Light Spirit Epic Chapter 920: Lost in Tianyuan (23)


Chapter 920 Lost in Tianyuan (23)

Time moves four times faster in the game, and it’s noon. Maybe it was because it was close to lunch time, the coastline was a little deserted, and there was only one Zhangren soldier standing guard in the distance.

That guy really looks a bit like a mermaid, (but this Zhangren is a male) The upper body is a human body, but the lower body is composed of octopus tentacles.

The black, stout, wriggling octopus tentacles sent a chill down Husky’s back.

He retracted and whispered to his friends: “There is a Zhang Ren at three o’clock, and the rest of the enemies are temporarily invisible.”

“It’s strange.” The corner of the little prince Calvin’s mouth showed a faint, subtle smile, “People always come and go in groups of three or five, there can’t be only one person.”

As soon as he was provoked by Calvin, Husky was immediately dissatisfied: “Maybe they are changing shifts. Maybe it’s noon, and everyone else has gone to eat?”

“Perhaps.” Calvin replied ambiguously, avoiding the quarrel with the dog boy: “So, what are you going to do? Attack it?”

“Go to Wang,” Husky replied, drawing his great sword without thinking.

“Are you really going to attack?” The murloc prince showed a more sinister smile, and there must be some deep meaning behind this smile.

Obviously, he’s waiting for Husky to make a mistake. He knew that the dog boy would make a fool of himself, but he deliberately didn’t remind him, and his heart was very vicious.

Hal alertly thought about the problem, and immediately reminded: “Husky, you have run out of combat skills today, what should you use to swing that big sword meow?”

“Uh!” The canine boy trembled as if he had been stinged.

Indeed, the steel sword in his hand is very heavy. Without the support of [arm burst], with the strength of an eight-year-old boy (and his left arm is still injured), it would be impossible to swing such a heavy sword.

And his [arm burst] was used up when he broke the ice and got out of the hole this morning, and needs to wait until tomorrow (in the game) to replenish it.

An inconspicuous blue vein appeared on the forehead of the canine boy, he put the sword back in the inventory, and muttered in a complaining manner: “You should have reminded Husky earlier.”

I didn’t expect Calvin to take out the strategy scroll long ago, and read it correctly: “Hehe——

Management of one’s own physical strength is the primary responsibility of a knight. If a person can’t even remember how many combat skills he can still use, and he squanders his combat skills indiscriminately in the middle of the battle, he is not qualified to become a competent knight. ——by Heavenly Knight The Grand Duke of Hall. “

“You must be joking with Husky.” The canine boy gave the little murloc prince a stern look.

“Stop arguing, meow. Let Hal deal with that Zhang Ren meow.” The Leopard Man hurriedly interrupted the quarrel between his two friends: “Hal can still use seven [powerful dashes], even if the situation It’s not good, but I can run back immediately, meow.”

“You are hurt—“

“There’s no problem with this minor injury, meow.” The leopard boy covered his chest and said. Thanks to Husky’s combat skills [Self-Healing Enhancement], the huge wound on the Leopard Boy’s chest has shrunk to the size of a thumb.

A bandage is wrapped even tighter on the wound, and they hold the wound firmly enough for normal mobility.

Husky was still worried about his little friend, but Calvin sneered disapprovingly, making the canine boy even more disgusted.

In desperation, Husky pulled out a green tree viper bow and put an iron arrow supplied from the town on the bowstring: “Okay, but you have to be careful. Husky will be far away. I’m here to support your dog.”

The little murloc prince also smiled maliciously: “Yes, go, little black cat. Calvin will also support you from a distance.”

(Walking is the fault. This guy is unreliable.)

“Hahaha… that Hal is going to **** meow.” The leopard boy smiled helplessly, feeling helpless for the smell of gunpowder between the other two boys. He drew his dagger and, slowly, looked out from the edge of the reef.

The Zhang Ren was still standing still, not holding any weapons in his hands, staring blankly at the sea. He should be the guard on this island, responsible for letting the wind out, especially standing guard here to observe the conditions on the coast.

While he focused all his attention on the sea level, trying to find any signs of ships that appeared on the surface, he ignored the conditions among the coastal reefs.

Perhaps Husky is right, this is the time when the guards are at their most slack. Taking this opportunity to sneak attack on them is the best choice. The leopard boy thought so, and rushed out under the cover of the reef.

He lowered his center of gravity and moved carefully between the protrusions of several rocks, approaching Zhang Ren with stealth and speed. And Husky also stuck his head slightly out of the top of the bunker, pulled out the bow, and the bow and arrow in his hand was ready to shoot at any time.

The leopard boy slipped a little further, and he was only ten yards away from the Zhangren.

Can’t get any closer. Approaching the enemy again, the other party will hear Howl’s footsteps and be alert.

In order to assassinate the Zhang Ren quickly and silently, I can only move [Powerful Dash] from here, close the distance in one breath, and assassinate the opponent at the same time!

Can it be done? Hal swallowed. He has not received formal combat training, and it is very difficult to kill the enemy with one hit.

But he learned a lot about herbal medicine and biology from the Turkic Elephant People. It was as if they felt that Howl was a part of them, as people almost selflessly taught the leopard boy the secrets of their clan, so that Howl knew a lot since he was a child.

And knowledge is power.

Although Howl does not possess the slaying skills of a warrior, he possesses the biological knowledge of an herbalist. He knows which part of the human body is weakest, and can be easily defeated with a very light attack.

Hal took a deep breath. to start.

He used the combat technique [Powerful Sprint], the muscles in his legs tensed, he jumped over the cover in an instant, and rushed straight to the Zhangren guard!

Hearing the sound of wind and footsteps, the Zhangren guard turned his head to look in horror, and his eyes happened to meet the Leopard boy!

Those are not the eyes of a naive teenager. There was the ferocity of a predator in those eyes, the eyes of a wild beast, a cheetah.

And the ferocity in those eyes is enough to frighten most people in the world. Zhangren guard was also frightened at that moment, hesitating for half a second! In this half second, Hal had already rushed to less than a yard behind Zhang Ren, and his legs jumped up!

The leopard boy used his combat skills at the same time—[Spiritual Unity].

With his high concentration, the time of the whole world seems to flow at an extremely slow speed!

Hal can see a ball of water gathered in the opponent’s hand, which is the “water magic” used by Zhang people in melee combat. Zhangren’s high-pressure water jet is about to swing out, cutting the Leopard boy in half!

There is no time to hesitate! Hal waved the dagger, preempted him, aimed at Zhang Ren’s forehead with the sharp tip of the dagger, and stabbed it hard!

His goal is — the temple!

It is the weakest part of the human body and is called [God’s joke].

It is covered with a large number of arteries and blood vessels, these blood vessels go straight to the head, but this part of the human body is only protected by a small amount of skin and flesh, and the bones below it are even extremely weak, which is the seam of the skull.

Attack here, the dagger can easily sever blood vessels and cause massive bleeding, and it can also pierce the skull directly from the seam of the bones to the brain. If successful, it’s a one-hit kill attack.

And this blow is almost impossible for the Leopard boy who is highly concentrated! In the slow flow of time, he adjusted the angle and height of the dagger in his hand little by little, so that the sharp tip of the dagger would definitely pierce Zhangren’s death point!

Where is the chapter person? He could have avoided the blow by his own reflexes, or at least moved a little so that his temples wouldn’t be stabbed. But he underestimated the enemy, and he just made a very stupid choice: he concentrated, gathered water in his hand, and planned to release a high-pressure water jet.

Despite its power, magic requires a lot of concentration.

If a magic and a combat technique are used at the same time, the person who uses the combat technique must have an absolute advantage—-because the combat technique is quick to shoot, almost no chant time is required, and the opponent’s magic moves before the action. Already hit the opponent!

So, a magician will always lose out against a speed-shaped warrior, even if the opponent is such a seven-year-old kid!

Paza! ! Howl’s dagger pierced deeply into Zhangren’s head. Transparent blood splattered all over the place, which was a sure fatal blow that killed Zhang Ren instantly!

But it’s not the end! The moving high-pressure water blade in Zhangren Guard’s hand immediately shattered into countless water bombs, and flew out and exploded!

As if it was a touch of thought he could take down his opponent in one fell swoop, but he never thought that the magic half in his opponent’s hand would explode out of control, resulting in such a lose-lose situation!

Pa swish swish swish! Thousands of water droplets as big as soybeans scattered in a spiral shape, and scattered almost zero distance on the whole body of the Leopard Man!

“Wow!” There is no way to avoid it! Howl was immediately hit by countless water bombs!

Although those are just water droplets, the Leopard boy feels like his whole body is being ravaged by the storm of steel balls! Speed ​​is power, even if it is just a small drop of water, hitting a person at such a high speed, its lethality is still terrifying!

Hal took a defensive posture as a matter of course, at least covering his vital parts!

Pa-ta-ta-ta-ta! About a thousand drops of water fell on Hal. The leopard boy was knocked out by the shock and fell heavily on the ground!

“Huh?!” After being in a coma for a few seconds, the leopard boy who had just regained consciousness wanted to get up, but found himself paralyzed and unable to move! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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