Light Spirit Epic Chapter 907: Lost in Tianyuan (10)


Chapter 907 Lost in Tianyuan (10)

At the same time, the leopard warrior Palamedis was also in a tough fight.

The surrounding vision is extremely poor, not only is the fog shrouded, but also countless phantoms are constantly rushing towards the Leopard warriors.

These apparitions are sometimes like an army of monsters and monsters, sometimes like an army of knights, sometimes like a raging dragon.

Most of these phantom attacks are not real, they pass through Palamidis like a fog, but do no harm, and the big cat knows it is a false alarm.

However, in this seemingly innocuous fog, some of the attacks came from the giant Nile mussels. It hides its tentacles in the mist and sneaks up on Palamides in the misty illusion.

When the big cat thought that a wave of phantoms was just smoke and had no lethality, the monster’s tentacles penetrated his shoulders.

“Ouch!” The big cat swung his spear aggressively, cut off his tentacles, and flashed left at the same time.

Zazazazazazazazazazaza! ! Dozens of tentacles hit it immediately, but they all flew into the air, piercing the water surface one after another, making the sound of splashing water.

“Insidious!” Palamedis clutched the wound on his shoulder and ripped off the wriggling tentacle.

The phantom disappeared again, the monster’s tentacles twisted a few times in the fog, and then retracted, not even giving Palamidis the space to fight back!

More phantoms continued to attack Palamidis. It was like a siege of thousands of troops and beasts, and the big cat was dazzled for a while! Although he knew that most of the offensives were phantoms, he could not distinguish the real from the phantoms. Palamidis could only use his greatest action ability to try his best to avoid the encirclement and suppression of the thousands of troops.

He is very fast and agile, and it is indeed possible to dodge every phantom attack. But his physical consumption has also become huge, dozens of times greater than the original huge consumption.

Under the siege of an endless army of Phantoms, the Leopards dashed left and right, dodging every attack.

However, his stamina is about to run out, and the big cat begins to gasp for exhaustion. This moment of dodging is indeed impossible to maintain for a long time!


More phantoms attacked, and Palamedis finally gave up escaping and turned to fire.

A shot swept across, but what he slashed was air. The phantom demon bisected in front of him, but with a sly smile on his face, as if mocking the ignorance of Palamides.

One more shot, slashing the dozens of phantoms who rushed forward. But they are just fog masses. Even if they are chopped up, they will not be damaged in the slightest. At the same time, they also turn into countless bird-shaped fog and rush towards Palamidis, fascinating the eyes of the leopard warriors.

“Humph!” The big cat was even more angry, and the spear in his hand danced wildly, blowing away the surrounding pieces.

But it didn’t work! Those mists were driven away in the first second, and the next second, they rushed towards them relentlessly. Countless creatures in the phantom waved swords and spears at Palamides, shooting arrows made of smoke! Such an intensive attack must be a hidden mystery, with the tentacles of monsters attacking in it!

It’s okay! No matter how many attacks, no matter how fierce the offensive, the leopard warriors with rich combat experience can follow——whatever it takes!

When a group of fog shadows slashed the big knife at him, Palamides turned to one side, avoiding the trajectory of the big sword, and at the same time raised the gun and stabbed, penetrating a huge hole in the fog shadow’s chest;

The next second, another fog warrior stabbed with a gun, and Palamedis also raised his gun to block. The opponent’s fog gun collided with the big cat’s Genel, and it shattered immediately. And the big cat also took advantage of the trend and cut off the head of the fog warrior;

The three fog shadow warriors attacked together from the left, middle and right. The big cat didn’t give them a chance to get close at all. He swept the gun and swept the three fog warriors at the same time!

At the same time, a fog knight riding a fog horse also wielded a huge lance, and rammed his horse into Palamides. The big cat jumped up, spinning in the air, and the long spear in his hand turned into a golden slashing wheel, directly splitting the fog knight vertically!

No matter how ferocious the mist monsters attacked, Palamedis countered with these shadows one by one. The ancient Nir in his hand precisely cut each mist shadow, shredding them, shredding them, Shred again!

However, nothing was born! What the big cat was looking forward to, the sneak attack from the Nile giant clam was not hidden in the fog army once? !

Just as Palamidis’ suspicion was growing, he suddenly felt the wind under his feet.

By the time the Leopard warriors fled in panic, it was too late!

——Zazazazaza! ! Dozens of tentacles shot out of the water, piercing the big cat’s feet, calves, thighs, and abdomen!

It turns out that the fog shadow army is just a cover, all fog shadows have no entity, and the tentacles of the giant mussel are not hidden in it at all! They are just a bait to hold the big cat and keep the leopard warriors from running around!

The real Nile giant clam lurks in the water and has long since arrived at the feet of Palamides! Just when the big cat was fighting with those fog groups, it finally found the opportunity to sneak attack on the Leopard!

“Wow!” Palamedis spat out a mouthful of blood, trying to struggle away. But the monster’s tentacles not only ran through the body of the leopard warrior, they also kept squirming, coiling around the lower limbs of the leopard warrior, so that he could no longer struggle away!

More tentacles have been wrapped around the cat’s arms! This completely eliminates the possibility of Leopard warriors wielding weapons to cut off tentacles!

Palramidis was completely entangled and became a turtle in a urn!

At this point, the giant Nile clam finally emerged from the water with confidence and opened its shell.

It has a thorn inside the clam shell, which is like a terrifying giant mouth. As long as the creatures are sent into it, they can be crushed through the opening and closing of the clam shell, chewing the flesh and blood of these creatures, for the This terrifying monster provides nutrients!

Palamidis can clearly see that there are a large number of human skulls within the almost bottomless giant clam! These skulls are all from the victims of giant clam attacks, roughly a thousand people!

They are connected into one piece, thinly wrapped by the nacres secreted by the giant mussels. Although it looks like a pearl, there is a terrifying red light in the skull!

That atmosphere, that aura, the Nile Giant Clam is by no means an ordinary monster!

——It’s an evil spirit!

Palamedes takes a breath!

I am afraid it is the resentment of the creatures who were swallowed by the monsters. It has accumulated over the years, and it has become what it is now-a half-monster, half-evil spirit existence!

The giant Nile clam can easily manipulate this huge fog shadow army, and make every fog shadow’s movement unique and beautiful, it is difficult to tell whether it is true or false, I am afraid it depends on the power of evil spirits!

Nowadays, the big cat is pulled by countless tentacles and slowly dragged into the monster’s “mouth”! What he will face is the fate of being crushed into flesh by the countless spikes in the giant clam’s body!

In this opportunity, the big cat is——


Palramidis laughed wildly, as if the plan had succeeded, and he was so displeased.

“Caught you!” The big cat’s whole body began to emit a fierce golden light, and the light dyed the **** panther’s fur into pure gold!

A powerful current surged out of him, through the tentacles of the monster, to the giant Nile clam!

The mantis catches the cicada, with the oriole behind. Just when the Nile Giant Clam thought that his haze tactics had succeeded in plotting against Palamidis, he didn’t expect the big cat to set a trap for it in turn!

Palamidis wasn’t deceived by the ridiculous Mist Legion, he just pretended to reveal his flaws and was caught by the monster!

The countless crimson tentacles protrude from the barnacle-shaped parasitic monsters on the shell of the giant Nile clam. The strong current of tens of thousands of volts first captured these barnacle monsters and charged them so much that they were tender inside and tender outside!

Amid the scorched stench, the electric current penetrated the giant shell of the giant Nile clam and penetrated into the tender flesh of the monster!

At that moment, Palamidis clearly saw that the skull that pushed people to death in the giant Nile clam began to chug, opened its mouth, and let out a terrifying low voice!

Like the screams of countless resentful spirits!

Palamidis, who heard this scream, suddenly felt an endless chill in his body, he began to lose his strength, and the electricity from the big cat, which should have been fully powered, began to weaken!

Oops, is this hypnotism? ! It’s still hiding such a hand!

The barnacle monsters, who were not completely electrocuted, used their last strength to retract their tentacles and slowly drag Paramedis into the **** mouth of the giant Nile clam!

It’s absolutely terrible! The leopard warriors could not use electricity, let alone continue to struggle, and could only watch themselves being dragged into the abyss of death!

If you continue like this, you will die! Something must be done! !

Before Palamidis completely lost consciousness, he raised a hand and shot a lightning ball into the monster’s mouth with his only remaining strength!

Pop! ! The strong light burst, and countless golden arcs shot all around, dazzling like the sun!

This is the low-voltage, barely lethal lightning ball that Palamidis used yesterday to escape from the village of Begmi. But it is very effective at converting electricity into light energy, and a little power can produce extremely dazzling light!

Palamidis has been unable to exert more power, and can only pin the last bit of power on this lightning ball! !

Or rather, on his comrades!

The tentacles are getting tighter and tighter, and the big cat can almost hear the sound of his bones being ripped apart! He was also dragged to his mouth by the monster, and he would be gnawed at any time!

At the moment of his almost complete despair——

Whoosh! ! There was a heavy, heavy sound from beside him! Something like a cannonball shot through the thick fog and pierced directly into the monster’s body!

The leopard warrior was surprised for a while, lamenting that his companions were too witty, and understood the big cat’s thoughts well.

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