Light Spirit Epic Chapter 866: Traveling in Tianyuan (19)


Chapter 866 Traveling to Tianyuan

“Why did you choose that skill!?—What’s the use of that thing anyway?” Husky asked, frowning. “Speaking **first*.. He has almost forgotten the explanation of the previous combat skills.

“It’s to increase concentration, meow.” Howl whispered helplessly: “I need it, meow. When I run at high speed, I need stronger concentration to precisely control the direction of dodging meow.”

“A wise decision.” Arthur introduced like a salesman: “The benefits of having a strong concentration are not as obvious as other combat skills, but they are very useful in critical moments. You will find that you can accurately lift The sword is aimed at the weak point of the monsters, rather than swung with the sword.—It may be too early to say this, you will experience it yourself in battle later.”

“Yeah!” Hal laughed, wagging his tail.

“Humph—” makes Husky want to learn that combat skill too. In fact, he wanted to learn all the remaining three combat skills. I want instant burst speed, powerful self-healing ability enough to save my life, and precise movements.

He sighed, and finally clicked [Enhanced Self-Healing]. He is in the form of strength, and is responsible for fighting with the enemy at the forefront with a big sword. Damage is inevitable, so let’s give priority to the issue of life-saving.

The speed is compensated by Hal, and the Husky can be rescued at the critical moment;

As for accuracy, it doesn’t seem that important in the face of the terrifying lethality of that great sword. Regardless of whether it is cut right or not, the ending is the same: it will smash the heads of the monsters!

The combat skills part is finished. Howl stood up, blushing and said, “Next… go get some clothes first meow.”

“Oh, yes—” Husky blushed too. They didn’t wear any armor, just ran around naked in their shorts all day (a day in the game world). Although this is also very comfortable, but always feel a little wrong.

They went to the merchants and returned the 20 iron ore that the blacksmith asked for. It seems that there are still two ore in the inventory.

They sold the Thunder Lizard’s flesh and scales again for ten gold coins.

One person made gold coins, and two teenagers sold a set of common clothes at random.

“This, that’s enough, meow?” Hal felt less embarrassed after putting on coarse clothes, but he still had no idea: “Don’t need better equipment, meow?”

“We can’t wear them anyway.” Husky stared at the thick and heavy armor in the merchant’s inventory.

“By the way, what did we get from that scorpion meow?” Hal looked at the new item on the second page of the item bar: “The carapace of the giant scorpion, the needles of the giant scorpion… big Crab claws…they’re all weird stuff, meow.”

(And it didn’t even drop meat meow. Well, insects are full of juice in their shells, meow with almost no meat.)

“Can these scorpion needles… be processed into weapons?” Husky wondered.

“The shell of the bug?” The uncle of the blacksmith stopped what he was doing: “That kind of thing is as brittle as glass and can be easily damaged. Even if it is processed into a weapon, it is not durable.”

Little Howl muttered in dissatisfaction: “However, the scorpion that fought against us is as hard as a steel cat.”

“Because it’s still a living creature, there are photons flowing in its body.” Arthur had already walked over slowly, and he added a sentence along the way: “A biological body enhanced by photons will increase its hardness and flexibility a lot. Oh. But it’s dead now, and its corpse doesn’t necessarily have that activity.”

Husky took a large scorpion’s thorn from the inventory and looked at it. The thing was a foot long, pointed and sharp, and it was made mostly of calcium, surprisingly light.

This thing is really powerless to deal with beasts with hard scales and hard shells. It will break before it penetrates the scales and shells of the monsters.

But it is used against monsters with soft flesh, but it is very effective, and can easily tear the skin and open the muscles.

If you make it into a rapier, or a spear, it is a very lethal weapon.

But I’m afraid this weapon is not very useful. The situations it can handle are too singular.

“Well, a simple scorpion needle may easily break me. But what if I could enchant it, meow?” Hal still didn’t give up and continued to ask.

“Don’t look for me.” The blacksmith seemed unwilling to pay attention to the two teenagers, and went back to ding ding dong pounding the newly released ironware: “I am only responsible for forging basic weapons, and enchanting weapons is not mine. Work. Go find witches yourself.”

“Magic, Witch Wang?” Husky frowned again. The game seems to be digging deeper and deeper.

“Cough cough—” A new one appeared in the distance. She coughed dryly, attracting the attention of the two teenagers.

Howl sees something from the man wearing a mysterious dark red robe with a hood covering most of his face.

“Huh—Isn’t this mother meow?” The leopard boy exclaimed.

Yes, that [Witch] looks exactly like Vivian!

“Uncle Arthur!” Hal glared at the King of Knights.

“Cough cough.” King Arthur turned his face away embarrassedly: “You know. Many characters in this game are borrowed from the real world. So——“

“So you stole my mother’s appearance and put her in the game as a witch?!” The leopard boy was angry: “Why do you say my mother is a witch! Uncle Arthur Good or bad meow!”

The King of Knights’ eyes wandered to the sky: “No, this is what Vivian said to herself—and she is indeed a witch, in every sense…”

“Uncle Arthur!!”

“Ahahahahaha, don’t be angry, it’s just a game.” Arthur smiled apologetically: “Go and talk to your mother—oh no, witch—and talk to you. If you want to make better weapons.”

Hal and Huski walked over in bewilderment to make contact with the witch. As soon as the leopard boy came up, he asked: “Mom! What time are you going home tonight, meow?”

I didn’t expect that witch stared at the leopard boy with a cold watch: “Who is your mother? Don’t be so affectionate.”

“No—!” Hal collapsed to his knees in an instant, taking a big blow: “Mom can’t even recognize me meow!”

“It’s strange to recognize Wang, this is a character in the game, and your mommy in reality is completely different from two people Wang.” Husky said on the side. His words seemed to comfort the other party, but in fact he was mocking the Leopard boy.

“Stop talking nonsense. You’re going to enchant your weapons, right? Get your stuff out.”

Skeet timidly took out the scorpion’s needle. He always felt that the imposing manner of the witch in front of him, as well as the noble and glamorous watch, was almost no different from Aunt Vivian in reality. … kind of scary.

“Hmph, insect carapace? It’s not an ideal material for weapons.” The witch held the large needle in her hand and looked at it: “There are at least three types of enchantments that need to be added: [Enhanced Hardness], [Enhanced flexibility], and [increased sharpness]. Without these, this thing is not even worth being wielded as a weapon.”

A huge drop of sweat emerged from the forehead of the leopard boy: “Really, really so bad meow?”

They thought the material would make a good weapon.

“Hehe—this is the price list for the enchantment, choose it yourself.” The witch unfolded a price list with more than 300 items in front of the two teenagers.

From the most basic [Enhanced Hardness] enchantment to the most complex [Added Freezing Damage].

“You can also add attributes to weapons, that’s awesome —— poof!!” Husky was still in admiration one second before, but the next second, when he saw those enchanted offers, he I almost vomited blood!

The cheapest [Enhanced Hardness] enchantment costs 1,000 gold coins.

The most expensive enchantments that increase heat, freezing, and lightning properties are six-digit astronomical prices!

Isn’t that just enchanting a weapon? Does it have to be so expensive?

Husky looked at the witch hostilely, and the image of the black-hearted businessman in this game has once again been refreshed!

“You think that’s too expensive, right?” The witch said disapprovingly, “But you should know that these enchantments actually need to hunt down a large number of photonic creatures and obtain special [materials] from them to be able to Smoothly enchant your ridiculous weapons. Rare is precious, you know what, stinky brat!”

Hal cried even more: “What a black heart meow! This is not my mother meow!”

(But it’s not really your mom woo…)

Husky is worried again. Their current military funds are only a few dozen gold coins, and if they sell those sundries, it is estimated that it will not exceed one hundred gold coins. It’s really hard to make a better weapon.

“Do you know?” The witch continued: “If you can’t afford the money, there is a compromise. I’ll give you a list, you can hunt down the corresponding monsters and collect what you need for enchanting. materials.

In this way, I can help you enchant at the best price: you make the materials yourself, and I only charge the labor fee. “

The two teenagers looked at each other: In the end, they were going to hunt monsters.

“Okay, okay Husky sighed and took over the task: “We need [increasing hardness], [increasing flexibility], and [increasing sharpness] these three Enchanted Wang. Give us the list of monsters that need to be hunted. —By the way, how much discount can you give us? “

“This is a trade secret.” The witch sneered viciously and sent a list to the inventory of the two boys: “There are quite a lot of monsters to hunt. Just work hard, boys! “

Arthur scratched his head and walked over: “Look what good things you have done. How can you take on the task of the witch at your current level, it’s too dangerous!”

“But…!” Husky really wanted to get a decent weapon.

In this game, attack is far more important than defense. They can “run naked” without armor, but they can’t do without a good weapon. Holding a piece of broken copper and iron in his hand, how can he compete with those terrifying monsters?

“Alas—forget it.” Arthur sighed deeply: “Let’s not mention this now. Had enough fun today? It’s time to log out of the game and go to dinner.” Biography” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find any content that violates national laws, please delete it. The stand is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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