Light Spirit Epic Chapter 944: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 944: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (seventeen)

Seeing Husky’s hesitation. Prince Calvin knew that his guess was close to ten. He laughed even more smugly. He was very happy for his cleverness.

“Look. This prince is right. That’s a little black cat that brings misfortune. It’s designed to drag teammates back. Why do you want to be friends with this kind of person. Little dog.”

The dog boy actually knew the other party’s intentions. Although he knew it in his heart. The murloc prince was trying to divide his relationship with Hal. The dog boy couldn’t refute it. Because. As far as the result is concerned, Howl did It’s a lot of trouble. To take care of such a clumsy guy. He’s half-crippled in reality. He needs someone to help him wherever he goes. Husky is also quite tired.

But he’s still limply rebutting. With limp arguments: “It’s just a game.”

“Huhu. Leaving the game aside. In reality.” Calvin stabbed Husky in the dead end: “Has he ever made you fall into a trap? Have you ever been in trouble? That kind of cripple. If you leave him alone. If you run away yourself. Wouldn’t it be much easier.”

“You may be right…but Husky doesn’t want to talk about the woof.” The canine boy pretended not to care. He devoted his full attention to finding clues to leave the cell.

Keep arguing with Calvin. Husky will definitely lose. Lose. But can’t change anything. Just a waste of time.

Just as Husky deliberately distracted himself from distraction, Prince Calvin stepped down.

Papa. His shoe was pressed three inches in front of Husky’s left palm. Almost crushed Husky’s palm.

“You. What are you doing?” Husky exclaimed. He thought the other party was deliberately fighting.

“This.” The little murloc prince smiled and shook his head. At the same time, he retracted his feet.

On the ground he just stepped on. There’s a puddle of sticky stuff.

The canine boy can vaguely recognize that it is the exoskeleton of some kind of insect. It can be known from the multi-segmented bones and the hook-shaped spikes. It is a scorpion. The dead scorpion is black and broken. The cracked shell is splattered with dark green. A seemingly incomparably evil bodily fluid. It all shows. The scorpion carries a deadly venom.

If that thing were to attack Husky, Calvin would be out even a second late. The canine boy might have been poisoned to death.

That kick was sophisticated. Precise. And totally unfeeling. Calvin was like a cold-blooded machine. His performance was very different from that of a teenager who just turned seven. Husky couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Uh…thank you Wang.” Surprised to be surprised. As a courtesy, Husky thanked the Murloc Prince anyway.

The murloc prince said proudly: “Hehehe. Look. This prince is more reliable than that little black cat. Calvin can save your life. Instead of holding you back.”

Indeed. Calvin has been helping Husky and the others since they formed the team. Thanks to the little prince’s sophisticated combat skills and powerful spells, Husky and the others have been able to get to this point. The point system is used to calculate the value of the players in a team. Then Calvin is definitely the MVP (Most Valuable Player).

But it’s just a game. Even in reality. Friends are not something that can be calculated with points.

That’s why Husky will deliberately turn a blind eye to the teasing and alienation of the little murloc prince. He would rather play with the clumsy little black panther, Hal. play.

Playing with guys like Calvin. Playing with this cold-blooded killing machine. Even if you can get to level 100. The whole game will lack a lot of fun.

“Hehe.” Calvin hugged the canine boy from behind while Husky was still in a daze: “Why don’t you talk. Just promise this prince. Be Calvin’s friend. Guaranteed to eat. Good drink, good drink. Whether it is game or reality, it will go smoothly. It will pass quickly. Instead of being held back by that kind of guy, take care of the crippled boy all day long. Play poor games. Eat poor food .It’s better to live happily with this prince.”

“No. Don’t woo.” Husky struggled. Trying to push the murloc prince away: “What the **** are you thinking about wooing. Let go of Husky.”

“Hold on. Hehe-” Calvin leaned over and bit the dog boy’s ear: “Wow, hahaha. The texture of the ear bite is also very good. Sure enough, you are full of treasures. Puppy. When The prince’s friend. Calvin won’t treat you badly.”

“Don’t bark. Don’t just don’t bark.” Husky is still struggling. But being an orc. Ears are one of the most sensitive parts of his body. When the ear gets bitten. Husky I just feel that my whole body is numb. I don’t even have the strength to struggle.

“If you don’t agree, I’ll entangle you~” Prince Calvin is getting more and more extreme. Not only is he biting Husky’s ears harder and harder, but he also wraps his hands around Husky’s waist. And the chest. The dog boy can’t breathe.

Because of the lack of oxygen, the consciousness of the canine teenager is getting blurred. I don’t know if the lack of oxygen in the game will affect the reality. If it just died of lack of oxygen——

“No” Husky suddenly resisted with all his strength.

“Wow.” The murloc prince was knocked away by the canine boy’s strange force. He fell back. He hit the wall heavily.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-” Haski stood up. Turned to face the murloc prince. To avoid being attacked from behind by Calvin again.

“Don’t try to force Huskies into submission. All you want is pets. Not friends. Huskies are not your toys.”

The murloc prince received a heavy blow on his back. He just got up and took a breath. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth (transparent color). He sneered: “You are indeed not a toy. You are more fun than a toy. Don’t worry. Well. One day, this prince will get you. One day. You will give up that little trash that always holds you back. Take the initiative to embrace this prince. At that time, we were playing slowly—”

“Husky will not betray Hal. Let’s wait and see.” Before the other party finished speaking, the dog boy said coldly.

The murloc prince was stunned for a moment.

“Speaking of which. You were able to use spells in this cell. How the **** did you do it.”

“You said Huskies…what woosh”

The murloc prince calmly analyzed. He didn’t want to look like he had just had a fight with his friends: “You used a spell. The one that knocked the prince off just now. It’s yours. Otherwise, with your physical ability. .It’s impossible to struggle to open. If you don’t believe it, call the inventory yourself to confirm.”

Husky looked at the murloc prince suspiciously. He took a step back, lest he was “sneaked” by Calvin while he was distracted. Back in a relatively safe range, he opened his inventory and checked it out. The number of times your own combat skills are used.


7/10 times remaining

4/7 times remaining

This data is very subtle. Their characters were camping in the wild (in a cave) last night. Although they were full, they also had tents as props to restore their stamina. However, the number of combat skills was obviously not restored. Because of self-healing enhancement Only about half of it has recovered.

Did Husky lose any money when he broke free from the little murloc prince. This is an unsolvable puzzle.

Take a step back. Even if he spent one just now. What’s so strange about that.

“You still don’t understand. Right.” Prince Calvin grinned. There seemed to be contempt in his smile: “The cell we are in has a barrier that seals magic. Not to mention ordinary magic. Even your combat skills. I can’t do it either. Theoretically, it’s like this.”

However, Husky was able to use to break free from Calvin’s entanglement. That’s why the other party felt strange. That’s why Husky understood.

“You have to stop using a combat technique. Let’s see if you can break the iron fence of the cell.” Calvin’s smile is getting more and more sinister. It seems to be a trap for the canine boy.

“Don’t bark. There are only 7 combat skills left. Please keep it warm.” Husky pouted.

Arbitrarily use the arm force in the wrong place. I’m afraid it will hit the murloc prince’s arms. The iron fence is much harder than Husky’s arm bones. Even the canine boy can force it open with combat skills. The arm will also be seriously injured. At that time, the hands are disabled and can’t struggle. I have to share a room with Calvin. I don’t know what bad things the murloc prince will do. Husky thinks it is not good.

“Hmph. That’s fine.” Seeing that the treachery failed. The murloc prince snorted proudly: “Then don’t do anything. Continue to waste here. Time is passing by every minute and second. Who knows what’s going on on the little black cat’s side. He may have been arrested and tortured by the Zhang people.”

Husky didn’t say anything. He was worried about Hal’s condition. But then he thought about it. When they played this game, they were blocked from pain. That means no matter how much they were tortured, they didn’t feel pain. Worst It was nothing more than being tortured and dying. Being teleported back to the bonfire at the Altar of Eternity. What a big deal.

So there’s no need to worry too much about what’s going on on Howl’s side. They just need to find a way out of this prison as soon as possible.

When Husky thinks this way. When he thinks he can finally settle down. There is a voice. It comes from the end of the dark corridor of the dungeon.



No. That’s the sound of metal crashing.

It’s already noon in the game. A Zhang person is carrying a basket. He has brought meals to the teenagers.

Zhang people don’t have feet. Their lower body is the tentacles of octopus. So. This salsa sound. It’s not the footsteps of Zhang people.

That’s actually the sound of a bunch of cell keys.

Husky was secretly delighted. Although there was no clue to escape in the cell. However, the mission event that would allow them to escape. Finally got to touch Walking Dead” only represents the author Raven D Vickers’s point of view, if you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it, and its position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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