Light Spirit Epic Chapter 904: Lost in Tianyuan (7)


Chapter 904 Lost in Tianyuan (7)

At the same time, in the virtual world of a game.

The three teenagers walked along the cliff, carefully and low-key all the way.

They could see many wild wolves wandering in the woods along the way, but probably because they were in a relatively open rocky area, these wild wolves did not take the initiative to attack.

“There meow!” Leopard boy Hal lowered his voice and pointed to a hidden place on a cliff in the distance: “It’s a cave, meow.”

“Only hope that the [Shadows] are in there.” Husky scurried from the shadow of a rock to the shadow of the rock ahead.

“Before going in—” The dog boy looked at the entrance of the cave thirty yards away: “Do you know any news about the hidden shadow demon?”

He didn’t want to fight an uncertain battle.

“Eh?” Asked this, the Leopard boy was dumbfounded. They just followed the instructions in the task list, and they didn’t even think about the monster they were facing, and they didn’t even know what the monster looked like.

Knowing that it is a very dangerous monster, it is extremely reckless to fight it without even reporting it.

Husky frowned. He kind of wanted to go home.

“Hey, hey, Calvin has some reports from [Shingying Demon].” The little fishman prince raised his nose and said proudly: “If you beg me sincerely, Calvin can’t tell you. ?”

A look of unpleasantness appeared on Husky’s face immediately. The Murloc Prince is always acting cool, and it’s quite annoying to pretend to be too much.

“Forget it…” The canine boy crept up to the cave: “We will find a way by ourselves, not relying on you.”

“What?” Calvin was taken aback by the unexpected answer: “Oh——“

But he didn’t give up, and immediately pestered Husky again, following behind the dog boy: “Come on, Calvin knows what you want. Don’t pretend? If you ask Calvin, Calvin will tell you with reluctance.”

More blue veins emerged from the canine boy’s forehead: “No, really don’t need to bark.”

“Hahaha—Don’t be like this meow.” Seeing that the two little friends were about to quarrel, he hurried up to persuade him: “Okay, tell us meow. What the **** is that [Hidden Shadow Demon]? “

“Oh heh.” Calvin immediately became excited when he saw that there was a market for his topic. With his arrogance, he still moved his body in the opposite direction of Hal in disgust: “Okay, but you stay away from me and bring the unfortunate little black cat.”

Hal was also upset. But he still endured and continued to ask: “Okay… Howl stay away from you, meow. Anyway, tell us to report it first, meow?”

“Of course.” The little murloc prince hid behind a rock, took out a scroll from the item bar and read according to it: “[The Hidden Shadow Demon], also known as the Smog Demon, is a very mysterious monster. It often appears in front of people in the form of fog, which cannot be seen or grasped.”

“Yes.” Husky leaned against the rock and looked at the forest and the entrance of the cave. “It’s an impossible task for us to capture such a mysterious and unattainable monster.”

“Tsk tsk tsk—You can’t just listen to half of what you say.” Calvin shook his fingers and sneered: “According to the strategy in Calvin’s hand, this [Shidden Shadow Demon] actually has an entity. Although it is unknown. There are many more parts of it, but its substance must be somewhere, and the smoke is just something it emits to hide.”

“Could it be…it’s weak meow?” Hal couldn’t help but wonder, “It’s clearly judged to be one of the most dangerous creatures, so why use smoke to hide himself, and make it so sneaky?”

“It is not dangerous because of its attack power, but because its smoke is highly poisonous.” Calvin looked at the scroll again and continued to read: “Usually smoke is white. When it is dangerous, it will release dark red poisonous smoke. Anyone who touches this dark red smoke will fester and die. It is a terrible poison.”

After finishing speaking, Calvin put down the scroll and smirked: “Calvin really wants to know how far such a tragic death can be restored in this game.”

“Wow you don’t want to see.” Husky added coldly. The game partially shielded them, the children, from the bright red blood they saw instead of watery, transparent fake blood. Of course, the inappropriate picture of “the flesh festering and dying” will not catch their eyes, and other methods will inevitably be used instead.

However, this method of death is still very unbearable. And to face such a dangerous opponent, they have to find a way to contain them from a distance.

Husky glanced at the forest. There was everything he wanted, but he didn’t know if the plan would work.

He then asked his friends, “We need to find some materials in that forest to make a few small wooden bows. Husky has learned the manufacturing method from Dad, but I don’t know if the game will let you We do that.”

“Try it meow.” Hal raised his tail and said in agreement, “We were able to use the venue to kill the leader of the hunting forest yesterday, meow. It should also be possible to use the resources in the environment to make weapons, meow.”

“Is it necessary? Calvin has magic—“

Husky said impatiently: “There are only fifteen a day, and you only have thirteen left.”

Calvin pursed his lips indifferently: “Okay, as you please.”

“The question is, how do I get the resources—” Husky looked at the forest where the shadow of a wolf was lingering faintly. The wild wolves in this forest are all very high-level, not something the three of them can easily afford.

“What do you need? Howl to get the wang.” The Leopard boy volunteered. He has the combat skills of [Powerful Dash], and can slip away from the siege of monsters at critical moments.

In addition, as a cat, he is very good at climbing trees, not only is it convenient to climb trees to get materials, but also can take refuge on the top of trees when the situation is very critical.

“Um…” Husky thought about it, and agreed. He opened his arms and gestured: “I need some branches and vines of this length, the tougher the better.”

“Hal understands meow.” The leopard boy looked at the foggy forest, and he had already found several trees in the woods that were suitable for wooden bows.

If you just sneak past quietly, take off the material, and sneak back quickly, you will definitely be able to escape before the wolves appear.

“Then you wait here, Hal will come back when he goes, meow.” The leopard boy fell to the ground, ready to sprint.

Whoosh! He lowered his weight and rushed out quickly and almost silently.

Clap. He stopped in front of a big tree. There was no sign of any wolf within thirty yards. The leopard boy did not hesitate, used his tree-climbing skills as a cat, clawed on the tree trunk, and climbed up in a few strokes.

There is still no movement around. Husky watched nervously, intending to call his friends back as soon as there was any movement.

The leopard boy jumped to a large branch and sat down, trying all the surrounding small branches. He soon found two branches of moderate length, full of life, and very flexible.

Hal pulled out his dagger and chopped down the tree without much thought. As soon as the branches were cut off, the Leopard boy immediately threw these substances to Husky and the others.


“Ow!” Husky’s low howl came from the rocks.

“Sorry meow!” Hal apologized in a low voice, although he didn’t know if the other party could hear him.

There are still some vines. This is more troublesome. The vine is basically not a part of a tree, strictly speaking, it should be a vine of a parasitic plant on the tree. The surrounding trees are not parasitized by vines, so you have to find them in the woods.

Hal looked around on the canopy, using his extraordinary eyesight, to find a tree in the distance that was parasitized by vines.

That’s it. Without a second thought, Hal grabbed the branch and swung from one tree to another. This kind of tree-turning action, in the sea of ​​​​trees in the Turkic Swamp, when the leopard boy was healthy, he did countless times.

Clap! He landed firmly on another tree, as expected of a cat. The target tree was still about thirty yards away, and he could reach it by swinging between three trees.

A wolf appeared under the tree. But the wolf couldn’t climb the tree, and he didn’t notice Howl’s trail at the moment, so there should be no problem. The leopard boy boldly swayed from the branch and flew to the opposite tree trunk!

Clap! His hands firmly grasped the branch, his body was centered on the branch, and after drawing a circle in the air, he landed smoothly.

Another wild wolf patrolling the ground. But they still didn’t notice the leopard boy, and everything went smoothly.

The big tree with the vines is only ten yards away. Hal weighed the distance, squatted on the branch, used his legs with full strength, and started [Powerful Sprint].

No, it should be [Power Jump]. The propulsive force exploded in an instant, and the leopard boy bounced out. He flew directly over ten yards and fell towards the target’s canopy.

His whole cat burrowed into the thick bushes and made a sound of sand la la la.

The wild wolves under the tree looked up at the tree, but did not see the figure of the leopard boy—Hal had gone deep into the bushes and hid deeply. The wild wolves thought it was just a frightened wild bird, and they continued to patrol the forest without thinking much.

“Huh.” The leopard boy breathed a sigh of relief and tried to move around in the dense bushes. He cleared space from the dagger to allow himself to move and immediately crawled in the direction of the tree trunk.

The vine he wants is close at hand, it’s long and thick, and it looks like it should make a perfect bowstring!

The leopard boy happily pulled out his dagger and slashed it on the vine!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! That tree vine made a strange noise, what’s wrong! !

The leopard boy looked in the direction of the voice, God, this is not a vine at all, this green and thick “vine” is actually a tree viper with a very clever camouflage! !

It was lying on the tree quietly basking in the sun, intending to occasionally catch a few unlucky birds that settled on the tree to fill its stomach, but it was cut by this little devil who appeared out of nowhere, of course Surprised and angry!

The giant tree viper bites the leopard boy without thinking much!

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