Light Spirit Epic Chapter 916: Lost in Tianyuan (19)


Chapter 916 Lost in Tianyuan (19)

“Huh?” Albert put down his bow and reached out to wipe his slightly heart-shaped, pink tiger nose. The tiger’s nose was dyed even redder by the nosebleed that had just oozing out.

It’s so weird.

Why did he have a nosebleed at such a time, the tiger man had no clue at all, he just thought it was incredible.

“You…don’t think about something nasty, right?” Chanel, the elf **** the side, stared at the tiger with frosty eyes.

“Nonsense! I don’t think I would think about it at such a time!” Tiger defended himself. But more nosebleeds came out of his nose, as if trying to discredit his master.

Bediver watched silently, praying that his fears would not come to pass.

“You really didn’t think about it?” Seeing the tiger with nosebleeds, Chanel became even more unrelenting. Something!?”

(This woman—)

Blue veins emerged from Albert’s forehead: “No! Why should I peek at you? Who do you think you are, a washboard creature like you who wants **** but no boobs, butts but no butts– —-“

Pounds! He only said half of it, and his stomach immediately ate an iron fist from Chanel!

“Woo—” Albert only felt his head dizzy, his ears roared, and a mouthful of blood gushed out and spurted out of his mouth.

He clutched his stomach, curled up and slammed onto the deck.

“Huh?!” Chanel was at a loss by the sudden change: “How can I be so weak… I just punched lightly!”

Bediver frowned, put down the weapon in his hand, and went to pick up Albert — the tiger was already twitching, blood was pouring out of the corners of his mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes!

“Altitude sickness!” Bedivere’s worries were fulfilled, and his face was ashen.

“What? Altitude sickness?”

The so-called altitude sickness is a variety of uncomfortable reactions caused by people in a low-pressure environment. They are in the East African plateau, and now they are flying thousands of feet above the ground, and the air pressure is of course very low.

However, the so-called altitude sickness is originally a statement for the weak. As a qualified knight, passing the physical test is the most basic requirement. How could he be so weak that he vomited blood and fell down because of this altitude sickness?

That’s where Chanel was baffled. Logically, the physique of the orcs should be much better than that of humans!

Even Chanel, the elf girl who should be the weakest in the team, didn’t feel any discomfort. Why did the tiger fall because of this trivial matter?

“His body…is rather special.” Bediveville showed a painful expression on his face, trying to explain: “He was once captured by the foxes and remodeled. His inner part is actually tattered. , it is not surprising when he will die.”

Seven years ago, Albert and Bedivere fell into the hands of the Romanes (Foxmen) together, and the tiger’s body was modified at that time. Even if they escaped on their own, even if Bedivere tried to cure Albert, it was all in vain.

Even the most powerful wizard, Merlin, was helpless about Albert’s physical condition. The implants in El’s body had fused with the tiger’s guts to such an extent that they could not be safely removed.

So, seven years ago, Albert was already judged to be no more than two years old, and it is not surprising that he would die at any time.

It is an incredible miracle that he survived these seven years.

But that doesn’t mean he’s healed. Not also. Those implants in the tiger man youth’s body, as well as his shattered internal organs, are simply a set of time bombs. As long as the right opportunity is given, they will explode and directly take Albert’s life!

Bedivere thought the trip had been planned well enough to be foolproof. But he still miscalculated, he ignored the health risks of his friend, thinking that the tiger would survive the last short journey!

And obviously, Albert couldn’t! Keep flying, even if it’s less than an hour’s journey, and it will kill the tiger!

“This will kill him.” The werewolf checked Al’s health and muttered with a pale face: “He needs air. We must lower the altitude of the ship.”

“What? There’s no way, meow!” Saifer was immediately upset: “We only have the last hour left, meow! Just hurry, and we’ll be there in no time! Meow, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about Luo Shan, meow!”

“He can’t make it to Mount Kilimanjaro!” Bedivere looked at Albert, whose face was blue and blue, and knew that the tiger had fallen into a state of shock. Even so, the tiger’s blood was oozing from the corners of its nostrils and mouth like crazy! The situation is so dangerous that Albert could die at any time!

Death came so suddenly, it disrupted everyone’s plans in an instant.

“That’s why I hate the guy who’s holding me back the most.” Seglade said nothing. They were not familiar with Albert, and they were able to say such words at such a critical moment of life and death.

Bedivere picked up the unconscious Albert and glared at the two Leopard Boys: “You all don’t care about anything for the exam, right? Well, let the boat get close to the opposite hill, and put the Let’s put it down. I’m taking Al to seek medical treatment and not taking the exam!”

“You are crazy meow! After paying so much for the exam——“

The werewolf almost growled and interrupted, “It’s just a boring exam compared to El’s life!”

Palamidis, who was at the helm, had been silent, but he couldn’t help but speak: “Let’s lower the height of the ship.”

“What meow? Even dad you are—!”

“The exam is a small matter, and life is at stake.” The Leopard Warrior replied calmly: “If you have to sacrifice other people’s lives for the exam, I will never take this kind of exam. You too—I I have never brought up my son so cold-blooded, I am so disappointed in you!”

“Daddy Meow!” the two cats cried together.

“…Please lower your altitude, my friend.” Solar also said: “This year’s exam is expected to fail again, but we still have a chance next year.”

“Um…” Elaine also muttered in a low voice: “Ai, Ai is too, too pitiful.”

“I’m not in a hurry.” Professor Paul also said: “I’m not a candidate, just take a downwind boat to a populated place. In this case, you should save people.”

“Um…” Chanel looked at the unconscious tiger and hesitated for a long time before saying, “I also agree with stopping the boat. There is still an hour left, and he will definitely not be able to survive like this.”

“Ow…” Seeing that everyone can’t talk about it, Saifer groaned unwillingly for a while: “It’s only a little bit closer, meow——“

He reduced the balloon’s tinder to make it less buoyant. The spaceship flew slowly towards the opposite mountainside, ready to land.

“This is a good boy.” Palamidis added jokingly, but his two sons stared at him.

Just when everyone thought that the spaceship was about to land and were ready to land, a dark shadow suddenly appeared in the clouds.

“Oops! Seven o’clock, in the sky!” Chanel was the first to hear the sound, and immediately sounded the alarm. At the same time, he had already drawn his bow and arrows. No matter what was rushing toward him, he would shoot it down first!

Bedivere also raised his bow and arrow to aim at the target. The shadow in the sky like black lightning was diving towards the spaceship at an alarming speed!

“That’s it!” The werewolf exclaimed while shooting the Miki arrow: “That eagle last night?!”

That’s right, the huge black shadow that attacked Bedivere’s group was a hawk on its upper body and a horse on its lower body. That is the close relative of the griffin, an extremely rare species – the eagle.

Bediver judged from the subtle habits of the black-gold eagle’s actions that it was the monster that attacked him and Palamidis last night, preventing them from approaching the Institute of Ancients.

At that time, Palamides attracted the thunder, and finally shot down the eagle. It should have disappeared into the night sky like this, and it will not come to Bedivere and the others again.

Now that I think about it, they’re still too naive!

The Black Golden Eagle, who was repulsed once by Palamidis, was very obsessed and wanted revenge, and he didn’t know when he had found the Bedivere and his party! It lurks among the clouds, waiting for a sneak attack!

And now, the spacecraft’s hot air balloon is deflated and in a slow descent. It’s speed has dropped dramatically, and it can’t fly high for the time being. It’s the best time to start!

The black-gold eagle roars like a golden spear, dashing forward like a golden spear!

It’s not flying, the magic on its hooves gallops through space. It stomps through space like the ground with amazing mobility and agility!

Whoosh whoosh! The arrow rain came unexpectedly, fast and slow, it was difficult to dodge at that kind of relative speed! But the Black Golden Eagle twisted its body lightly, and with two or three drifts, it avoided the arrows fired by Chanel and Bedivere, and charged towards the spaceship with almost no deceleration!

Unexpectedly! Bedivere has long seen the monster’s ability to dodge arrows, and the werewolf is even more aware that the next impact of the eagle is equally threatening!

“It’s coming, be careful!” Bedivere shouted, throwing all his strength on Albert’s body, using his body to fix himself and the tiger man youth on the boat.

And Zephyr, Seglade also greeted him at the same time, with the support of Elaine and Solar, they raised their shields together!

The black golden eagle is threatening, and the bow and arrow can’t stop it, only the shield can eat its impact!

Pounds! ! ————- With a deafening loud noise, the eagle slammed into the double shields of the Leopard brothers! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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