Light Spirit Epic Chapter 908: Lost in Tianyuan (11)


Chapter 908 Lost in Tianyuan (11)

Five minutes ago.

Bedivere suddenly had an idea and thought of a way to help Palamides from a distance.

He grabbed the photon mirror and folded the mirror like an umbrella.

He just did the same, repeating what Palamides did at noon yesterday.

“Do you still have the cannonball you made yesterday?” The werewolf reached out to the two Leopard youths.

“Of course there are meows.” Seglade took out a batch of bone pickets.

Each of these pale-white pickets is as thick as an arm, as long as an arm, the tip is finely ground, terrifyingly sharp, and the side of the picket has a thin spiral engraving, which can be quickly released blood on the target.

The design of its doors is almost identical to the bloodletting stakes used to repel the swamp pythons yesterday, but the leopard youth Seglade has switched to making these stakes from the bones of the thunder lizards, making them lighter and stronger , as a “cannonball” with higher penetrating power and several times the lethality.

Before this, Bedivere was worried that the electricity he generated could not be comparable to that of Palamides, and that the projectiles fired from the photon reflector might not be able to hit very far. However, looking at these lightweight bone piles, he suddenly gained confidence.

He picks up a bone stake and fits it into the folded mirror. This is ready, as long as the current is passed to the mirror, the shell will be fired.

There is a way to smash monsters. Then just wait for the time.

Bediver was fascinated by the phantom flurry of mist. This madness is full of mist, with countless mirages dancing randomly, just staring at it can make people dizzy. In the end, what method can be used to see through this fog and shoot the cannonballs to the correct position?

The werewolf looked at Chanel for help. The elf girl shook her head.

No matter how good her hearing is, she is still in a state where some of her abilities have been sealed by the Demon Sealing Bracelet. Now she is only a little better than ordinary people’s hearing. It’s okay to prevent the sneak attack of monsters for everyone. It is necessary for her to judge the exact location of the enemy from dozens of yards away, and then direct Bedivere to shoot accurately. mission Impossible.

Unless there is some kind of useful signal from the Paramidis, it is almost impossible to shoot the giant Nile mussels from this distance through a chaotic fog!

However, the big cats in the fierce battle will have this free time, will they signal Bedivere?

No. It all happened so suddenly that Palamidis couldn’t even know that Bedivere would have the Bone Pile at the ready to shoot his opponent this way!

It may be too idealistic to rely on Leopard warriors for signals!

Just when Bedivere was at a loss, a bright light suddenly came from the fog in the distance!

This golden light is so powerful that it can pass through the thick fog and be seen by everyone!

This golden light must be a signal!

The werewolf immediately picked up his spirits, raised the “turret” to aim at the target, and poured a powerful current into it! !

Pounds! ! —— A deep sound exploded in the photon reflector, and the bone stake was shot out!

It keeps spinning in the air, raising a spiral of wind pressure, piercing through the thick fog, and reaching the very center of the monster!

Paza! ! Incomparably sharp bone stakes plunged into the flesh and blood of the giant Nile mussels, smashing a few of the piles of human skull-like things!

I don’t know if it was because of shock or the stimulation of pain, the screaming of the bone monster stopped. Controlled by the hypnosis technique, Palamidis, who was unable to exert his strength at first, regained his strength at this time!

“Oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” !

Dazzling electric light spreads along the monster’s tentacles throughout the Nile Giant Clam! Captured by the electric shock, it twitches continuously!

The tide turned in an instant! Bedivere took the second picket and shot it without thinking!

Pop! ! The picket shell once again plunged into the soft flesh protected by the hard shell of the monster! The transparent blood that is unique to shellfish is constantly spewing out from the mouth of the giant Nile clam like a fountain!

Leopard warriors send out more powerful electric currents, scorching monsters from the outside to the inside!

Bedivere continues to shoot the pickets, tearing the monster’s inner body into a blur!

Even Albert, Shanel and Saifer, who have bows and arrows in their hands, joined in the fun, constantly raising their bows and shooting, feeding this half-beast half-evil spirit monster with countless arrows!

Clap! ! The sound of something clearly breaking off irritated Palamidis’ cat ears.

The Nile giant clam finally couldn’t bear the onslaught of everyone and died! Its mussel shells open feebly, floating on the water, giving off a scorched stench!

“Ugh!” The big cat settled on the open clam shell and looked at the **** mass in the center of the giant clam.

Has been smashed to pieces, but the skulls are still slowly wriggling. But they lost the Nile giant clam’s support, and it seems that they can no longer do evil.

Palamidis stepped forward with his spear and smashed the skulls and skeletons inhabited by evil spirits one by one! The red light in the eyes of the skulls gradually condensed into one, becoming an indescribable, dark red thing.

As the power of the evil spirits weakened, the surrounding fog began to dissipate.

“Palami!” Bedivere and others also arrived by boat at this time, and the werewolf looked at the dark red object uneasily: “A spirit body? … Want to take this thing What should I do?”

“Sink it down, of course—” Palamedis stopped halfway through. It’s not a good thing to sink it like this. It will only find new things to rely on, and maybe it will turn into a second Nile giant clam, which will continue to harm the local ecology.

If it really becomes like that, it will be very troublesome. Although this guy doesn’t seem to be a particularly powerful evil spirit, its ability to change the fog is very annoying, and dealing with it in the future will only make it more troublesome.

Paramedis frowned again.

The best way, of course, is to destroy this evil spirit.

However, evil spirits are inherently immortal. This is just a group of photons, no matter how you kill it, you can’t kill it.

Wait… Photon?

Palramidis and Bedivere look at each other.

“Bedivere, give me the other photon reflector.” Palamedis came over and stretched out his hand.

“Are you sure, Palamy?” The werewolf could probably guess what the big cat wanted to do.

However, if a mirror is wasted for this monster—–

However, you can’t let it stay here and “pollute the environment”, right?

Bediver sighed, and threw the folded photon reflector that had just been removed for use to Palamidis.

“Thank you.” The leopard warrior immediately removed the silver, lightstone powder-coated cloth on the photon reflector.

Just hope this helps. Palamides approached the dark red mass and wrapped it in a photon-reflecting cloth.

Roll up!

The thing struggled a few times in the cloth bag and then stopped moving.

Although the principle is not very clear, Palamidis has successfully captured the evil spirit!

“Huh.” The leopard warrior finally breathed a sigh of relief, tied the opening of the cloth bag with a rope, and carried it on his back: “It’s a waste of time, let’s go quickly. I just hope that we can reach our goal before noon. land.”

“And, thanks to you, we only have one reflector left.” Bedivere said with a slight dissatisfaction. His eyes were never separated from the wound on the big cat’s leg. Those wounds were still bleeding, but they had begun to heal.

Paramidis shrugged: “Don’t be like that. We’ll catch up, don’t worry too much.”

He limped back to the raft and joined the crowd. Bediveville first-class leopard warriors boarded the ship, and immediately activated the photon reflector to push the spacecraft to move on.

East African Plateau, on Lake Victoria, 10:00 a.m.—two hours before the exam deadline.

At the same time, in a virtual world.

Squeak squeak squeak squeak! ! A large group of bats flew out from the depths of the cave, seemingly disturbed by the firelight, and fled desperately.

“Wow! It’s scary! Calvin is so scared!” The murloc prince took the opportunity to grab the canine boy’s tail.

“Let it go!” Husky shouted dissatisfiedly, “If you keep pulling like this, Husky’s tail will be ripped off by you!”

“Huh? That seems like a good idea too!” Calvin hugged the dog boy’s fluffy, curled tail and continued to pull: “Hey! It would be great if you could pull it off and take it away!”

“Stop, stop woofing!” Husky was so confused that he wanted to get rid of the murloc prince, but he didn’t dare to struggle hard, for fear that if he pulled hard, he would really tear his tail off.

“Huhu…you guys feel so good meow.” Hal said with a wry smile.

“It’s not a woof!” Husky’s face turned red in the light of the firelight: “Who wants to have a good relationship with this stalking guy! I hate it! I like dog tails so much, why don’t you go by yourself? Raise a dog!”

“Hey, this prince has this plan, and he will definitely raise a puppy when he returns to Iceland.” Calvin continued to play with the dog’s tail happily,” but now, Calvin is traveling and temporarily living in the battleship , and pets are strictly prohibited in the battleship.”

“Oh—” Husky pretended to be nonchalant about He didn’t bother to talk to Calvin any more, lest the little murloc prince keep talking smugly.

Howl, the Leopard boy, was very curious at this time: “Battle, battleship? You have your own battleship, meow? Cool—“

“Hehe, if you’re interested, it’s okay to take you to the battleship to play.” Calvin laughed arrogantly. “However, you little black cat will bring bad luck. Is it better to let you on board? Calvin will think about it again.”

“Umow—” Howl seemed to be battered, the cat’s ears drooping.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, just focus on the task first,” Husky interrupted. He shivered involuntarily, only to realize that he could breathe out white steam when he spoke.

That’s right, the chill that seeps from the depths of the cave gets more and more pressing as the Husky and his party go deeper!

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