Light Spirit Epic Chapter 905: Lost in Tianyuan (8)


Chapter 905 Lost in Tianyuan (8)

Hal panicked when he saw the big snake biting in his face! But his survival instinct allowed him to naturally use his newly learned combat skills, [Spiritual Unity].

The sudden burst of concentration made the boy calm down. Everything in front of him seemed to be frozen, and the big poisonous snake that was rushing towards him was attacking the left shoulder of the leopard boy at a very slow speed!

Hal raised his dagger in response, of course! He felt his arms barely obeying, as slow as the serpent’s movement. But this is enough. According to this trend, the dagger he raised must be able to take a step before the big snake bites——

Roll a la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la! The effect of [Spiritual Unity] ended, and the flow of time returned to its usual state. Hal only saw that the dagger in his hand was colliding with the mouth of the big tree viper, and the blade of the dagger was cutting the big snake into two sides from the corner of his mouth! !

The big snake was almost dismembered, spewing out countless transparent blood (which had been shielded by the system), and fell weakly on Hal’s shoulders!

This **** serpent seems to want to bite. But it is along the corner of the mouth, the upper and lower jaws have been separated into two parts, the mouth has lost the strength of the bite, and can no longer do evil!

Hal didn’t think much of it, he cut off the viper’s head and discarded it. He grabbed the snake’s body and pulled out all the muscles in it. Although it is a little different from the plan, the snake tendons are extremely flexible and are more suitable for bowstrings than tree vines!

Of course, he killed a big tree viper, which also means that he was covered in the blood of a big snake (although the blood is now transparent)! This **** smell is sure to cause big trouble!

Must run away now! ! The leopard boy wrapped the hard-earned snake tendons around his waist, used his legs with full strength, and jumped towards the tree on the way back.

While flying through the air, a drop of transparent blood spilled from his body and landed on the tip of the nose of a wild wolf on the ground.

The monster is stimulated by the smell of blood, and the excitement is inexplicable. It looked up and saw the Leopard Man boy leaping in the air and not yet completely landing on the branch.

“Ah hoo!——” the wild wolf howled. Its cry spread throughout the foggy forest.

The forest is boiling in an instant! Countless big wild wolves rushed over in response to the call of their companions!

“Oh Tian Meow—” Hal fell on the branch and was eager to escape from here immediately. He jumped to another tree, but misjudged the distance because of his anxiety, his hand missed the branch, and he fell from the tree with a clatter!

“Ow!” The leopard boy’s **** was sore and numb when he fell. Fortunately, the system blocked the pain, otherwise the fall would have been so painful!

Hal just got up and wanted to run back to the rocky terrain to join his mates. But it’s too late! A big wild wolf became crazy under the stimulation of the **** smell, and rushed over desperately, a row of sharp teeth like a knife, fiercely biting the neck of the Leopard boy!

Distracted by the pain in his **** (although the pain was blocked, the system still took this into account), Hal didn’t have time to use his mental unity combat skills. Seeing that his throat was about to be bitten by the big wolf, he closed his eyes in despair!

“Bump!” Something slammed into the wolf, making a loud noise in front of the Leopard boy!

Hal opened his eyes in astonishment, only to see Husky rammed in desperately! He blocked the wolf’s attack with his arm, and stabbed his sword with the other hand at the same time!

Pounds! ! The sword stab strengthened by [arm strength] was very violent, and the weight of the big sword itself made it not only pierce the belly of the wild wolf, but also sent the whole wolf flying out, flying out a full ten yards!

“Are you okay?” Husky cried, “Get up and run!”

“Husky, your hand—” Hal looked at his little friend’s left arm guiltily, which had been bitten by the wolf to a **** mess.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.” Husky pulled Hal, he had already used the [Self-Healing Enhancement] combat technique. Although the arm injury was serious, it was healing quickly: “Run to the cave. Hurry up!”

The two ran desperately towards the direction of the cave, and the little murloc king Calvin also laughed and caught up, not caring at all about the crazy wild wolves behind him.

“Oops! I’m going to be caught up with meow!” Hal looked at the group of monsters, and then at the cave entrance behind him that was just big enough for two people to pass through at the same time. In this way, even if they hide in the cave, the wolves will chase in! ?

“Hahaha, it’s okay!” Calvin just swooped into the hole and waved his staff immediately!

A large cloud of viscous and cold ice mist shot out and blocked the entrance of the cave!

The crazy big wolves didn’t realize that something was wrong, they slammed into the ice fog and were immediately frozen! Four or five wild wolves froze at the same time, forming a ball of hard and big ice, betting on the hole!

“Hey hey hey, what an idiot!” Calvin sneered.

“Yes, you are also Wang.” Hal looked at the big piece of ice blocking the entrance of the cave and not only sighed: “Now our retreat is blocked, how should we go back to Wang?”

“Oh, this?” Calvin knocked on the big piece of ice: “Just break this. Your great sword is so destructive, it should be able to break it easily, right?”

“Hopefully!” Husky said angrily. His big iron sword is extremely heavy, and it needs to cooperate with the [arm burst] combat skill to swing it. If he runs out of combat skills in the next battle, they will be trapped in this cave!

Howl sees the army of wolves lingering outside the cave entrance through the transparent ice. But the ice is so hard that these wolves cannot break it with their claws. And this kind of special high-temperature ice cubes made by magic may not dissolve easily.

Anyway, they’re safe for now!

(The remaining combat skills of the three teenagers:

Calvin: Frostbolt m/Icemist m: 12

Husky: Arm burst: 9

Self-healing enhancement m: 6

Howl: Power Dash: 8

Spiritual Unity: 4

“Hal, give me the materials.” Husky reached out and asked the Leopard boy for the snake tendon.

“But, your hand—” Hal was still hesitating, but saw that the wound on Husky’s arm had almost healed. The effect of [Self-Healing Enhancement] is very good, after all, it is microscopic magic.

Hal hands Husky the long snake tendon wrapped around his waist. It was actually covered in blood, and it left the hand with an indescribable stickiness.

“Gosh—you killed a big snake?” Husky began to work on the tendon, and began to use a knife to break the tendon into thirds.

No results. The snake tendons are unimaginably tough, and they cannot be cut at all!

“Frozen, maybe?” Calvin leaned over and asked.

“No no no, you need to save your magic!” Husky hurriedly stopped: “There must be another way.”

“How about that?” Hal pointed to the sharp stalagmite beside him.

They were in a stalactite cave, and the surrounding environment was filled with spiky, long stalagmites formed from the accumulation of limestone over time.

The stalagmites are found in the ceiling and the ground, and expand as the cave opens up, like a field of spikes.

Hal broke off a stalagmite with force. The stalagmite is a bit brittle, but the tip is really frighteningly sharp and can be used as a chisel.

Husky took the stalagmite and held it in one hand, securing the tip of the stalagmite to the snake’s tendon, then took a large stone and tapped the end of the stalagmite with the weight of the stone.

Chong! Chiseled a little. Even the extremely flexible snake tendons had to succumb under the impact of this sharp stalagmite.

Chong! Haskey is chiseled again. The stalagmite pierced deeper, and it was about to tear the snake’s tendons apart, but it couldn’t bear its own fragility and shattered.

“Hal, go get some more meows.” The leopard boy hurried to quarry stalagmites. Although these stalagmites are consumables that break with two taps, there are enough stalagmites for them to consume without a problem.

“Calvin come and help too.” The murloc prince pulled the tendons of the heart snake and laid them on the ground, and beat them with another stalagmite.

Husky didn’t speak, but the stalagmites that Halxin brought over continued to disintegrate snake tendons.

Three teenagers beat and banged in the cave. After a few minutes, the long snake tendon was finally broken down into three equal parts.

Or, the less congruent three “equal” points?

“Calvin Wang?!” Husky exclaimed slightly reproachfully.

“Ahahahaha, sorry, I didn’t calculate the length.” Little Prince Calvin laughed, holding the snake tendon that was obviously two inches longer in his hand and said: “This is used to make a longer bow, It’s okay.”

(Always feel like this guy is making a mess on purpose.)

“No, don’t worry about it, meow.” Hal saw Husky’s appearance that he was going to fire again, and immediately settled the situation: “Come on, let’s use this to make a short bow, and then go to deal with the [latent shadow demon] meow.”

“Humph…” Husky took the dagger from the Leopard boy’s hand, and held a branch in the other hand, demonstrating: “Like this, cut a tenon first.”

He made a small incision at the end of the branch, then cut another inch or so below it, making another horizontal incision.

In this way, the snake tendons, which act as bowstrings, are securely wrapped around the branches and knotted. Do the same at the other end again, and a rough short bow is complete.

“That’s Calvin also picked up another branch and learned to do it. But he twisted it in a random way. The bowstring was tangled and immediately unraveled. Once the bow was wound, it was dismantled and dismantled. It took a long time.

“What are you doing? Let Husky handle it, please?” The canine boy snatched the wooden bow from the little murloc prince unhappily, and rearranged it. Immediately, a longbow was made.

Ding! The longbow disappeared from Husky’s hand and was saved to the inventory. He hurriedly opened the inventory to check, and saw the introduction of the wooden bow:

Green Tree Viper Wood Bow

A rough wooden bow made from the most primitive materials in the Misty Forest. Among them, the snake tendons of the special product of the misty forest, the poisonous green tree viper, have been added.

The weak magic of the tree viper is wrapped around the bowstring, which can accelerate the bow and arrow to increase the power of shooting.

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