Light Spirit Epic Chapter 928: Searching for a secluded place in the land


Chapter 928: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (1)

The elf girl took another look at Albert, and said with a stern tone: “What the **** are you doing here? It has become… that kind of appearance, but you still need to be foolish enough to mix it up. Dangerous exam. And there’s no reason to even take the exam.—What the **** are you thinking, stupid tiger.”

Albert is more confused: “I—?”

Chanel wanted to continue blaming Albert, but the werewolf kept winking at the elf girl and telling her to shut up.

“…Well, I won’t talk about it. You can do it yourself. Goodbye.”

After speaking, the elf girl turned around and walked away.

“Ah? This is… what kind of situation?” Albert felt as if he was suddenly scolded, and his heart was full of inexplicable frustration.

“Our original agreement with Chanel was like this. The cooperation relationship with her will only last until we reach Mount Kilimanjaro.” Bedivere shrugged helplessly, deliberately changing the subject: “Since we have all arrived , of course I have no right to keep her.”

“But—but!” El was anxious: “You just let her go?! That’s a girl!”

The werewolf froze for a moment, then he clenched his fists and slapped Al’s tiger head hard: “Idiot! What the **** are you thinking! We’re here to take the exam, not to pick up girls!”

“Ow…” The tiger rubbed the head that was knocked out of a big bag with the hand that was not in the drip, “Exams are as important as picking up girls, and they should be both right–”

“If you like to pick up girls so much, then chase after her to keep her?” the werewolf said angrily.

This sentence stabbed the tiger’s dead end, and Albert’s face immediately turned red, and he stammered: “Nonsense… She is such a violent and mean woman, how could I possibly Like… I just feel sorry for you, just talking about violence and meanness, she is a good match for you—“

The werewolf squeezed his fists and looked at Albert with a blue vein on his face: “You kid is really looking for a fight, right? Or the wolf beats you into a coma for half a month, and the exam is not good enough. Do you need to take the test?”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Albert sneered and agreed. Seeing that the drip was almost finished, he pulled out the needle on his arm and reached out to touch his empty stomach: “I’m so hungry, is there anything to eat?”

“Humph—“Bediver was still unable to extricate himself from the anger of the previous conversation. Seeing Albert’s inquiries, he puffed up: “It’s already afternoon, you missed lunch, next time Let’s talk again.”

“How can you do this!” Albert protested as a matter of course: “People are really dying of starvation! There are exams to come, do you want me to deal with meow on an empty stomach!?”

The werewolf was taken aback by the pitiful gaze of the tiger. He knew that El had just returned from the gate of hell, so he should have fasted for a while. But the tiger was right. He took the exam without eating anything, which was equivalent to letting Albert die.

In other words, in fact, the tiger should have been sent to the hospital to recuperate immediately, and should not continue to take this kind of test. Bedivere just didn’t have the courage to tell Albert the truth — even if he did, the self-respecting tiger would certainly not listen.

Bedivere thought and thought, and had to rummage through the backpack to find a fruit: “The test party gave some dry food, but they were all too dry and hard to swallow. This is our own in the surrounding mountains. You can eat the food you find here, even though it’s only about the size of a fruit.”

Albert reluctantly took the wonderful white and round fruit the size of a palm. Its outer layer is covered with countless rose-like petals, which are white as snow, and it seems that you can eat the pulp just by breaking the petals.

“What is this?”

“According to the locals, this is called [Snow Dragon Fruit]. It’s not poisonous, so eat it.”

Albert broke off the white outer petal of the fruit, and found that the pulp inside was also snow-white, and the whole fruit looked like a snowball. But this exotic fruit smelled of aroma, of meat, or more correctly, of fried cod steaks, the white, juicy flesh of the flaky, juicy fish after the golden outer layer was removed.

Al can’t wait to take a bite, and at the same time out [Hmm——! ] a burst of admiration. Not only does the pulp smell like cod meat, but even the texture of the bite and the taste of the pulp spreading in the mouth are almost the same as the real cod meat.

“Not bad!” After taking a sip of the pulp, Al felt his whole body suddenly energized: “Can a naturally occurring fruit have this kind of taste? The power of nature is too great.”

Bediver was silent, watching Albert finish eating the fruit, secretly praying that the tiger wouldn’t be abnormal after eating this kind of thing.

The fruit is non-toxic and edible and, according to locals, has a high nutritional value. The only question is whether Al’s stomach, which has been battered by Zeng altitude sickness, can withstand this kind of food.

The tiger ate the whole snow dragon fruit with great joy, feeling like eating a large piece of fried cod fillet, very full. His body seems to be fine, for the time being.

The tiger struggled to get up and wanted to walk outside: “When will the next exam start?”

“The examiners said it was after nine o’clock tonight.” Bedivere followed behind the tiger and replied casually, “Before that, let’s sort out our equipment.”

“In other words, they don’t plan to dismantle this thing?” Tiger pointed to the magic seal bracelet on his wrist.

“Probably…that’s the way it is.” The werewolf also touched the Demon Sealing Bracelet subconsciously.

Thanks to this thing, they had a lot of trouble along the way. Those who can’t use magic are really weak and pitiful. In the face of all kinds of powerful monsters in the Nile River Valley, they can only flee all the way, and it is difficult to reach such a place.

The next exams will only be harder, and still can’t use magic. The equipment in their hands is only a few home-made weapons, and the prospect is really worrying.

“Oh, that’s fine.” The tiger didn’t pay much attention to it: “Let’s find those cats and divide the weapons in our hands first.”

“Of course…” As soon as the werewolf stepped out of the tent, he pointed to the three Palamidis and his son who had returned from hunting in the distance: “Let’s see what they got.”

“Yo, little Brady!” The leopard warriors were walking with an antelope-like creature on their backs, which was the trophy they went down the mountain to hunt: “Is the tiger awake too? Do you need anything?”

“Al said that we should prepare first and divide the weapons in our hands.”

“Well,” the Leopard Warrior dropped the antelope in his hand and let his sons slaughter the antelope**.

The big cat looked up at the werewolf and the tiger man: “Now? Can’t we go back and do this again? The next exam is at nine o’clock tonight, we have dinner, and there is still a lot of time to pack our gear.”

“Let’s see what weapons can be used, meow.” Albert said impatiently, “No one knows if we can continue to form a team, take advantage of the fact that we can divide the [property] accumulated over the past three days, After that, even if we were torn apart and went our separate ways, no one would be left without weapons.”

“…Well, that’s right.” The big cat also felt that what the tiger said was very reasonable, so he nodded his head in compromise: “Come on, let’s go to the campfire and divide everything.”

“Let’s roast the lamb by the way.” Saifel and Seglade said in unison.

“You haven’t had enough lunch yet?!” Bedivere stared at the two cats in disbelief.

“The calories provided by that kind of dry food are totally not enough, meow.” Saifer showed a very unhappy expression: “The next exam has unknown dangers, it is best to eat more and supplement enough calories for comparison. Good meow.”

(Also, it is unknown whether I will lose my life in the next exam. If you don’t take advantage of the delicious food now and enjoy it, you will regret it later.)

“Okay, I want to have a big meal too.” Albert said happily, not like someone who just came back from hell.

Palamidis gave Bedivere a meaningful smile and walked east of the camp.

A few dozen yards away from the crowd, Elaine the white bear was bored guarding the bonfire, resisting the chill on the snowy mountain with fire. The firelight shone on the snow-white bear fur on his exposed upper body, dyeing the fur a lot of red.

“Yes, is there anything delicious?” Elaine saw two leopard youths dragging an antelope over, and immediately raised her spirits.

“Yes, I’ll make the barbecue right away, meow.” Saifer also found a dry stone by the campfire and sat down, with a knife in his hand cutting a large piece of meat from the antelope’s carcass, ready to skewer it on a wooden Take it off the stick and bake Wow, it looks like it will be delicious. can i eat together? “Some gluttonous guy came over to join in the fun. Bedivere turned his head and saw that it was Kay, the Knight of the Round Table.

“Kay… why are you here to join in the fun?” Palamidis glared at the Red Knight, “As an examiner, you are actually in contact with the candidates, aren’t you afraid of being criticized?”

“Fufu, don’t be afraid.” Kay was basically familiar with everyone present (except Albert and Bedivere), and sat down directly by the bonfire, took a deep breath of the aroma of barbecue, and became intoxicated. State: “Although I am the examiner, I am not the examiner of the first exam. [Trial of Strength] The real examiner is the Grand Duke of Palinlor. With him, a little guy like me can’t control this exam at all. .”

That was obviously self-deprecating, but in Bedivere’s ears, he felt Kay’s full of malice. In other words, that maliciousness had long been engraved in Kai’s sly smile, and the werewolf could feel it without saying it.

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