Light Spirit Epic Chapter 967: Fighting for Ziyan (1)


Chapter 967: The fierce battle against Ziyan (1)

“Wow.” Chanel suddenly felt a strong pull. She was suddenly pulled into a deep pit. She almost fell.

“Woo.” Elaine quickly grabbed the elf girl’s arm. Only then did his teammates fall into the pit: “You. Are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Chanel almost died (at least she thought she would die if she fell into the deep pit). Couldn’t help but burn with anger: “That **** tiger. Does he want to kill me?”

“I. I don’t think Al doesn’t think that way. He may be in danger.” The white bear defended his friend while holding on to the rope.

Chanel is still angry. She cursed viciously: “He better have a good reason. Otherwise, watch me kill him.”

At this time, the rope was pulled for a while. Three times. Then three times. And the more rapid it was.

Chanel and Elaine, who were holding on to the rope at the same time, turned pale. Damn. This should be a life-saving signal. I’m afraid Albert is in trouble in the pit.

“Anyway, pull him up first and then talk about it.” Chanel said: “I’ll give a signal. Let’s pull hard together. One. Two-“

“Three.” The two of them exerted force at the same time. The rope tightened instantly.

“Hope they have a good time in the tug-of-war.” Tiger is sitting leisurely at the moment. Watching the rope tighten. But the lifeline has been untied from Albert’s waist. Binding to a huge raised rock. The rock is extremely hard. It can never be destroyed. The two people above the pit are just doing useless work. Wrestling with a dead object.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth” Elaine pulled back with the force of sucking. The rope didn’t move.

“Damn tiger… woo woo woo-why so heavy.” Chanel also pulled hard. But in front of the extremely hard volcanic rock. Their strength is obviously negligible.

“Ahhh. Really hard work. Hurry up and use up your energy.” Tiger watched the rope taut at the bottom of the pit. He couldn’t help sneering. He was waiting for the two people to run out of energy. According to this trend .This wait won’t take too long.

About five minutes later. The two who were pulling the rope with all their strength were nearly exhausted.

Let’s not talk about being a woman. Chanel, who is already weak in physique; even Elaine, the white bear, tried too hard because of her impatience. Her physical strength was quickly lost.

Albert saw that the tension of the rope began to decrease. Knowing that it was time

Tight. The tiger’s wrist suddenly tightened. The muscles swelled in a whole circle. It was covered with blue veins. Although the magic-sealing bracelet could seal Albert’s magic power, the tiger would not be allowed to use the maddening technique. But The power blessing given by the Holy Spirit White Tiger to the tiger people’s youth is still enough to make Albert’s arm strength increase instantly.

Al, whose arm strength increased several times, suddenly pulled. The safety rope was pulled down a lot.

Chanel and Elaine, who were above the “what” pit, were startled by the sudden force. In addition, they had not fully recovered from the force they had just exerted. When they lost their strength, they could not even stand on their feet. .This sudden pull. Pulled the elf girl and the white bear man off the cliff at the same time.


“Mmmmmmmmm.” Elaine didn’t get much better either. He tried to keep himself calm. To concentrate and transform into a white dragon man. But failed repeatedly. He was young. Not much The experience of self-help in distress. Plus he has a special fear of the dark. He is in the darkness of the deep pit. It is impossible to calm down.

Fall. The two continue to accelerate and fall. It has been more than ten seconds since the fall. It is already fatal.

“Oops….Oops.” Elaine was in a panic but thought of protecting the girl. He reached out and grabbed Chanel’s arm: “Hold, hold me tight.”

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah-” The elf girl still screamed. Her sensibility has not been completely lost. She also knows that Eleine can not save her. Will hit the ground hard. Bloody.

But. Two people die together. It’s better than falling into meat sauce one by one. Think of this. The elf girl hugs the white bear man tightly.

Plump and fluffy. Elaine’s body is like a giant teddy bear puppet. Gives the elf girl a moment of comfort. She suddenly feels that everything in the world is no big deal. Just die like this. Although it is very regrettable. But she can only go to this.

Or maybe not.

Bump. Chanel felt herself slammed into something like cotton. And continued to fall. Deeper and deeper in this cotton-like cloud. But this wonderful feeling only passed for two seconds.

Batta. They both fell to the ground at the same time. Chanel felt like she fell apart. But they didn’t actually get hurt.

“Ow——” Elaine rubbed her head and got up: “I. I’m not dead”

“Welcome.” Albert looked at the two who had just arrived. A faint blue vein appeared on his forehead: “The feeling of going straight to **** is exciting. Don’t let go of that woman quickly”

“Uh.” The polar bear jumped away like an electric shock. He walked away from Chanel in awe: “Hug, sorry.”

“No. Thank you.” Chanel did not blame Elaine. Instead, she praised in a gentle tone: “You are a brave and good boy. Elaine. Even in danger, you will not forget to protect me – and a certain The species of tiger **** are different.”

“Oh. I’ve become a bad guy.” The blue veins on Albert’s forehead became more prominent.

Chanel glared at Albert. She cursed fiercely: “Of course you are not a good person. What are you thinking about suddenly pulling us down. Are you trying to kill us”

“That’s the only way to get here.” Albert explained: “Don’t jump from that high speed. You can’t get through that thick magic cloud. I’ve been giving you hints. I want you to Just jumped down. Why don’t you guys just don’t understand.”

“You’ve just been pulling the rope.” Chanel said angrily: “With your IQ, wouldn’t you inform us in other ways. Idiot”

“Don’t. Stop arguing.” Seeing that Albert and Chanel were arguing so much, Elaine couldn’t help but persuaded in a low voice: “I, let’s move on… well.”

“Humph.” The tiger and the elf girl stopped scolding each other. They crossed their arms. They turned their backs to each other and gambled.

At the same time. Above the pit. The Zeffer team quietly watching everything.

“You saw meow just now.” Zephyr asked Seglade and Mordred in a low voice.

“They were ripped off – I suspect it was an accident.” Mordred whispered.

“Let’s follow me too, meow.” Seglade also said.

“Wait – you mean. Just jump down meow” Saifer obviously disagrees: “Jumping into a deep pit from that height. It’s a suicide, meow.”

“But that’s the only way to go down.” The white boy Mordred whispered while holding his chin.

He observed the situation just now in great detail. Now he is analyzing calmly: “It must be the tiger who went down first. It must be the other two teammates of that team. According to this test The team members are obliged to ensure the survival of the entire team. Tigers can’t do things like pit teammates — that is, that’s the correct way to get down.”

Seifer and Seglade looked at each other. Then they looked at the white boy in front of them. They looked surprised.

“What.” Mordred shrugged. He said he couldn’t understand the actions of the two Leopard youths.

“Who are you, meow…” Saifer asked in a low voice in disbelief: “Why did your reasoning just now look like a certain person meow…”

“I’m like someone else. Who.”

The two leopard youths stopped talking. They should not be able to.

Mordred’s reasoning just now. It’s exactly the same as King Arthur’s reasoning. Even the little action of holding his chin to concentrate on reasoning. It’s exactly the same as Arthur.

Who is this white boy?

And on the other side of the death battle arena. The Bediveville team that just arrived. They also saw the team of Saifel from a distance.

“Arrived so quickly. Good job.” Bediveville praised. He raised his hand and planned to greet the leopards on the opposite side: “Sai-“

“Wait.” Tristan intercepted the werewolf youth. He didn’t let the werewolf come to say hello: “What do you want to do. We are their competitors.”

Bediver clearly doesn’t have the sleight of hand. Saying indifferently: “Hey. That’s Zephyr and Seglade. As for what.”

“I don’t care. There are also outsiders in their team. And I don’t want to deal with strangers.” The murloc prince occasionally makes unreasonable comparisons: “Wait here anyway. Look at them. What are you going to do?”

“Did he jump down?” shouted Solar on the side.

“What” the werewolf turned his head to look. He happened to see two cats and a white boy jumping into the deep pit without hesitation.

“That group of idiots. What are they doing?” Bedivere exclaimed, rushing up. It’s too late. The figures of Zephyr and others have completely disappeared into the darkness of the pit. It is impossible to save them. .

“Huh…interesting.” Tristan stepped forward to observe the situation of the pit: “They are either idiots looking for their own way. Or they know the secret of this pit. They jumped down on purpose. Which do you think? It’s more reliable.”

“Wait – you shouldn’t be.” Bedivere has a bad feeling.

Tristan grinned. His face was treacherous: “Exactly.”

He took a kick out of the blue. He kicked the unsuspecting Bedivere down the pit. () “The Light and the Light” only represents the opinion of the author Raven D found Its content violates the content of national laws, please delete it, and the position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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