Light Spirit Epic Chapter 945: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 945: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (18)

At the same time, on Hal’s side, another Zhangren guard also brought lunch to the Leopard boy.

You can hear from a distance that the Zhangren guards are using a language system that Howl can’t understand, saying a bunch of words that Howl can’t understand – most of them are contemptuous curses from the unpleasant echoes.

But Hal didn’t care at all, the leopard boy had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. At this moment, he is lurking somewhere in the cell.

When the hapless Zhang Ren guard came to Howl’s cell and tried to find the Leopard boy in the cell, he was surprised to find that the cell was empty.

The leopard boy, who is good at climbing, fixed it on the ceiling of the cell, and tightly grasped the raised stone bricks on the cell with his limbs!

The guard’s cursing grew louder and more tense. Getting a prisoner to escape was no small responsibility, and he certainly couldn’t afford it. He put the food on the ground, hurriedly took out the key, put the rusted key into the key hole of the iron fence door, and rushed into the cell to have a look.

The moment the guards rushed into the cell, the leopard boy lurking on the ceiling fell, quickly rushed to the meal, and grabbed the knife and fork!

Howl fights desperately at the monster for freedom!

When the Zhangren guard heard the movement behind him and turned around to be alert, Hal had already made a leap, raised his knife and fork and stabbed in front of the monster!

And the Zhangren guards also pulled out their protective daggers and stabbed the Leopard boy!

At this moment of life and death, Howl’s combat skill [Spiritual Unity] automatically explodes! The whole world seems to be in slow motion, and the flow of time is one-tenth of normal! Hal clearly saw the insidious attack in the opponent’s hand. The fork in his left hand naturally stabbed towards the position of the opponent’s dagger, and the dining knife in his right hand was inserted into the monster’s head horizontally!

It’s stuck! Howl’s left fork collided with Zhangren’s dagger! The fork on the fork just caught the dagger!

Pop! Howl’s right knife pierced through the monster’s temple and penetrated the monster’s!

The chapter guard twitched and died without even a chance to snort.

“Phew.” The leopard boy breathed a sigh of relief. The knife fight just now was so dangerous, I was almost stabbed by the opponent!

No. Really stabbed. Only then did Hal realize that his chest was wet with a transparent liquid.

That’s blood. Although it was blocked by the system and there was no bright red blood, it was indeed the blood of the avatar of the Leopard Boy in the game.

One mind cannot be used for two. Even with the combat skills of spiritual unity, Hal wanted to use a fork to defend and kill the Zhangren guards with a knife at the same time. This idea was too greedy.

In the knife fight just now, Howl’s fork collided with the dagger guarded by Zhangren. Although the stuck dagger’s blade greatly slowed the dagger’s attack, the leopard boy was only a A seven-year-old child, a child’s strength is still no better than an adult. Coupled with the lack of precision in the action, the defense is only half a bucket of water.

As a result, the Zhangren guard stabbed Hal with all his might before he died, and he finally succeeded – the blade of half the dagger stabbed into Hal’s right chest.

“Um…that’s too bad meow.” The leopard boy clutched his bleeding chest and felt dizzy: “We need to find Husky and the others quickly, meow.” Although the wound was not immediately fatal, it continued to Bleeding, it must end up killing Howl. Only by finding his friends and using Husky’s [self-healing enhancement] ability can this wound be closed.

Howl survives.

“Husky…” He whispered his friend’s name in a low voice, preventing him from falling asleep like self-hypnosis. With both hands, he struggled to find the key from Zhangren’s bodyguard, untied the handcuffs and shackles, and let him movement is no longer restricted by chains.

He climbed out of the cage feebly and walked into the depths of the dungeon.

At the same time, King Arthur’s office.

Knock, knock. Someone is knocking on the door. The knock on the door was rather irritable.

“Come in.” The King of Knights shouted casually, but his eyes never took his eyes off the documents on his desk.

“Ow…” Shi Xing slowly opened the door and walked in, and immediately sat down on the sand like an uncle.

The King of Knights put down his pen and glanced at Xinghuilong. Shaxing’s crotch was tightly wrapped with gauze, like wearing a thick diaper. Although the handle of the dragon’s armor was concealed as much as possible, the bulge was still very conspicuous.

“Pfft-“”Don’t laugh! I’ll kill you!” Shaxing interrupted King Arthur’s sneer in a fit of rage.

“Shaxing, go to rest in your lair when you are tired, don’t wander around in the human world.” The King of Knights tried his best to hold back his laughter, “Or, do you have anything else to do with me?” Sha Xing blushed with embarrassment: “Humph!…I won’t go back for the time being. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to die when other dragons saw this pattern of me?” Is it right?” King Arthur looked at the young man in golden armor in front of him: “Or, after the discoloration is removed, the wound is more obvious? You are a dragon, isn’t this small injury easy to heal?” “I don’t want to talk about it anymore This question, Arthur.” The evil star avoided the King of Knights’ gaze. “Anyway, I won’t be leaving for three days. You can arrange a place for me, preferably a quiet place.” He just wanted to climb from the sand I got up and changed to a more comfortable position to lie down, but once again the pain was involved, and I couldn’t help but let out a groan.

Arthur saw through the nature of the evil star and knew what kind of bad idea Jin Shining was thinking, he couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth, teasing Xinghuilong: “You haven’t given up yet, do you still want to continue harassing Charlotte? Come on you. She already has a boyfriend, and that man is still a noble boy. You can’t compare to a vulgar wild dragon like you.” Sha Xing glared at King Arthur fiercely, and on the one hand, he felt unhappy that his plan was revealed. On the other hand, he also became irritable because of the pain in his body, and took out his anger at random: “I already knew about this kind of thing, Charlotte has the smell of other men on her body.” “Oh? Your boy’s nose is really sensitive. Ah.” King Arthur deliberately remained silent. The unique photonic sense of smell of dragons can distinguish more complex “breath” than ordinary “smell”, which Arthur certainly knows better.

“But don’t worry, hehehe~” Shaxing laughed complacently, as if the only great good fortune was found in the misfortune: “Charlotte still…cough…haven’t been touched—never been touched by any man. After being polluted, she is still a pure and clean goddess.” The king of knights was shocked: “God…you can even know this?!” The evil star smiled mysteriously: “Of course! Don’t underestimate the dragon!” “In short,” Arthur shook his head incredulously: “You can follow me in these few days. I have recently added a lot of guests to my bedroom, and one more is not too much.” “That’s how it was decided.” up.

In fact, the evil star is not only concerned about Charlotte’s affairs, but also a certain smell faintly on King Arthur and the group of little devils, which also makes Xinghuilong very concerned. But he still couldn’t confirm what the smell was that made him care, so he had to find an excuse to keep Arthur’s group behind and act on a whim.

He took Arthur’s words half seriously: “Then—can you tell me Charlotte’s address? You guys have to give me a chance to come and apologize to her—” “Of course that’s impossible. “The King of Knights is not so easy to deceive, he knows what else the evil star is planning. He also decided to keep his head down, and first observe the dragon’s intentions before saying: “Let’s talk about Charlotte, be careful Lancelot kills you!” “Haha!” Lance was several kilometers away. Lott sneezed.

“Have you caught a cold, brother?” The black cat smiled and brought a plate: “Let’s try the new dish in our test, the blood pool **** spaghetti. This chili oil is very effective in dispelling cold!” “Thank you…but forget it.” Lancelot not only swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he looked at the plate of red spaghetti with terrifying fire like lava.

“Can’t refuse.” The black cat smiled, but there was a certain viciousness on his face: “Thanks to my brother for bringing so much trouble to our shop, I had a happy Sunday. What! This is a thank you gift for your brother, if you don’t accept it, you will look like an outsider.” Hell.

It’s **** to eat this plate of spicy spaghetti in front of you.

Don’t eat it, another hell.

With a wry smile, the handsome Golden Knight rolled up some spaghetti with a fork and put it into his mouth.

Hell, real hell!

The violent shock that brought him at that moment was no less than that of a fire dragon raging in his mouth. Lancelot only felt that the whole mouth was tortured by a tingling pain, and this burning pain was still spreading in his throat!

“Cough cough…cough cough cough cough!” The handsome knight of the round table couldn’t help but let out a continuous cough.

“ it spicy? There’s lemonade here,” the black cat handed a glass of frozen and delicious lemonade, but this is a relatively normal drink in this store: “Don’t worry, eat slowly , there are many more!” Looking at the huge plate of blood-red spaghetti, Lancelot only felt a burst of despair. He sighed and deliberately distracted, so that this painful time would pass quickly: “I heard that the trouble was so big that even Lord Shaxing was injured?” Speaking of Shaxing, the black cat immediately Disdain on the face. But she was tight-lipped about the fact that her first kiss was taken away by the evil star, because she knew that if her brother knew about it, he would be so angry that he would go to trouble Xinghuilong.

She had to say: “Humph, don’t mention that stupid dragon! I don’t have a good impression of him!” “Okay, okay, let’s not mention it.” Diverted the topic and said, “What about your date today? Shouldn’t you go to dinner and watch a movie with that rich kid named Richard? It’s getting late, why haven’t you prepared yet?” Charlotte showed a face Even more annoyed: “Brother, can you not mention Richard’s business? We will handle our business.” “Really?” pink.

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