Light Spirit Epic Chapter 966: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 966: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (thirty-nine)

There is some kind of invisible smoke in the deep pit. The smoke that blocks the light. It is this strange smoke. It completely obscures the light of the torch. Even if the tiger is so close to his torch. light.

Not good. Too bad. As a result, Albert could hardly see the structure of the stone wall. He could only touch the uneven surface of the stone wall in the cave with the touch of his hands. Climb down accordingly.

But he only climbed only one hundred feet. He encountered this difficulty. The remaining nine hundred feet. How did he cope

Jump. Just jump down.

A voice echoed in Albert’s mind.

That voice wasn’t talking. That was more akin to direct telepathy. Telling Albert “what to do” with commands. Not a conversation for the tiger to understand.

The source of that voice. It is the Holy Spirit White Tiger that resides in Albert’s body.

“Xiao Bai. You told me to jump straight down meow.” Albert asked suspiciously: “It’s very high here. You know meow. I’ll fall to my death.”

(Jump down.)


(Just jump off.)

Albert groaned. Indeed. He didn’t know the actual depth of the bottomless pit. The only way to figure out how deep the pit was from the reverberation of dropping sticks was – and that failed. Maybe it’s just some kind of magic. The pit is what it is. It looks deeper than it actually is.

Perhaps the deep pit is not deep. It’s just that Albert and the others frightened themselves.

It should be said. If the pit is really a thousand feet deep, Albert will not be able to climb down after all – his physical strength will bottom out before the bottom;

On the contrary. If the pit is really not deep. Don’t jump in now. Just keep wasting time.

And the tiger believes. His [little white] will not lie to him. The Holy Spirit White Tiger resides in Albert’s body. It has become a symbiotic relationship with the tiger. If El dies, the Holy Spirit White Tiger will also Bad luck.

Therefore, Tiger finally chose to trust his partner.

He let go. He jumped into the bottomless, dark pit.



Continue to fall.

After falling for about three seconds, Albert began to cry inwardly.

But he’s still falling.

An object that is in free fall. It will only accelerate as it falls. It will eventually get out of hand.

Albert, as a cat, would have a certain degree of reduction in fall damage. As long as he touches the ground within five seconds, theoretically he will not be fatally injured.

But so far. How many seconds have passed, ten seconds and twenty seconds

How deep is this deep pit. When will it end?

Albert is desperate. It should be said. No matter how deep the pit is. It has nothing to do with him. With his current falling speed. Once it is in the end, he will definitely become a lump of flesh. .

The only thing that could save him. It was the landing on his backpack—

(Do not open.)

The voice of the Holy White Tiger once again ordered Albert to stop the tiger from opening the parachute.

“Sh, sh meow, are you kidding me?” The tiger was really in a hurry at this time. If I don’t open the parachute as a buffer, I’m afraid it’s too late.

(Don’t open it.) The Holy Spirit White Tiger “Xiao Bai” has repeatedly emphasized. Albert is not allowed to open the parachute.

Albert ignored the advice of the Holy Spirit White Tiger. He reached out and touched behind him: “You can’t stop me. I don’t want to die–woo”

His hand froze before touching the parachute trigger. There was some force that prevented Tiger from moving his arm muscles. The power of the Holy White Tiger prevented Albert from moving.

“Xiao Bai.” Albert was really angry this time. He moved his body with brute force. He tried to break the limits of the Holy Spirit. But as a [human], his strength was very limited. How could he possibly overcome [God]. ].

Albert’s entire body froze. Like a puppet. The body has been manipulated by the Holy Spirit White Tiger. It is no longer the tiger’s own.

He plunges his head down like a diver. Continues to plummet. If it goes on like this, he will hit the bottom of the pit. Become a puddle of utterly shattered flesh.

Albert is desperate. Only then did he remember Bedivere’s previous advice. He shouldn’t let the white tiger of the Holy Spirit possess his body. He relies too much on the power of the Holy Spirit. He has no idea How terrifying the gods are. I never thought that my body would one day be taken away by the Holy Spirit.

So. Is this the end. This is the trick of the Holy Spirit White Tiger. To murder Albert. To occupy the body of the dead Albert.

Or maybe not–Albert felt himself plunged into something.

Viscous. Thick. Like a cloud of extremely dense smoke. That thing didn’t hurt the tiger’s body. Instead, it played a great buffering role.

However. That thing didn’t completely stop the tiger from falling. He still kept going through the cloud of smoke. Keep falling.

Or rather. This is the only way to get through this smoke.

Papa. The tiger fell to the ground.

Once the soles of the feet landed on the ground, Albert’s body returned to freedom – the Holy Spirit White Tiger continued to manipulate El’s body. Instead, he returned control of the body to Albert.

“Xiao Bai.” Once regained his mobility, the tiger roared furiously: “Come out. Get out”

“Mi——”The image of the Holy Spirit White Tiger emerged from Albert’s tail. And it was always in the form of a kitten.

As soon as he saw the Holy Spirit White Tiger, Albert immediately scolded: “You did what you did to my body just now. Try it again. Let’s see if I don’t drive you out of my body. You are sealed forever”

“Mi…” The little white cat looks innocent. It seems that he is deeply reflecting on the bad things he has done.

“The Holy Spirit can’t believe it.” “You are playing with fire.” The advice of Bedivere and the Grand Duke of Hall resounded in Albert’s mind again.

“Hmph. Forget it…” Tiger ignored the voices of advice. He chose to continue believing in the Holy Spirit White Tiger – at least temporarily.

He saw the little white cat introspective. He looked naive and respectful. He immediately calmed down. He only warned in a formal manner: “Never do such a thing again. My body is mine. You Don’t try to control it. I heard meow”

“Wow–” Holy Spirit White Tiger nodded. He indented into Albert’s tail instantly. He disappeared.

The tiger breathed a sigh of relief. He looked back and observed the surroundings. The strange smoke that blocked the light was no longer at the bottom of the pit. Albert’s torches worked as usual. Illuminated everything around.

He first looked up at the cloud of smoke that made up the ceiling. It was very thick. It should be some kind of special magic. If you climbed down the normal way, people would be blocked by the cloud of smoke. There is no way to penetrate it and land. to the bottom of the pit.

And the Holy Spirit White Tiger told Albert that the method is the most correct. Jump directly from the height. Use the acceleration of gravity when falling to knock the smoke away. Only by passing through the smoke smoothly can people reach the bottom of the deep pit.

At least on this point. Xiaobai didn’t lie to Al. Of course. In retrospect. Tiger is still very upset about being occupied just now.

He continued to look around. Observe the conditions inside the pit.

The road in front of you extends in all directions. It is a huge underground labyrinth that is more complicated and difficult to navigate than the volcanic underground palace. This depth is like being in the center of the earth.

But Albert doesn’t care how complicated this labyrinth is. No matter how complicated it is. As long as it is blessed by the power of the Holy White Tiger. To find [that thing] in this labyrinth. It’s a piece of cake.

Albert was the first person to reach this labyrinth. He and the other candidates opened a long distance. Now it’s easy to get down. Find a way to meet his teammates first. Explore this labyrinth in the center of the earth.

Speaking of which. How should I inform the two teammates on the pit? Do I have to climb back down the cave?

Tiger looked at the safety rope around his waist. Unbelievable. The rope should only be 300 feet long. According to the trend he just fell. feet.

The tiger didn’t pay much attention to this matter. Instead, he grabbed the rope and pulled it twice in a row.

“Hmm” Elaine was watching over the pit. He grabbed the other end of the rope. He could feel the vibration on the rope now.

“What’s the matter.” Chanel asked instead.

“Two. Two.” Elaine replied, “Al said it was safe. We can go down.”

“Wait. Give me the rope.” The elf girl doesn’t quite trust the Bearman’s feelings. After all, Elaine is clumsy and stupid. It’s easy to get important things wrong. Instead of trusting the Bearman’s judgment. She might as well make her own judgement.

She took the rope from Elaine the bear. She held on tight. Trying to feel the vibration from the other end of the rope.

Pull. tug. Two consecutive tugs. It’s very clear. It’s a signal for them to go down.

Crap. Fuck. Huh. What’s up with this signal. It’s not two. It’s not three. It’s a rhythmic one and then three. It’s weird. What the **** is Albert thinking what.

Chat. The signal is getting more and more complicated. Chanel is confused: “What the **** is that stupid tiger thinking…”

Fuck off.Fuck off.

“Difficult, does he have anything to say?” Elaine leaned over and asked.

“Maybe. But I don’t understand.” The elf girl frowned.

“That group of idiots…” Albert kept tugging at the bottom of the pit. “Why don’t you understand. Just jump down.”

But he is also very clear. No one has any hints. Ordinary people don’t give themselves up and jump into a deep pit. But there is a cloud of smoke. Even if the tiger screams through the throat, the people above can’t hear it. Disgusting. There’s no other way. Should I just climb up and inform Chanel and the others.

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