Light Spirit Epic Chapter 880: Traveling in Tianyuan (33)


Chapter 880 Traveling to Tianyuan

At the same time, at 8 p.m., in front of King Arthur’s bedroom. “You can say **the first*(..)”

The King of Knights did not return on a dragon ride, but carried two heavy [burdens] and flew back to London from Edinburgh with his pair of wings. This really took a lot of time.

“Arthur.” Queen Greenville had come out early to greet her husband: “You’re back? It’s a little early.”

The king put down the two sleeping orc teenagers on the stairs: “These two boys played crazy enough today, they fell asleep immediately after dinner. Haven’t Vivian and Lian Yin off work yet?”

“I haven’t seen them here yet. It is estimated that the research work is in a hurry.” Greenwell made a gesture, and the servants at home came over to respond.

She looked at the two sleeping teenagers: the kitten and the puppy were leaning against each other, purring slightly, and it was so cute.

“Hehe,” the queen couldn’t help smiling, reaching out and stroking the heads of the two children: “They are usually very energetic, what have you done to make these two leather monkeys so tired?”

“Oh, it’s nothing…” Arthur lied casually: “Just let them have a wild meal in the playground. You know, the children love to play.”

It’s not really a complete lie, after all, Arthur did [play] all day in the world of games with his two children.

If the [simulation training system] is packaged as a [game], and the [training] is replaced with the concept of [play], even children will be easily hooked. The person who originally came up with this plan was really cunning.

——And that person is the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens, Greenville’s father.

King Arthur was initially disgusted with this practice, believing it was deceiving the public. But when he saw that the training system had shown great results in the knights and was well received by the knights in the training, the knight king acquiesced to this approach.

What we need to do next is to mass-produce the equipment used in the game, reduce the cost, expand the server to the whole country (or even the world), and then promote the game so that the general public can “enjoy it”. “To a “rare to die game”.

With this training system, how many outstanding warriors can emerge from the people? King Arthur is waiting.

And when [darkness] invades the whole world and [doomsday] comes, the king of knights only needs to give weapons to these civilians, so that they can also protect themselves, and can reduce many casualties for the whole world.

This is a perfect plan.

It is true that King Arthur does not have much expectations for how far the commoners can go. Guys like Husky and Hal who have been promoted to two levels in one day are rarely seen in almost a hundred years. In fact, most people have played it once and will be discouraged by the difficulty of this game.

A good enough [reward] is needed to get people to keep playing.

And that [reward], what should it be? money? Noble title?

Or, like the Trials of the Round Table — a wish?

Seeing Arthur brooding, Greenville misunderstood it as something else. She leaned against the King of Knights, her eyes never taking her eyes off the two sleeping teenagers: “They’re cute, aren’t they?”

Se replied casually, looking nonchalant. The faint scent of roses came from his wife, a scent he had been familiar with for seven years.

“If only we could have such a lovely child—” Greenville repeated what she kept repeating.

“Greenville,” the king of knights watched the two teenagers being carried away by the servants, and walked into the bedroom himself: “I’m tired, I’m going to rest first.”

The queen pouted, scolding the king for being unreasonable, and followed into the house.

And somewhere far away outside the palace, there are a pair of eyes that are secretly monitoring all this.

Even the blind could see that the king and queen showed some special affection for the two orc teenagers. So, just get close to those two little devils——

At the same time, somewhere on the East African plateau.

“Ah, full!” Albert touched his belly contentedly. The tiger’s belly was filled with roasted lizard meat, and his stomach was happily digesting these high-protein foods, turning the food into calories and nutrients, to supplement Albert’s intense physical exhaustion over the past few days.

Solar, who was beside him, also took a bite of the kebab elegantly. The taste of thunder lizard meat is not very strong, but it is very chewy, and the more you chew, the more sweet and meaty taste in it, it is actually quite delicious.

Of course, if the people present were not looking at Solar with that kind of scrutiny, the magic swordsman would have eaten more deliciously.

Of course. They didn’t trust the magic swordsman who suddenly appeared, even though Solar saved everyone’s life. Solar is people’s biggest competitor in this exam. In front of this sense of oppression, it is estimated that no one dares to relax.

Seglyde is rather generous. He just took out a huge tooth from a thunder lizard and transformed it into a weapon. He immediately attached the handle, processed it, and handed it to Solar: “Here. Although it is only a short sword, it is always Better than that blunt wooden sword in your hand.”

“Oh—thank you, my friend.” Solar seemed a little hesitant to accept the gift: “But, I already have this wooden sword, and it’s very useful. Calling the hand…”

Seglade shook his head: “You just accept it. We don’t want to owe you too much, at least we have to repay the person who should be repaid meow. In this case, at least, in the future duel with you, We can fight with all our strength without any worries.”

Albert listened quietly. The subtext of Seglade is that in the later stage of this exam, candidates need to fight each other?

Also an unsuccessful candidate for many years, the magic swordsman Solal sighed and reached out to receive the gift from Seglade: “Okay, it’s settled. I still want to thank you for the gift. “

Of course. The dagger, or machete, that Seglade made for Solar, was made of the best lizard tusks of the thunder lizards. He sculpted it bit by bit with a pocket knife to finally create this sharp, sharp edge.

Although the spliced ​​wooden handle is relatively rough, the blade itself has powerful magic (photon), sharp and tough, depending on the user, it can wield a strong lethality.

And Seglade seems to have estimated the weight of Solar’s wooden sword. He deliberately made a weapon that felt almost the same as a wooden sword. Solar can swing a wooden sword freely to retreat from the enemy, and with this lizard-tooth dagger, he will definitely be able to go to the next level and fight more easily.

It’s like giving a human murder weapon to a human murder weapon. Albert couldn’t help feeling a chill down his spine.

“Speaking of which, my friends, do you know?” With such a good weapon, Solar seemed a little embarrassed, and casually told everyone what he knew: “The destination of this exam, why is it Choose Kilimanjaro.”

“Oh, why meow?” Albert whispered, trying his best to be polite, but still couldn’t completely hide the contempt in his words: “I thought it was just a Is it just an extinct volcano with good scenery? Haha.”

(As a result, he was glared by Chanel.)

Solar paused, seemingly unaware of Albert’s sarcasm, or just pretending to be stupid: “It is said that seven years ago, that volcano was still an active volcano, with blazing flames and lava. Heat waves are its most common sight.

However, due to some kind of mutation, the heat of that volcano suddenly subsided, and it finally became what it is now, an extinct volcano covered in snow, a place that is cold and frozen all year round. “

None of the people present knew about the [Destruction Sword], let alone the story of Kai and Frey. Palamidis only knew half of this story, and he never told his sons about it.

Therefore, Albert and the others present can only guess at will based on their own imagination.

“So, we went to that volcano to investigate the abnormality in the volcano?” Albert continued to ask in the rhythm of the dialogue: “What power is it that turned a volcano into an iceberg?”

“Although it’s just my guess, but I don’t think there’s much difference.” Solar boldly assumed, showing a serious and gloomy look: “In that volcano, some kind of **** lives. When the **** woke up, because of its great power, Mount Kilimanjaro became an iceberg.

And this time, His Majesty King Arthur sent candidates to explore the mountain in order to obtain—or capture—that god. “

“Oh hehe—” Albert, who has the Holy Spirit’s white tiger possession, is not used to this kind of ghosts and gods.

Solar, and even the others present, looked at the tiger with a bit of surprise, bewildered by the tiger’s wondrous attitude.

“You don’t seem surprised? That… Mr. Albert?”

“Of course I wouldn’t be I’m not a **** meow, we’ve fought against gods many times.” Albert raised his tail to show his prestige.

(Although it depends on Bedivere every time.)

Come on, you guys are amazing, my friends. “Solar complimented,” he must be very good at talking about such a ferocious **** after seeing such a ferocious spirit. “

“Yes, very good.” Chanel casually responded to Solar’s compliment, glaring at Albert sarcastically, as if mocking the clumsy tiger who asked her to rescue him several times.

Albert was very upset by this look, and he tried his best to justify: “I was just distracted from the battle just now——“

“Yes,—-only—only—is—it’s just distraction!” The elf girl not only did not agree, but her critical gaze became more severe.

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