already aimed at the crack, the wooden arrow still couldn’t penetrate the monster’s body. It can be seen that the hardness of the body composed of volcanic rocks has exceeded the normal level! Bow and arrow attacks can’t even tickle monsters!

But the arrow isn’t for nothing! The wooden arrow made a sound when it hit the monster, distracting the Amethyst Colossus, and Albert had circled to the left side of the monster’s body, raised his Haitao sword, and slashed a sword fiercely!

“Boom!” The sword struck the monster’s left foot, which was made of purple dragon stone crystals, making an extremely crisp, slingshot sound.

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