Light Spirit Epic Chapter 919: Lost in Tianyuan (22)


Chapter 919 Lost in Tianyuan (22)

At the same time, in the virtual world of a game.

Three teenagers sat side by side in front of the bonfire at the Altar of Eternity, discussing the next step.

“Sure enough, if you want a generous reward, but you don’t want to face too dangerous enemies, this is it, meow?” Hal carefully selected one from the list of tasks. He opened the list of tasks and instructed his friends. Look.

“This is… Zhang Ren()… Wang?” Husky looked at the wonderful word on the list and tried to read it, but almost bit his tongue.

“Zhangren is…that…Octopus Wang?” He only felt amused for a while, and glanced at Prince Calvin: “Your friend Wang?”

“Ahahaha, it’s very funny.” The little murloc prince smiled fakely for a while: “But no, it’s the exact opposite. Although Zhangren looks a bit similar to mermaids, the upper body is a human and the lower body is an octopus, but they are comparable to mermaids. They are much worse. They are murderous and violent, and will attack all strangers who come close to their territory for no reason. Zhangren are the feud of the mermaid, although they have been in the war with the mermaid tens of thousands of years ago. Fiasco, and now there are only a handful of survivors living in seclusion deep in the deserted islands of the Atlantic Ocean.”

After listening to all these explanations, Kaski began to regret his initial question – Calvin shouldn’t have had a chance to speak, otherwise he might not be able to stop.

“Alright, let’s go out——“

“So, Zhang Ren is also a magician, meow?” Hal didn’t even realize the intention of the dog boy to stop the conversation. He ignored Husky’s urging and opened his mouth to ask.

“Oh, of course—” Calvin spread out his strategy scroll with a victorious sneer: “They are best at using magic to manipulate water to attack, and they are very formidable opponents.”

The leopard boy’s eyes widened: “Is that… [Water Magic] Meow?”

“Tsk tsk tsk, no—” The little murloc prince shook his head hilariously, his words vaguely showing contempt for the leopard boy: “You think it’s those stupid video games, magic has [attributes] Points, is there any magic of wind, fire, water and soil? Don’t be stupid.

Zhangren’s so-called [water magic] is actually just [kinetic magic] and [space magic]. They don’t create water, they just store the water stored in space magic and spray it out with kinetic energy magic. “

Husky stared coldly at Calvin for a long time. Seeing the murloc prince so proud, he finally couldn’t help but retort: ​​”But mermaids also have [ice magic] woof?”

“Tsk tsk, wrong again——[Ice magic] is just a general statement, it is actually [negative entropy magic]. Simply put, it is to collect the water vapor in the air and use negative entropy to remove it. They condense into ice and create weapons such as ice arrows and ice blades. Our mermaid’s magic is many times more sophisticated than Zhangren’s, please don’t confuse the two, okay?”

The more Husky listened, the more displeased he became, but he kept silent.

In this chapter, people just accelerate the water jet to kill the enemy, which is simple and practical;

But the mermaids make ice cubes and shoot them out. There is an additional ice-making step in the process. In contrast, the practicality and speed of movement are greatly reduced, which is obviously very stupid.

I don’t understand why Calvin can boast so much about how advanced his race’s magic is. This should be purely out of the arrogance of the mermaids themselves.

However, the mermaids who used “very stupid” ice magic have defeated the Zhang people and possessed such bragging rights. The so-called winner is the king and the loser is the bandit, which is probably the truth.

“So,” Calvin continued to read the guide scroll: “When dealing with chapter people, there are two points to pay attention to.

For one, these guys use powerful [Water Pressure Cannons] that, when skilled, can even penetrate the armor of a battleship. However, this trick cannot be used out of thin air, and water must be diverted before use.

As such, they must either open a warp exit or direct a nearby water source before they can attack. It’s time to prepare to dodge. Since the water pressure cannon can only radiate out in a straight line, no matter how urgent it is, it is still easy to hide.

Two, these lowly guys collect water and form high-pressure water jets. Pay close attention to the movements of their hands during melee combat, don’t think that they will be easy to bully without holding anything in their hands.

The high-pressure water blade swings in an arc, very similar to the slashing trajectory of the light blade, and has an effective kill range of approximately three feet. It is also an attack that is easy to dodge as long as you carefully observe the movements of the enemy.

…that’s it. It is not difficult to deal with it if you carefully observe the law of action of Zhang people.

—— Queen Lilith of Iceland.

“Oh, this passage was originally written by my mother, no wonder the style of writing sounds so familiar.” Calvin added another sentence.

(This guide is amazing, I didn’t expect that even the Queen of Iceland ran out to join in the fun.)

(Who is the Queen of Iceland?)

“Humph… it’s just a blade formed by water, is it that scary?” Husky said he didn’t care.

The little murloc prince immediately shook his head: “Tsk tsk, puppy, you don’t understand. When the water flow reaches a certain level, it can cut through hard rocks as easily as cutting butter. Speed ​​is power, understand? “

Hasky was so overwhelmed by the other’s sentence that he pouted and remained silent.

“That’s about it.” The little murloc prince put away the scroll: “One last thing to confirm: this time we are going to deal with Zhangmen…that is, humanoids. You have been dealing with monsters before. Right? Is it really okay for you to kill [people] this time?”

The canine boy and the leopard boy looked at each other, stunned for a while.

Indeed, they didn’t think of killing “people”.

Even if this is just a game, even if the system blocks a lot of bloody, bloody, violent, and violent content, it still doesn’t feel very good for them to hack and slay real “people”.

It’s just a matter of time.

“What about you…? You don’t care about killing people, meow?” Howl looked at the little murloc prince timidly. In terms of age, Calvin should be a few months younger than Hal, and he is also a seven-year-old boy.

“Calvin?” The murloc prince raised his head and chuckled: “It doesn’t matter, this prince received formal knight training when he was six years old. Of course, there is some psychological preparation for this.”

“Six…six years old meow?” The leopard boy looked at each other even more incredulously.

“Don’t make such a fuss.” The little murloc prince stood up and waved, “My father is a knight, so he is also the son of a knight.

In Great Britain, children as young as six can begin training as knights. Not to mention the children of knightly families, even the children of commoner families are often sent to the knights in various places to start their military career as apprentice knights.

Today is a holiday, you probably haven’t met the apprentice knights of the Northern Sky Knights? When you really meet, you will know that at least half of them are actually not much older than you. “

Husky and Hal look at each other again. The world of knights is harsher than they imagined.

One of them grew up in the snowfields of Western Siberia, and the other in the Turkic swamp.

Two orc teenagers thought they had gone farther than their peers on the road of “fighting” — but this thought was just a boring hallucination for them to be outdated.

To put it horribly, Husky has fallen behind even among his peers. This age of knights in the world is terrifying.

Husky sighed inwardly and took out the teleportation scroll: “Anyway, let’s go out. Where are we going?”

The leopard boy Howl picked up the task list and read: “Zhangren’s territory, Obsidian Island——I don’t know if this island exists in the real world?”

“Maybe it doesn’t exist Wang—” Husky looked for the corresponding location on the map: “If Uncle Arthur and the others knew that there was such an island in the world, they would definitely kill the octopuses first. After all, it is such a dangerous creature.”

(But it could also be that they kept those on purpose, **** knows meow. Uncle Arthur is a bit of a bad guy sometimes.)

“Okay,” Husky finally found the corresponding location on the world map: “All catch Husky, we’re going to teleport!——And don’t grab Husky’s tail. !”

“Hehehe.” Calvin feigned a foolish smile, took back the clutch that had just stretched out from the **** of the dog boy, and put it on his little friend’s shoulder.

Hal shook his head sullenly and put his hand on Husky’s other shoulder.

“Teleport Wang.” The three instantly turned into a white light and flew away from the Eternal Altar.

Pap Swish——The beam of transmission landed on an island very far away from the mainland. To be precise, it fell on the edge of the island.

This island is not that Its coastline is covered with black volcanic rocks. The porous and hard reefs are not affected by the weathering of the sea tide at all, and stand unevenly on the coastline, forming a peculiar landscape.

Having just arrived on the island, Husky slumped down alertly, hiding in the shadows of the rock beside him.

Hal and Calvin also crept over. As soon as they hid, Husky asked, “So, what are we going to do? How many famous chapters are killed, and what is there to bring back?”

“What we want is… um…” Hal flipped through the task list: “It’s something called [ink stone] meow. It should be hidden in Zhang Ren’s body and sprayed as Zhang Ren. The source of the pigment when the ink attacks me. It seems that collecting about three [ink stones] is enough meow.”

“In other words, to kill three people.” Calvin had a malicious smile on his face, deliberately reminding Husky.

The canine boy frowned slightly, ignoring the murloc prince, but sticking his head out of the crevice of the rocky reef to look at the movement around him. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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