Light Spirit Epic Chapter 972: Fighting for Ziyan (6)


Chapter 972 The fierce battle against Ziyan (6)

At this moment, dozens of black shadow monsters have rushed over frantically, surrounding the white figures of the Leopard Man and the Elephant Man!

Seeing that the axe has not been retracted, the dark shadow monsters attacked first, and the white shadow shouted: “Shut up, you will be distracted!” Although the white figure of the elephant threw the axe out, But the other hand still grasps the chain at the end of the axe, which is the secret of his control of this unique weapon.

The muscles of Puff’s arm tensed instantly, grabbing the chain tightly and raising it!

Boom! – Pulled by the thick and heavy iron chain, the axe that left his hand flew up as if alive, and swept across the air! With its astonishing weight and the length of the iron chain itself, the throwing axe made two consecutive blows, a total of 720 degrees of sweeping in a large area!

The shadow monsters that surrounded them were knocked down like dominoes, and flew out one by one rhythmically! The black shadow monsters that were cut in two collided with their companions before they fell, and fell down a lot under this overwhelming force!

“Humph!” The Elephant Man Pavu’s white shadow pulled the chain with his right hand, and the throwing axe was pulled back immediately. He didn’t seem to know that he was tired, and he didn’t even catch his breath after using such an astonishing savage move!

“It’s amazing meow. Are you really not tired meow?””It’s so noisy.” Puff whispered. Howl was lying on the Elephant Man’s white shadow’s shoulder. When the Leopard Man boy spoke, it was like a kitten barking in the Elephant Man’s ear, which was really annoying and easily distracting.

“You come down to fight.””Ha, Hal, meow? How does Hal fight, meow! This is obviously—””This is a dream. Your dream.” But Pav interrupted Hal’s words: “You Dominate it all.” The leopard boy was stunned for a moment. Yes, this is not reality. In reality, it is impossible for such a black monster to suddenly appear, and there is no such terrible nightmare in reality.

Hal is just wishful thinking that he is in reality. In his nightmare world, he imagines himself as a weak teenager in the real world, and even thinks he can’t walk without a cane.

This is of course wrong. It’s so wrong and it’s ridiculous!

The leopard boy looked at everything around him. The square of Edinburgh Castle was empty, and there were only a few small trees in the steel castle yard. This is the scenery he saw when he passed by the Castle Square this morning. All this is a dream world that he restored with his own memories!

“Can you run by yourself?” The elephant man put the Leopard Man boy down, “If you can’t help, don’t get in the way.” “Howl can help me.” The Leopard Man boy pouted.

As expected. Standing on the ground, he suddenly felt strength in his feet. If this is his dream, then he can run freely in his dream, as if wielding a weapon to kill the enemy in the game world, it will certainly not be a problem!

These dark shadow monsters seem to be invincible. They have just been repelled by a large number, and immediately regroup and surround them again.

It’s time to fight! The leopard boy subconsciously reached out and touched his waist, and he grabbed the hilt of a short sword. That’s right, this is his dream, and if you want a weapon, of course, you can get it at your fingertips!

Although he was still confused and didn’t understand what was going on in this dream world, Hal had a weapon in his hand and added a sense of confidence in his heart – not to mention that he was not fighting alone!

“I’ll cover, you run to the exit of the castle.” The Elephant Man’s white shadow commanded: “Get rid of them and rush out of this nightmare.” “Know, know me!” It’s the end of the steel corridor opposite the compound!

Fssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! ——The black shadow monsters attacked in groups, waving their claws that swayed like black smoke, as if they were going to smash the corpses of the elephant man white shadow and the leopard man boy!

“Humph!” Puff threw the throwing axe with all his strength, and the sharp and heavy axe flew out in a straight line, smashing all the oncoming monsters to pieces!

And Howl is not idle, he has already rushed out, following the trajectory of the throwing axe! The shadow monsters were smashed, black minced meat-like things were flying around the leopard boy, and Howl moved forward, carefully avoiding all this!

See! Everything can be seen clearly! Legs and feet are more convenient like riding the wind! This is Hal’s own dream world. As a human, he can continuously use the two combat skills [Acceleration Sprint] and [Spiritual Unification], and there is no limit on the number of times they can be used!

Although the monsters are ferocious and numerous, they can’t help the leopard boy who is highly concentrated and fast as lightning! The little black panther slid back and forth between the fingers of the monsters like a black lightning, seeing the attacks of the shadow monsters as nothing!

Pounds! ! Puff the Elephant throws his battle axe again, making his way through the endless pile of monsters! Howl dashed towards the escape route he had finally freed up, only thirty yards from the corridor!

The monsters came from all directions like a tide, and the road was already crowded, but for some reason, Howl didn’t feel the slightest fear – he knew that his Elephant friends behind him would do something for him what!

“Get down!” Papho’s white shadow yelled. Hal didn’t wait for the sound to sound, he had already squatted down one step ahead, avoiding a black shadow’s grab by the way!

Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! A terrifying loud noise like a hurricane sounded on the head of the Leopard boy. The Elephant Man, who used all his strength to swing the giant axe, used the weight of the axe and the length of the chain to display the whirlwind axe.

The radius is about 30 feet. The throwing axes and iron chains are within the influence range like a group of heavy iron meat slicers, and they are flying the surrounding dark shadow monsters one by one. ! At least in this range, the leopard boy is safe, because no monsters dare to continue to rush to find death!

“Now!” Pavu’s whirlwind axe stopped after about a dozen laps, and the surrounding monsters were almost cleaned up, so it wouldn’t get in the way of the leopard boy for a while.

As soon as Hal heard the Elephant Man’s signal, he immediately jumped up and ran towards the corridor!

Touch! The leopard boy desperately slammed open the door connecting the corridor and rushed into the front courtyard of the castle.

“Humph!” The Elephant Man following behind turned around and slashed with an axe, destroying the gate and the surrounding steel walls. The destructive power of that attack was so great that half of the corridor collapsed! Stones, steel bars and other debris fell to the ground, blocking their escape route and blocking the route that the shadow monsters tracked!

“That’s useful, meow?” Hal asked in a low voice.

“This is your dream. It is useful if you think it is useful.” something like.

“Okay…” Hal replied in confusion. He turned his head and saw that the exit of the castle was already within sight, just at the opposite end of the vestibule hall, only fifty yards away from Hal and the others.

The deserted castle hall was as metallic as ever, and the surrounding lighting was very poor, only the light of the stars and moon shone from the huge decal glass windows dozens of feet high in the hall. The red carpet in the hall looked a deep red like dry blood at this time, and the surrounding silence was eerie.

When he came yesterday, Howl was still in awe of the grandeur of the castle hall – he didn’t expect him to be in this nightmare world, eager to leave this ghost place.

“Be careful. There seems to be something.” Papho’s white shadow reminded in a low voice.

In the silence of the hall, there is a huge shadow in ambush. A reaper with a huge sickle in his hand and a black robe, but his body is composed of black smoke.

Different from the dark shadow monsters who attacked at the sight of Howl, this guy is obviously much more powerful, and he has a deadly sense of threat all over his body.

This guy is literally the embodiment of the scary ghost stories that Howl heard as a kid. His brothers would occasionally tell little Howl stories with storybooks, and occasionally mentioned various terrifying ghosts, and among them, the one that most frightened the Leopard boy was the one who took the huge reaper scythe and harvested souls everywhere. “Death”.

The black reaper has become active, entering a state of war.

Its body is not made of bones, but like real bones, it makes a harsh clucking sound when it moves;

Its huge black cloak made of rags rubbed against each other in the bleak night wind, whispering like the whispers of the dead;

It held its scythe aloft, its face made of black smoke bursting out like a deep sound from the depths of hell. Its sickle is incomparably sharp, exuding a cold light, just looking at it, it is cold to the bone, and it will be killed instantly if it is cut!

Horrible. true horror!

If it were the previous Leopard boy, if this was just an ordinary nightmare, Hal would probably have wet the bed with fright, crying to seek comfort from his brothers.

But this time is different. Hal’s intuition told him so. He won’t wake up from this dream unless he beats the black reaper and escapes from the castle.

And this is obviously different from ordinary nightmares, even the chill brought by the night wind blowing the Leopard boy is very real.

Intuition told him that, if he died here, Hal’s body in reality would never be safe. This nightmare has its own unique danger, he can kill Howl! ——

But the more dangerous it is, the more a certain power within the leopard boy’s body is stimulated.

Perhaps Hal knew, maybe he knew very well, that he had to cheer up because the situation was so dangerous?

“You’re just a nightmare, meow.” The leopard boy suppressed the fear in his heart, raised his dagger and snarled at the monster: “Don’t think you can scare people meow! You turned into this face to scare me. Er, Howl is not afraid meow at all!” Because he is not alone. In this nightmare world, there is the soul of a great hero accompanying him to fight against this nightmare.

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