Light Spirit Epic Chapter 867: Traveling in Tianyuan (20)


Chapter 867 Traveling to Tianyuan

When the King of Knights mentioned this, the two teenagers realized how hungry their stomachs were. “K**Y**first*(..)” Even the simulation system can’t block the feeling of fasting from reality. It passed through the sensory barrier of the virtual world and came directly to the two teenagers to complain and make trouble!

Husky and Hal glanced at each other and smiled wryly.

“Log out of the game meow.” “Log out of the game Wang.” The two teenagers shouted at the same time.

A white light flashed, and they had regained consciousness and found themselves lying on the original long high-tech chair.

“Grump——!!” Once back in reality, the drums in their stomachs beat even louder.

It hurts! It hurts all over the body! “Husky tried to get up from the chair, and then he felt that his whole body was sore and sore. It was like running an 800-kilometer marathon.

“Of course.” Arthur sat on the side casually, seemingly unaffected by the muscle soreness: “The system will feedback reality based on your movements in the game, and the electric discharge device on the chair will stimulate the muscles to adjust. .

The amount of exercise you do in the game will be exactly the same in reality. —Oh, I seem to have said it before, right? “

“I said that, meow.” Hal moved his arms dejectedly. They actually play this game for about four or five hours. But it feels like a whole month has passed, and the fatigue is not so great.

Of course, they have run and jumped in the game world, beat a lot of monsters with their weapons, and even worked as a miner once. With so many things happening, it’s no wonder that you’re not tired.

The leopard boy struggled to get off the bench and reached for his crutches.

In the game world, he can run freely and wield his sword as much as he can to kill enemies, but in reality, he is a crutch and a wheelchair.

Will all of this really change?

Does it make a difference?

The little black panther sighed. He turned his head to Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table who was in charge of the surveillance system not far away, and asked, “Where are my pants, meow?”

“Oh, the one that you wetted at noon?” Cameron deliberately digs up the scars of the Leopard boy in a vicious tone: “I have washed you with the underwear, by the fireplace in the lounge It’s hanging. After you change your pants, remember to return the one you’re wearing now, it’s the property of the Knights of the North.”

Little Hal blushed: “I know, I got it! I’ll give it back to you soon.”

“Hoohoo, don’t joke with these kids.” Arthur sneered, looking at Husky, who was beside him. The canine boy also sweated profusely during the day’s “vigorous exercise”. The clothes on his body were almost stuck to the fur, which was both damp and full of the smell of puppy sweat.

“There should be a few more sets of ceremonial uniforms that fit you. Go take a bath and change into clean clothes.” King Arthur ordered: “We will go back after washing, uncle will take you tonight. Go have a good meal.”

“Okay, good!” Husky laughed, “I want to eat barbecue!”

“Haha, let’s see.” The high-end royal cuisine in Arthur’s mind did not seem to contain that kind of rough food: “But, you have to promise me one thing: don’t tell you what happened today. Mom, can you?”

Lianyin’s side is okay, if Vivien were told that Arthur had brought the two little devils to the Knights for combat simulation training, she would be a big thunder, right? Even if the two teenagers laughed and told their mother, “It’s just a game,” Arthur’s sister probably wouldn’t have simply been fooled.

So, it’s best to keep this a secret.

“If you tell your mother what happened today, they will be unhappy, saying that Uncle Arthur brought you to play video games all day?” The King of Knights casually said to the two teenagers: ” If it becomes like that, they won’t let you play again in the future, okay?”

Oops meow! “Hal made a bitter expression. He’s completely addicted to it, and he hasn’t tried the newly learned combat skills, the newly acquired items have not been checked properly, and there is a new task that seems to be difficult to cope with…

“Don’t worry, Uncle Arthur! We’ll be tight-lipped!” Husky made a zipper next to his mouth: “If Mommy asks about today’s itinerary, I’ll say it’s a tour I have been playing all day long!”

“Okay, good boy.” Arthur nodded slightly, although it was a little disconcerting to ask the children to lie: “Now, go take a shower.”

“Okay!” Husky hugged his little friend: “Come on, Hal, I’ll wipe your back!”

“Okay, okay, hehe—” the leopard boy casually said, and under the “hostage” of the dog boy, he walked to the bathroom of the knight base.

“Speaking of which, it’s really amazing.” Cameron sighed as he looked at the backs of the two orc teenagers: “The first time I used the training system, I was able to level up two levels a day. This sophisticated fighting style, even those Apprentice knights can’t do it. And they’re still six or seven-year-old kids — sure enough, orc kids are precocious and good at fighting?”

“Probably,” King Arthur replied absentmindedly. But the answer in his heart was the complete opposite.

No matter how precocious an orc child is, no matter how good at fighting, it is impossible for him to have such a high fighting talent at such a young age.

True warriors are honed in hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of **** battles. If you can cultivate such talent casually, wouldn’t there be a large number of monsters in the world every day?

There can be only one answer.

Arthur was right. These two teenagers have long been used to fighting.

Not now, not in this life.

They have some kind of warrior “soul” inside them, which has nothing to do with what they have experienced, more like——

Before they were born, they were already good warriors!

Arthur once met [the reincarnator]—the snow leopard girl Deanna, and learned the general situation of the reincarnators from Deanna.

These special reincarnated people transcend time, transcend space, and even transcend the law of cause and effect, reincarnating from one time and space to another.

Some of these reincarnators have erased all their memories and came to the world as a completely new life;

But some of them came with memories of “previous lives”, or fragments of memories, in a state of [incomplete blank].

Are these two little devils, Hal and Husky, some kind of reincarnator?

In their bodies, is it an innocent and pure white teenager, or is it a reincarnated person with ulterior motives and their own purposes? Or, they just inherited the combat experience of the previous life, and in the crisis, they just waved it out unconsciously?

Anyway, they all require a long period of observation.

This time, I brought the children to the simulated combat training, on the one hand, to familiarize them with combat and to protect themselves in an emergency, on the other hand, to test the details of the two little devils.

The details of the system’s testing were more, much more than Arthur had expected.

Thinking of this, Arthur’s watch became more solemn.

Husky is fine, but Hal, the little Black Panther teenager who is nominally Arthur’s nephew, is also the adopted son of Vivienne and Palamides. If this kid is the bad guy…

——What should Arthur do with this dangerous kitty?

“However, Your Majesty, does your body really matter?” Cameron’s words interrupted King Arthur’s meditation: “Twenty times the fatigue training seems to have no effect on Your Majesty?”

Arthur’s simulation training is nothing like everyone else’s. His every move in the game world will tax his muscles twenty times in the real world.

A hundred yards in the game is equivalent to running two thousand yards in reality. That is a high-intensity simulation training that no one dares to try.

“Ah, it’s not enough.” The King of Knights moved his arms calmly: “Next time, let’s increase it to sixty times. That may be more interesting.”

“Your Majesty, are you serious?!” Cameron, the Knight of the Round Table, jumped from the ground almost the whole day. Overriding the limit of the simulation system will cause great damage to Your Majesty’s health! That shape…it’s like sitting in a high-voltage electric chair! Your Majesty, you will be electrocuted!”

“Oh, no.” Arthur has absolute confidence: “Don’t worry, no.”

“…Forty times, this is the upper limit of the system’s load!” Cameron knew King Arthur’s arrogance, so he could not persuade him directly. He could only find a compromise method: “Increase the power of the simulated chair, It can’t discharge such a huge charge! Forty times is definitely the limit. If there is more, the system needs to be modified, and the price will double again…”

Arthur paused, and seemed to have had hundreds of thousands of hard struggles in his heart.

As the King of Great Britain, it seems inappropriate to spend a lot of state funds for his own “self-interest”.

“Okay, forty times.” Finally, he compromised.

It’s not because my body can’t take’s to save money…

Cameron breathed a sigh of relief. Forty times the fatigue training may be enough, but at least, it won’t be fatal…probably.

If it were an ordinary witness, I would not understand why King Arthur was so desperate.

In the current peacetime, the country with the most powerful military in the world, the King of Knights is still continuing such high-intensity, Spartan combat training?

But Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, everyone understands.

The end of the world is approaching once again. In order to deal with this inevitable catastrophe, everyone in the Knights is silently preparing.

No. It should be said that the whole world is silently preparing. Not only Great Britain, but even the European countries have been frantically expanding their armaments in the past few years.

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