Light Spirit Epic Chapter 91: The final victory is in the first place


Chapter 91

“As Arthur expected, they sent elephants out.” Evan turned his head and reported after watching for a while.

Kai frowned suspiciously: “Isn’t the venue still under repair?”

“The orcs are complaining, saying that Rome is deliberately delaying time and favoring humans,” said a voice.

“You’re…” Kai looked over, and a masked black-clothed eccentric was in the lounge for some time.

“I’m Sage Z,” the man said.

“Is it Lord Justinian?” Bedivere couldn’t help asking.

“…Ahem. No. I’m Sage Z.” The man repeated again.

Kayla asked Bedivere in a low voice, “What is he here for?”

“I don’t know. Maybe there is something I want to say, but I am afraid that the orcs will see that Rome is partial to us, so I specially covered my face and came to contact us.” Bedivere also replied in a low voice.

Justinian coughed dryly: “Cough. I can hear everything…”

“Oh, I’m sorry for being rude, Cha… Your Excellency Sage Z.” Kaipai smiled (this guy’s taste in changing names is terrible), “So, what are you doing?”

“No, nothing special, just send an item requested by knight Arthur.”


“It’s not convenient for you to know now. Let’s talk about it later.” Justinian sat down unexpectedly, as if he wanted to watch the battle here.

“Your Excellency is going to wait here? Wouldn’t it be a little inappropriate?” Kai asked helplessly.

“Oh, don’t mind me, anyway, no one will recognize me if I’m disguised, right?” the sage said.

“Why do I think this disguise has already been exposed…” Bedivere murmured in a low voice.

“Based on the principle of fairness, the field repair is suspended. Now please send the next duelist from both sides.” The referee on the stage announced.

“I’m really impatient, will I die if I rest a little longer?” Kai walked up while flexing his muscles.

On the opposite side came out the Elephant Papho. The tall elephant man had a gloomy face, chewing on some strange herb, and said coldly: “My companions are taken care of by you. It’s my turn to make you suffer.”

“I thought the Elephants were all pacifists?” Kay quipped.

“I’m different from those cartilaginous heads who only know how to study herbal medicine. Let me show you the power of the hero’s medicine.”

The Elephant Man swallowed the herbs in his mouth, his skin gradually turned red, his body seemed to boil again, and his pores were steaming.

“Anesthesia. Is it a medicine to speed up the heart and lung function?” Kai asked disdainfully, “Be careful if you drink too much, you will become a short-lived ghost.”

“Boy, laugh at yourself as a short-lived ghost when your bones are broken!” The elephant man swung a huge hammer and smashed at Kai.

It should be an ordinary iron sledgehammer without any special enchantment. But its hugeness and heaviness created its terrifying lethality. Kai swiftly avoided the hammer, but the hammer that hit the ground caused a huge shock wave, which directly blew Kai up dozens of meters.

“Wow.” When Kay landed, he clearly saw a pothole nearly ten feet wide on the ground, which was smashed by that terrifying If this kind of attack is hit, no matter how good the protective gear is. A must die.

But that’s not what surprises Kay.

“It’s exactly the same as Arthur’s estimate. Does that kid have the ability to meet the future?”

“Die!!” While Kai was still in mid-air, the hammer wielded by the Elephant Man turned into a detachable hammer head. Connected by thick iron chains, the hammer head shot out like a meteor, smashing towards Kai. This terrifying speed and quality is also a fatal blow.

“It won’t be plotted by you.” Kai raised his spear and slammed it firmly on the ground. With the flexibility of the spear body, he bounced himself off like a pole vaulter, thereby changing his trajectory. , dodged the fatal blow of the meteor hammer.

While Papho’s meteor hammer could not be retracted, the Katie spear rushed in front of the Elephant Man and stabbed the enemy’s abdomen with a single shot!

Keng! ! !

The big shield raised by the elephant man at an unknown time blocked the blow. A shield containing a lot of photons, knocking Kai’s attack away!

“Ugh.” Kai watched as the shield on the elephant man’s left arm folded up at the moment when he finished using it, “It’s still hiding such a hand. Good shield.”

“Ha!” Pavre has already rolled the meteor hammer back, and the huge hammer has taken shape again. He raised the hammer and slapped it on Kai’s head!

Knowing that it was too late to dodge, Kai raised his spear and aimed it at the opponent’s hammer, which was a stab!

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