Light Spirit Epic Chapter 917: Lost in Tianyuan (20)


Chapter 917 Lost in Tianyuan (20)

The whole ship was shaken to pieces, but the hot air balloon and anti-gravity device also acted as a buffer to prevent the ship from capsizing!

The two leopard youths only felt that their hands were numb and sore as if they had been shattered, and the wooden shields in their hands were obviously cracked!

These two shields are covered with the skin of the giant Nile crocodile, and the scales of the thunder lizard are embedded on the outside, both in terms of firmness and flexibility! However, they began to be damaged under the first impact of the Black Golden Eagle! Zephyr and Seglade were hit and numb, collapsed on the deck of the ship, unable to get up again for a while!

When everyone present saw this state, they couldn’t be more clear: if they eat another hit from the eagle, the ship will shatter immediately!

At their feet, there is a thousand-foot-deep valley cliff, and they will die if they jump down; and the mountainside on the opposite side is far from reaching, and there is no place to settle at all!

The spaceship that had to slow down in order to land has become a living target of the eagle, and everyone has neither the means to defend against the eagle’s impact, nor the ability to avoid the attack of the eagle!

And the ferocious black-gold eagle, which had already flown hundreds of yards, circled, turned around and aimed again, ready for the next collision!

Blind people can easily tell that the ship will be hit by monsters before it reaches the shore! And the next time it hits again, everyone on the boat will die! Even if they are not smashed to pieces by the powerful kinetic energy of the monster, they will fall into the cliffs and ravines one after another because of the broken spaceship!

Thinking of this, Solar grabbed a handful of firewood from the firewood and stuffed it into the stone bowl under the hot air balloon without saying a word!

“What are you doing?!” Bedivere exclaimed. The balloon gained the heat of the flame, filled with hot air again, and floated upwards!

Palramidis didn’t take it lightly, he took out the jet propeller he had made earlier and fired it! (Bediver gave the propeller to the big cat during the shift change) Coupled with the propulsion of the photon reflector itself, the ship almost climbed along the mountainside, ramping up rapidly!

“What are you doing?!” Bedivere exclaimed again. It’s too late. The boat flew over the top of the mountain in front of him, even if the werewolf jumped off the boat with the tiger in his arms, it was too late!

“Sorry, little Brady, this is the only way to escape!” Palamidis apologized to the werewolf, but glanced at the tiger. Because of the change in air pressure, Albert vomited blood again, his twitching and twisted face filled with pain.

“What are you talking about! Get me down! I’m taking Al off the boat!!” the werewolf cried hysterically. However, the spaceship was a hundred yards away from the next mountainside, and there was an abyss beneath their feet, and jumping down was courting death!

“This is the only way, my friend.” Solar also whispered to persuade: “If we don’t increase the speed and height, we will surely die in the impact of that monster. I can’t use you. A friend’s life, and the life of our entire crew.”

In the end, it’s just for self-preservation. That’s right, people are always selfish, Palamidis can ignore Albert’s life and death for the lives of his two sons; and Solar is even more of a stranger, so there is no need to care about Albert’s life. Live or die!

Open your mouth and say “my friend”, but leave your friends behind when disaster strikes. Can you scumbags be any more hypocritical? !

Bediver gritted his teeth, his face ferocious. He roared and got up, holding a tortoise’s tongue whip in his hand, and cast a fiery hateful look at the eagle in the sky: “Anyway, chop up that fellow as soon as possible, and you will stop the boat to save Al, right? !?”

“Impossible, that kind of guy!” Palamidis exclaimed at the helm: “You can only avoid—“

“Avoid you, meow! Shut up your stinky mouth!” the werewolf roared, raising the whip in his hand, and rolling up the shield of Zephyr: “This is for me. The useless guys give it to me. I’ll hide, don’t get in the way!”

His temper is just like strangers, especially because of his friends.

The rest of the ship fell silent, not knowing what Bedivere’s plans were. Palamidis secretly made a decision, even if Bedivere refused to cooperate, the big cat himself would find a way to control the spaceship to avoid the impact of the eagle.

——Of course, the big cat is very clear about the maneuverability of the black golden eagle. With the current equipment, it is impossible to avoid the impact of the eagle!

The black golden eagle has roared and dived again! It flapped its wings, adjusted its posture, stomped its iron hooves, turned into a meteor with a golden head and a black tail, and slammed into the spaceship at full speed!

“You’re so arrogant!” Desperate for everything, Bedivere grabbed the high-energy flaming arrows in his quiver and set them on fire, without even needing a bow, he rolled up the flaming arrows with a whip and played!

There are about fifty flaming arrows left, which were squandered by the werewolf in an instant! But when they are sprinkled together, the effect is great! The rain of arrows in the sky radiated dazzling red light, and the red meteor shower collided with the black and golden meteors!

Clap la la la la! Several high-energy flaming arrows hit the eagle, stuck on the monster’s body, and began to ablate its body! Even if the black golden eagle is good at dodging, it is of course impossible to completely avoid this kind of airtight arrow rain!

And the damage caused by the high-energy burning arrows after hitting the target is also very impressive. An arrow with a high temperature of thousands of degrees can ablate a large hole in the target. Even an epic photon creature like the eagle will hurt when hit, and will slow down because of the pain!

It sprinted to only thirty yards from the ship, but it was a little slower, and it showed a flaw!

“You’re so cute—” Bedivere rolled up the slightly broken shield at this time: “Go to **** ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

The large shield rolled up by the tortoise’s tongue whip gathered the strength of Bedivere’s whole body and slammed it out! And it just met the black golden eagle that was sprinting!

Boom! ! A sound of cracking wooden boards or shattering skulls resounded through the sky!

The black-gold meteor that was supposed to hit the spaceship plummeted down and passed the spaceship… or, in other words, brushed the bottom of the ship! It fell into the valley and disappeared for a while!

A violent shaking almost threw everyone off the boat, but Bedivere stood on the boat like a catkin swaying in the wind, and at the same time retracted the whip, grabbing the shield that was more cracked in the collision.

“So…solved meow?” Saifel asked in a low voice.

Obviously, no.

Bedivere slapped the black golden eagle on the head with his shield, forcibly changing the eagle’s impact trajectory.

But he never thinks that kind of heavy blow can take the life of the eagle – after all, it is an epic photon creature, which is decisively different from ordinary monsters!

Severely cracked shield is the best proof of the unresolved eagle – such a tough shield, actually cracked from the center! Countless broken thunder lizard scales on it, as well as the torn skin of most of the giant Nile crocodile, made the damaged shield look terrible!

The loud cracking sound just now was indeed a shield, not the skull of a steed eagle! That guy must be alive!

However, if there is action, there must be reaction! Since the shield has been damaged to this extent, Junying must have been seriously injured!

Even if its skull hadn’t been cracked, the blow just now should have made it dizzy, can’t entangle Bedivere and others for a while?

No! The Black Golden Eagle has a powerful and incomparable obsession! Its head was bleeding, and the head that had torn its flesh and flesh had no time to regenerate, and it rushed up desperately and continued to chase everyone on the spacecraft!

“Dead bastard—” the werewolf said angrily, grabbing another barrel of arrows.

“You want to use up all our arrows, meow?!” Seglade looked at the batch of lightning arrows that had just been made last night, and couldn’t help but feel a pain in his heart!

“Better than dead!” Bedivere roared, ignoring the protests of the Leopard youths, he rolled up the thirty arrows in the quiver with a whip, and threw them down without even thinking about it!

The black golden eagle just climbed up from the valley, but it was thrown a lot of golden arrows on its face. These lightning arrows with golden arrows reflect the sunlight, making the black-gold eagle, which was blinded by blood, even more blind!

“Paramedis!” cried Bedivere.

The leopard warrior vacated a hand, gathered the power of thunder and lightning, and threw a thunderbolt!

Bediver also matched the action of the big cat, swinging the tortoise-tongue whip and throwing another thunderbolt!

Although the power is relatively weak, the lightning strike is close to the speed of light. No matter how much Junying can dodge, it is impossible to dodge! The two arcs flashed back and forth between the lightning arrows in the sky, accelerated, and finally hit Junying!

Breakthrough! ! After a loud explosion of electric shock, Junying was paralyzed by the electric shock, unable to move for a while!

“Die!” The werewolf had already snatched the Bone Pile cannonball and loaded it into the Photon Reflector! He drives the electricity in his body and shoots sharp bone stakes!

Whoosh! The bone pile flew out in a spiral shape!

Paza! There was a loud sound of tearing and the muffled sound of blood splattering and juice flying horizontally, the black golden steed was pierced by the cannonball!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Bedivere recklessly fired more Bone Pile cannonballs, and dealt a deadly continuous blow to the Eagle when it was unable to dodge! The bone stakes hit the monster’s shoulders, chest, arms and thighs one after another, opening large holes one after another in the monster’s body, constantly bleeding the eagle!

“Dead! Die! Die!! You’re not dead yet!?” Bedivere kept cursing, still operating the turret in his hand, making those bone pile shells continue to shoot. These cannonballs pierced the eagle’s body, piercing the monster’s body like a hedgehog.

“Huh?” The werewolf stopped, seeing that Seglade was no longer handing him more cannonballs, and looked at the leopard youth with a slight reproach: “Where are the cannonballs? Give me!”

“It’s all shot by you, meow!” Seglade roared back in anger and helplessness: “The one just now is the last one in stock, meow!” () “The Walking Dead” only represents the author Lei Wen D Vixas’s point of view, if you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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