Light Spirit Epic Chapter 90: The decisive victory lies in the strategy (true)


Chapter 90: Strategy (True)

The huge icicles are like huge lotus flowers that are constantly growing on the ground, and instantly spread over a wide area, forming a huge ice bed. Seeing that no matter how much he struggled in the air, he would definitely land in such an area. In a hurry, Coves used madness, and his huge feet landed on the ice bed!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah Madness protected Corvez well from being stabbed to death by ice spikes, but it was enough to destroy Corvez’s feet.

Coves endured the pain and jumped off the ice bed, splashing blood when he landed on the ground.

“Wrap up and surrender,” Arthur said coldly.

“You do have a very powerful weapon, and the dragon’s blood you drank generates tremendous power.” Coves said as he quickly tore off his clothes and wrapped his feet, “but such a huge power must be It won’t last long. I’ll win when you run out of power. Until then—I’ll run away!!!!”

The seriously injured Leopard Man didn’t give up at all. He immediately ran away and began to gallop across the field. It’s hard to imagine that this guy can run so fast when his legs are seriously injured. The orc’s physical strength and endurance are incredible!

“Your Majesty,” Arthur turned his head to ask the Roman Emperor, regardless of Corvez, “Although it is your sacred arena, but a little bit of damage in battle will not be a problem?”

“Let’s do it splendidly, I allow it. If it breaks, it will be repaired.” The emperor said.

“Then—-” Arthur raised his right fist of flames, hitting the ground hard with a single blow. The ultra-high heat immediately ran on the ground or even underground, and part of the ground began to crack, and lava emerged!

“It’s useless!!!!” The Leopard Man jumped while dodging, and the lava on the ground couldn’t hurt him at all. Countless mines exploded, and the resulting blast blasted Coves to the left and right, but this guy always adjusted his posture and landed at the critical moment, and he was always able to barely escape all kinds of death traps on the ground!

“Have you gotten used to the regularity of mine explosions? Sure enough, it’s a cat. I know it’s not enough to deal with you.” Arthur raised Frost’s left fist, “But this time it’s really over.”

The moment the left fist hit the ground, the extreme cold and the high heat clashed violently, a catastrophic conflict like a landslide and a fissure that immediately swept the entire battlefield.

“What?!” Countless stone fragments flew out of the ground and shot upwards like bullets! The volleyed Coves had absolutely no room to dodge, and could only let Stone Storm swept him away.

“Using the temperature difference to generate a strong updraft, everything on the battlefield will be swept away from the ground.” Seeing this situation, Corvez is already desperate, “In the face of absolute power, it is useless to escape. ?”

Sharp stones cut countless holes in Coves. By the time he realized it, he had fallen heavily to the ground…if that pothole was a ‘surface’.

Arthur comes over and punches Coves firmly in the leg first. The Frozen Fist immediately froze the opponent’s legs, not only preventing him from escaping, but also preventing him from continuing to bleed.

“I want to tell you that these powers are entirely generated by the dragons attached to my arms. They are real dragons, and when turned into weapons, they are independent photon reactors, which can last forever no matter how long the battle is. Absorb the photons. Are you going to keep fighting?” Arthur said.

“How did you tame two dragons. No one has done such a thing for thousands of years…” Coves said reluctantly.

“I’m just lucky,” Arthur whispered.

“Luck. Hahahaha. I lost to luck in the end? Don’t laugh at people. Kill if you want. I won’t surrender to you humans. Absolutely not.” Coves gritted his teeth typical.

“I don’t want to kill you.” Arthur said, “I really did use the power of the dragons to defeat you now. Such a victory will not satisfy me. Give me life. One day we will See you on the battlefield, then I will use my own strength to defeat you with dignity.”

As if enlightened, Coves breathed a sigh of relief: “You will regret it. At that time, I will definitely return the shame to you today.”

“If you can do it,” Arthur said.

“I surrender,” Coves announced through gritted teeth.

“The Hungarian envoys announced their surrender! Now the result of the duel is one victory for each side!” the referee announced loudly.

“Because the site is seriously damaged and needs time to repair, please rest for an hour first.”

“Huh, I’m exhausted.” Arthur sat down and rested.

“Beautiful. I didn’t expect the power to be so amazing after merging with a dragon!” Kai said I knew I would tame a dragon for fun. “

“Playing?” Shaxing immediately became angry, “You kid is a dragon as your pet?”

“Want to die?” Xianvia also roared.

“Leave him alone, he is a mindless idiot.” Arthur said, “You have worked hard, this is the reward.” He took out a bottle, which was full of flying luminous insects.

“You’re acquainted. But I do have to give you a compliment. It’s rare to use the power of the dragon so well. Maybe you kid really has the talent to use the dragon. But that’s okay, you’re going to die soon.”

“The price of using dragon blood?” Bedivere asked in a low voice.

“Otherwise do you think that such a huge power can be obtained casually?” Xianvia said coldly.


“It’s okay, I won’t die so easily,” Arthur said.

“We’ll see.” The dragons sneered, then jumped into the portal and disappeared.

“I’m tired…let’s get some sleep first.” Arthur started snoring immediately after saying that.

“Arthur…” Bedivere still looked at Arthur worriedly.

“That guy? Don’t worry! Even if he’s weak on the outside, he’s tough on the inside.” Kai said disapprovingly.

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