Light Spirit Epic Chapter 971: Fighting for Ziyan (5)


Chapter 971 The fierce battle against Ziyan (5)

“Oh, hahahaha, sorry, sorry!” The werewolf climbed up with a laugh and made way for a seat: “Al, you guys came so fast! It’s great!” “Bastard—”Tiger I was about to get up and scold someone.

“Touch!” Tristan also fell from the black mist on the ceiling, and once again happened to be on Albert’s body!

“Well, furry.” The murloc prince Tristan stood up nonchalantly and touched Albert’s tiger head by the way: “Yes! This is the best tiger I have ever ridden.” “You guys! ——” The tiger was full of blue veins and was burning with anger.

Touch! ! The magic swordsman Solal also fell from the sky, pressing his **** on the tiger’s head, and pressing Albert down again! The picture is getting more and more beautiful.

“Oh hahaha, sorry, my friend!” The bastard, Solar, still climbed up as if nothing had happened, while reaching out to help Albert.

“Enough!!” Tiger couldn’t help but get angry: “I’m not your cushion! How come everyone is falling on top of my head?!” Touch! !

“Ow – don’t!!” The tiger felt the pressure under him again. This time it’s Palamidis, the **** big cat!

“Oh, you’re here too? It’s so fast.” Palamides sneered nonchalantly, he smelled the scent of his two sons in the air, and couldn’t help but comfort: “Seifer and the others walked ahead. Is it? Not bad, not bad!” “Wuwuwu——” Albert, who was pressed down by the leopard warrior, clenched his fists: “How long are you going to be pressing on me?! Get up!!—— “”Hahaha, sorry, little tiger.” Palamidis stepped aside.

Touch! There was the sound of something falling. Albert thought badly – who was going to hold him down again. Unexpectedly, Ivan landed on Elaine’s head and pressed the white bear man to the ground.

“Hey, chubby—isn’t that Elaine?” Evan jumped off the white bear man and helped his glasses frame.

“It hurts, it hurts.” The bear man rubbed his head, and his head was obviously crushed by Ivan’s hard armor.

“I’ll ask you to eat in the future as compensation.” Evan patted the bear man’s shoulder to comfort him, and turned his eyes to Palamidis: “Everyone else is here? Then let’s stop dawdling, it’s time to go. Yes.” “Of course.” Palamides and Ivan ran out together, and disappeared in the maze in an instant.

“Being one step ahead!? Chase!” Tristan yells, winking at his teammates Bedivere and Solar.

The three rushed out at the same time, disappearing into the labyrinth’s intricate forks within seconds.

“Oh my God!! There are so many teams catching up!” The elf girl exclaimed: “Look at what you did! You said that you will win? If you don’t set off to catch up immediately, the treasure will be robbed. Got it!” “Got it, got it!” The tiger climbed up on his waist, and was used as a cushion for cushioning. The method of the deep pit—!” “Are you going to catch up, or are you going to stay here and waste time?!” Chanel’s anger was about to explode.

“Chase! Of course!” The tiger ran: “This way!” Only then did the team of Albert, Chanel, and Elaine head for a fork in the labyrinth of the Earth – of course they would never know what happens next.

A team circled the labyrinth quickly, returned to the exit point of the labyrinth, and quietly followed behind Team Albert.

“What are you doing?” Tristan whispered to the werewolf.

“You’re following Al, do you need to ask?” Bedivere sneered: “This is the fastest way to get us to our destination.” “Are you sure, my friend?” .

“Sure.” The werewolf was convinced of this, and was now sneaking on tiptoe against the wall: “Team Ayre’s average score is clearly at the bottom of the forty-two teams, and they should be the last to come out. But they got here so quickly, do you know what’s going on?” “Cheating…?” whispered Tristan.

“No. No… Maybe it’s true? Anyway, the tiger definitely didn’t come here by usual means.” The werewolf analyzed: “It is estimated that the spirit in the body told him the right way, in a straight line. Come here.” “Isn’t this cheating?!” “The test organizer didn’t say that it couldn’t be done?” The werewolf defended his tiger friend: “Anyway, Albert must have known to reach [that thing]. [ Behind the big cat—””And we’ve arrived here.” The werewolf smiled proudly, proving himself right: “This time it’s just a different tracking object, and the result won’t change at all—the treasure is us Yes!” At the same time, another team circled the maze quickly and then came back.

“The smell of tiger cubs is over here. Keep up,” said Palamidis.

“Are you sure it’s okay to follow the tiger?” Evan asked suspiciously.

“To be honest, according to my memory, it is the limit before reaching the deep pit just now. I have never been to this underground labyrinth, and I don’t even know that this labyrinth exists.” Low-key and quiet: “If we are the first team to arrive, it’s okay to say, but the other teams have already arrived first, which means that we have no time to waste. In this case, the fastest way to reach the destination , of course, followed the little tiger.” “But—” “It doesn’t matter, they make their way in the first place, and they will always meet the enemy. We can wait for the opportunity to bypass them and get ahead. We will definitely reach [ Before that thing]. Don’t worry – the treasure is ours!” At the same time, another team circled the maze quickly and then came back, following the Albert team.

“Dad and the others followed me,” Zephyr recognized the two teams of Bedivere and Palamidis on the road ahead from the smell on the ground.

“Looks like we all think the same thing, just follow Albert, meow,” Seglade continued.

“But we’re at the end…is there really no problem with that?” Mordred was a little disturbed.

“Don’t be afraid, my brother and I can still use the fusion technique at critical times, meow.” Seglade smiled smugly: “Let Dad and Bedivere go ahead and clear the way for us, meow. As long as we can guess the approximate hiding place of [that thing] from the footprints of the tiger, we will use the [Fusion Technique] to sprint at the last part of the road. At our speed, other teams will never be able to keep up with me-the treasure is ours !” The three teams of Bedivere, Palamidis, and Saifer quietly followed Albert’s team with their own plans. This is not only a contest of speed and combat effectiveness, but also a contest of wisdom and opportunistic ability! Who will win is still unknown!

At the same time, in a nightmare world.

Touch! ! A huge white figure flew dozens of yards from the sky of the castle and landed heavily on the square of Edinburgh Castle!

“Evil!” Hal almost vomited, and the high-speed parabolic motion caused his body to overturn. It’s hard to imagine how that tall and clumsy white figure like a human could withstand the strong impact of landing!

“Don’t vomit, stay awake!” The figure reminded briefly but powerfully: “You are here, I am here! If you lose consciousness, I will disappear!” “Yes, but meow!——””Be strong! ‘ cried the voice, very groundless, like a strict father.

Touch Rumble Rumble Rumble! Countless shadow monsters have already chased after them, falling from the sky and wandering in the square, instantly surrounding the leopard boy and the white figure.

“Bold evil spirit, how dare to invade this place!” The huge white figure carried Hal on his back, and at the same time drew his weapon – a giant axe with an iron chain attached to one end.

“Who are you, meow? Elephant meow? Howl seems to have seen you, meow somewhere.” The Leopard boy asked in a low voice as he crouched behind the giant white shadow.

“…Pav.” The white elephant-man figure whispered, “Shut up now!” “Pav…” Hal repeated the wonderful name in a low voice.

Hal’s own full name is Hal Pavre Palamides. Although he doesn’t know the details of the incident very well, the Leopard Man boy has been told since he was sensible that his name comes from a great hero – a man who lived in the main city of the Glick tribe (Leopard Man tribe) – -Athens – The Elephant Man who sacrificed his life to protect the citizens of this city when attacked by an army of monsters.

Therefore, apart from his family name, Howl’s name is mostly taken from the hero of the He has been raised in the great swamp of the Turkic (Elephant) people since his birth It has a great relationship with the elephant people.

This white shadow… Could it be the legendary Elephant Man hero Papho? But why would he appear in such a place to help the leopard boy?

The leopard boy was still wondering, and while he was puzzled, the elephant-man with a white spirit body nimbly jumped back, dodging the claws of a dark monster.

Bai Ling just dodged the attack, and immediately threw the flying axe in his hand! The sharp edge of the flying axe easily cut short the claws of the monster, slashed straight towards the body of the shadow monster, and split the monster in half!

Amazing arm strength creates amazing power. The axe that seems to be made of heavy iron blocks, but the lethality is caused by such a subtle chemical reaction due to the user’s ability, which can be described as turning corruption into magic!

Hal looked at the powerful axe and couldn’t help muttering: “It’s amazing, meow. But—” (I threw out the weapon in his hand, isn’t he fighting without a weapon meow?). .. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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