Light Spirit Epic Chapter 881: Traveling in Tianyuan (34)


Chapter 881 Traveling to Tianyuan

“Cough cough…” Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again, Seglade could not help interrupting with a dry cough: “Anyway, we still… uh, use the resources at hand to make more weapons , be prepared for the crisis that is about to face meow. “You can say **first*(..)””

Luckily they don’t lack material. The more than 30 thunder lizards that fell, from scales to skins, from teeth to bones, and even the light crystals on their backs, seemed to be ideal materials for weapons.

“Of course. That’s great. At least help me make a suit of armor.” Albert said greedily: “I haven’t worn any decent armor along the way, so I’m not sure.”

“That…it’s probably going to be difficult, meow.” Seglade smiled bitterly: “Molds are needed to make armor, we don’t have molds now, and we don’t have a suitable binder—“

“Can you use those resins?”

Seglade shook his head again, smiling lightly at the tiger’s stupid statement: “They’re flammable, meow. It’s fine for weapons, but if you’re using it on armor, if you accidentally catch fire, you want to change. A roasted tiger meow?”

The tiger frowned and said nothing.

“Hehe, a fool is hopelessly stupid.” Chanel on the side sarcastically said.

More veins emerged from Albert’s forehead. Chanel mocked Albert more and more for the sake of, if possible, Tiger would really like to have a theory with this girl. But good men don’t fight with women, and because of the eyes of everyone present, Tiger can only continue to swallow this sullen breath.

While bemoaning his lack of women, he also harbors a constant grudge against the popular Bedivere and others.

Why the loser in this world is always Albert. Why is the world always so unfair?

“Everyone down!” Solar exclaimed suddenly. He desperately snatched the half-repaired shield from Seglade’s hand and pressed it on the bonfire! The shield directly suppressed the flames, and the entire camp was surrounded by a burst of darkness!

The crowd looked up to see what was going on in the air while taking cover. There was a huge black shadow flying over their heads. Under the faint light of the lightning, Albert could only see that the thing was large and spherical, its outline was a little uncertain, and it seemed to be wriggling.

Like a meatball crawling with maggots.

Not long after I was full, I saw this disgusting thing, and the numb tiger youth almost vomited. But Solar covered the tiger’s mouth with one hand, otherwise Albert would vomit, so as not to make any noise.

The thing flew past quickly. Contrary to its disgusting and huge size, it is very fast, too fast to conform to the laws of physics. It doesn’t even have wings, it just floats like a balloon.

“What the **** is that?” Chanel whispered after the thing flew past.

“I don’t know, but it’s been chasing me all afternoon.” Magic Swordsman Solar whispered, “I thought I got rid of it, but I didn’t expect it to follow.”

“Woo! Woohoo!” The tiger struggled desperately, trying to break Solal’s hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry, my friend.” Only then did Solar let go of the hand covering the tiger’s mouth.

I didn’t expect this release, but things became out of control. The iridescent glittering substance sprayed out of Albert’s mouth, spraying both Tiger and Solar at the same time!

At the same time, on a floating island in the sky, in the [Link] facility.

Bediver and his party walked to the stairs, trembling through the dark dungeon.

The red light that guides the way is still going deeper into the darkness, and this red light has almost become their only light source. It illuminates the scenery on both sides of the dungeon corridor, but the red color adds a strangeness to the surroundings.

The rooms on both sides are all iron fence cages, old, old, and the smell of mildew permeates everywhere.

And in each cage, there are many corpses that have long been reduced to bones. Judging from the skeletal structure of the corpses, they appear to have been killed here as children.

Three or forty children in one cage. Bedivere and his party came along and saw at least 200 cages. In other words, at least thousands of people died here.


Did the ancient gods set up the institute in such a hidden place to cover up this inhumane research?

Judging from the facial structure of these skeletons, they are all orcs. Probably a species very similar to a werewolf or a fox.

What exactly are the ancient gods studying in this institute, and they must sacrifice such a large number of lives?

Just because it’s a doll of your own creation, can you kill or discard it at will?

Just as Bedivere wondered, new conditions appeared on the road ahead.

It should be said that they have arrived at their destination.

A huge cage holds the skeleton of a huge flying dragon.

The ancient dragon bones have been oxidized and yellowed, no longer as pale as bones, but they are well preserved and worthy of being the bones of epic photonic creatures.

“What, *hic*, the so-called [devil], it turns out that there is only a corpse left, meow?” The Pegmi people are really stupid, *hic*, just for this bone, *hic*, scared meow?”

(It’s not that simple.)

Bediver drew his whip warily: “Palamy, get back! That thing is weird!”

Unexpectedly, the drunk cat Palamidis not only refused to listen to the advice, but also laughed as he leaned against the iron fence of the cage: “What’s weird? Don’t be stupid, *hic*, how can a corpse have Weird, meow hahahaha—“

He was so drunk that he didn’t notice at all, the huge keel behind him was slowly moving, and he poked his head toward the iron fence where the big cat was leaning, his mouth widening.

The big mouth full of razor-sharp teeth has not rotted for thousands of years. Even if it is a dry bone, it has the terrifying lethality of the past.

It bites down at Palamidis’ head!

Click! ! The bone dragon’s bite directly tore the iron fence, but did not bite the leopard warrior.

Bedivere’s tortoise-tongue whip had already wrapped around Palamidis’ waist, pulling the dead cat in the opposite direction of the cage. Before Palamides was bitten off his upper body, Saved the drunk cat!

“Wow, moving bones hahaha!” The big cat pointed at the keel and laughed, “It’s a good thing!”

Bediver glared at Palamidis, wanting to slap the Leopard warrior to death.

Seeing that the bone dragon couldn’t bite its target, it became angry.

Two red objects floated past the depths of the cage, which Bedivere finally understood. They were two red eyeballs. They were finally embedded in the hollow skull of the bone dragon, and a pair of red eyes stared at the werewolves, their eyes full of killing intent.

“Look, I said it too, *hic*, a dragon’s eyeball will never rot for a thousand years!” Palamedis was carried by Bedivere, still drunk.

“Well, um, you’re right.” Bedivere didn’t bother to argue with this drunk cat anymore, and now finding a way to deal with this skull dragon is the top priority!

No, wait…is it really necessary to deal with that skull dragon?

Bediver looked at the iron fence bitten by the bone dragon. The technology of the ancients is really superb. This iron fence is actually made of memory alloy and has the ability to repair itself. After it was bitten, it quickly repaired within seconds. With the destructive power of the bone dragon, it is actually impossible to break out of the prison!

Bone dragon rammed around in the cage, bumping the cage everywhere, but the cage was repaired faster than it was destroyed, and everything the bone dragon did was in vain.

That’s right! If this monster could escape, it would have escaped long ago. Do we need to wait until now?

Then why be afraid of it if it won’t come out?

Beddieville wonders. They have no reason to destroy it at all, just let this damned bone continue to be locked here for hundreds of centuries, and slowly weather it to ashes, right?

Theoretically it is. But actually?

A commotion begins to surround the cage. Only then did Bedivere realize that in the small cells on both sides of the corridor, the withered bones of the orc children who had been dead for a long time also began to climb up. , knocking on the iron fence of the cage!

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Like a drum.

In this dark dungeon, tens of thousands of skeletons are knocking on the iron railings wave after wave!

The scene was like hell, a real hell, a dance of demons, a chaotic hell!

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!!” Professor Paul was frightened half to death by this terrifying scene. He was just a civilian and had no resistance to such “spiritual” things.

Thousands of millions of skeletons and bones are swarming in this dark dungeon. Any normal person will collapse in an instant when they see this scene!

“Calm down! They’re just spirits! Minds made of photons!” Bedivere tried to explain: “It turns out that the ancient gods were experimenting here to create evil spirits — and they probably It’s been done!”

Judging from this huge bone and the bones of the orc children, the ancients probably used the orc children as experimental subjects, and focused the evil spirits on these “meat pieces”.

They are probably a large number of “**” cultivated by experimental methods. They do not have their own consciousness and exist exclusively as containers for evil spirits.

Then, when they have finished their experiments and mastered the manufacturing technology of evil spirits, they will lock these useless experimental objects in the dungeon, and let them fend for themselves, and then use the keel for larger research.

Without any supplement to survive, those “meat” will eventually die and rot, leaving only a pile of dead bones.

However, dead bones with evil spirits are still immortal. They are still “alive”, locked here for thousands of years.

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