Light Spirit Epic Chapter 927: Lost in Tianyuan (30)


Chapter 927 Lost in Tianyuan (Thirty)

The eight-year-old canine boy is not illiterate. Normally this word can be easily read.

However, the words on the signboard are in italics, a highly illegible cursive script. The black wooden signboard is inlaid with pure gold art characters, which looks very gorgeous, but it is difficult to recognize the extreme.

The owner of the shop doesn’t seem to care if customers recognize the large gold lettering on the sign, as long as it looks good.

Hal also looked at the front of the cafe, it was very different from a normal cafe – how to say it? According to the naive and primitive understanding of the seven-year-old Leopard Man, the facade of this cafe exudes an elegant, yet dark and eerie feeling.

It seems to be a different world inside, and only the different species that should not exist in the world will gather here.

“Let’s go.” King Arthur smiled, “but before going in—“

He took out a black iron mask and put it on, and also handed the other two small masks to the two orc teenagers.

The kind of mask that King Arthur wears is exactly the kind of ornate mask from a masquerade ball. It covers half of Wang’s face, leaving only the part below the nose.

The two teenagers also put on masks, but they unexpectedly found that their masks were very cartoony and hilarious. Hal’s puppy mask and Husky’s kitten mask seemed to reverse their identities once again.

“What’s this meow?” Hal looked at his friend’s funny face and asked with difficulty.

“It’s just a rule before entering the store.” King Arthur gave a sly smile under the mask, “I should have asked you to change into more [orthodox] clothes. But let’s do it for now.”

“Hmm?” Hal shrugged in confusion.

“Hey, Husky got it, it’s like dressing up for Halloween.” The canine boy accepted it quickly. He had been living in Great Britain for several years, and he was more receptive to these strange things in civilized society than Hal, who had grown up in the Turkic Everglades.

“That’s right, it’s like Halloween.” Arthur smiled and nodded again, leading the two teenagers, pushing the door into the store.

“Welcome!” A girl with black ears and a fantastic black maid outfit stepped up to greet the guests.

As soon as she saw that the visitor was King Arthur, her face immediately showed respect and closeness, and she bowed gently and said: “Long time no see, [Purgatory Lord]. What wind brought you here?”

“Cough—” Husky almost choked to death on the saliva he swallowed, he lowered his voice and confirmed to the little friend next to him: “What did she just… tell Uncle Arthur to do? Wang!?”

“It seems like…[Purgatory Lord] Meow.” Hal also broke out in a cold sweat. Such a high-end atmosphere, full of post-modern fantasy atmosphere, these children who have never seen the world can’t understand it at all.

“Huhu.” Arthur patted the two teenagers on the head lightly, telling them to stop complaining, and then gave the girl a smile: “Charlote…… black cat, I specially bring Come and taste your dark stuff, kids…well, gothic. Don’t you welcome me?”

“Where is it! It’s our honor that Your Majesty is willing to visit our store.” The girl named Black Cat quickly echoed: “Please, the VIP seat for His Majesty’s royal family has been vacant for you.”

Then she couldn’t help looking at the leopard boy Hal again, with a blush on her face: “Oh my god! This kid is the black panther kid you mentioned earlier? So cute!”

“…Yes, this is my nephew, [Night Shadow Black Panther].” King Arthur said a very startling remark with impunity.

“Ya, Uncle Arthur, what the **** did you just call Hal?!” The leopard boy exclaimed, not expecting the kind of fantasy The appellation of style also falls upon itself — and it’s a particularly scary one.

“You are [Night Shadow Panther],” Arthur patted Hal’s head, then he looked at Husky’s dog head for a long time: “And you are… [Moon Shadow Hound]. Well, that’s it.”

“Uncle Arthur has a terrible taste in naming names.” Husky was also depressed. Compared with Hal’s shock, the canine boy showed more dissatisfaction.

“Luo Yan! This is the rule in their restaurant. All people who come into the restaurant can’t call their names directly, and they can’t show their real faces. If you think the name I gave you temporarily is not elegant enough, you can decide for yourself. One?”

“Uh—” Husky was speechless by the roar of the King of Knights. It should be said that it does take courage to be able to come up with such a future (odd) present (pa) generation (de) odd (scaring) fantasy (human) name without a blushing face.

“Hoohoo, stop talking, let’s all sit down.” Arthur walked to a particularly dark corner of the cafe and beckoned two teenagers to come over.

“That…can you let go of Haer Meow—” the Leopard boy said helplessly, when he was holding his face by the girl named Black Cat—the two of the black cat A slender hand kept rubbing against the leopard boy’s cat’s face, and he played a lot.

“Hey hey, just play again, just play again.” The black cat sneered: “Oh my god, so soft, so fluffy, like the face of a kitten.”

“Ha…Hal is indeed a cat meow—“

“Wow ah ah ah, this child is so cute!” The black cat simply hugged the Leopard boy, “the end of the speech also has the word [meow]!”

Husky felt helpless. It’s true that everyone has their own preferences. Calvin, the little murloc prince, likes dog tails, so he has been entangled in Husky. And the black cat lady likes cats, so she pesters Hal and treats the Leopard boy as a plush toy. Why has he been running into so many weird people recently?

“Woooooo! Just (rescue), Jiu (rescue) ming (life) meow!” Hal made a vague cry for help, his face was buried in the black cat’s big chest, almost suffocating .

Meanwhile, the smile on Husky’s face on the side disappeared, replaced by a contemplative seriousness.

There is a certain smell in this store that attracts the attention of the dog boy.

The smell is still fresh, probably within two or three days.

The smell of a werewolf.

…seems to be his dad’s scent.

But how is that possible? His dad should be far away in the snowy plains of Western Siberia, how could he appear in Great Britain, and he happened to be in such a strange coffee shop?

Husky shook his head, deliberately ignoring the smell, dismissing it as a hallucination that he missed Dad so much, and walked to his seat disapprovingly.

At the same time, the East African plateau, under the mountainside of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The tiger man Albert opened his eyes and found that a hanging needle was inserted in his arm, and the clear pale yellow medicinal liquid in a bottle was flowing along a long tube into the Ai Albert’s arm.

There’s nothing special about that thing, just a bottle of physiological saline, perhaps mixed with a small amount of anti-inflammatory drugs or nutrients.

“Huh?” The tiger slowly got up, feeling only a moment of confusion. His consciousness is still in a vague state, and he can’t recall what happened before.

Albert would have been very surprised if he had been told that he almost died at one point. But he didn’t know at all, and couldn’t possibly know, the series of dangerous things that happened on the spacecraft after he passed out.

It’s even less possible for him to know that when everyone was about to give up on him, it was Bedivere who was always there, protecting the tiger with all his might.

“Oh, Al! Are you awake?” The werewolf Bedivere, who was slightly dozing off by the bed, was awakened by the tiger’s movement. He glanced at the tiger, surprised and delighted: “How is it? Does your body still hurt? Do you feel better?”

“I don’t know…” Albert was still at a loss for a while: “What happened? Where am I? What happened to the exam?”

Another person who has been waiting for a long time, the elf girl Chanel, can’t help but reply: “You are very good. You are just—“

“Shh!” But Betteville interrupted Chanel’s words, and continued: “You just caught a cold, and you were accidentally knocked out by Chanel’s heavy punch. Hahaha, Chanel, you are too. , why is the shot not important? Hahahahaha—“

“Oh…I’m sorry, ahhahaha—” The elf girl smiled and was cooperating with the werewolf youth. The acting skills of the two are so bad that even the blind can easily see through them.

But Albert’s IQ hasn’t been fully released yet, and he actually believed it in a daze: “Okay…but, exam, what happened to the exam?”

He devotes his limited energy to observing his surroundings and finds himself in a tent, the kind used by the military, made of metal supports and thick canvas.

“You can rest We have arrived at Mount Kilimanjaro, and the first stage of the exam has been successfully passed.” The werewolf whispered to the tiger’s thread, “There is still a long way to go before the next stage of the exam. After a period of time, you can rest assured and take care of your body.”

“Uh… well.” Albert felt very unhappy that he passed the exam without knowing anything, but he didn’t say anything. According to his logic, he was stunned by Chanel’s involuntary old boxing. Of course, they should take responsibility and send the fainted tiger to its destination.

“Then,” Chanel shook her head and said goodbye: “Since he has also woken up and we have reached our destination, the cooperation between you and I will end here, and there will be no more entanglements with each other.” Thank you very much for taking care of you along the way.”

“Where. We should thank you, Mademoiselle Chanel.” Bediveville also said politely: “I wish you all the best in your upcoming exams.”

“Huhu, how can there be any [safe and smooth]. This is the trial of the Knights of the Round Table. It is common sense that there are difficulties and obstacles along the way.” Chanel shrugged: “If there is fate (Kama), We will cooperate again.”() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to To provide a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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