Light Spirit Epic Chapter 847: Escape to the Demon Marsh (23)


Chapter 847: Escape to the Magic Marsh

Husky’s doubts deepened. 『Word**first*

That’s obviously a human being. Because he is so confident, why does he think he can win?

Is there something in him that we don’t have?


Should be the same. In the face of such a huge monster, the difference in equipment and physical fitness is almost negligible. That is to say, the conditions of this Uncle Arthur and Husky are the same.

If you can’t defeat such a terrible opponent with your own strength, then, in other words, you have to borrow strength from somewhere else?

The canine teen looks around, hoping to find any useful resources in the scene. His idea has begun to take a step closer to the “right play”.

This scene called [Hunting Forest] is actually nothing special except for the endless, scattered trees.

However, since it was noon in game time, the sun was shining and the view was excellent, Husky saw a rocky cliff rising from the ground in the distance.

This forest has an end. Like most games, if you run to the end of the scene, there is a bottomless cliff below!

Hasky thought about it and thought of a solution.

“Hal, follow me!” The canine boy ran towards the cliff at the end of the forest.

“What meow?” The leopard boy followed closely, but he shouted in confusion: “Why do you want to run to the cliff, meow? Isn’t that more dangerous meow?!”

Each attack from the Forest Bear creates a wide-ranging shockwave. If the two teenagers are forced to the edge of the cliff and eat another shock wave, they will fall off the cliff and die 100%! Running to the edge of the cliff is simply courting death!

“Trust me, there will be a way!” Husky shouted as he ran.

Seeing the teenagers running like crazy, of course, the giant forest bear will not stand by. The monster moved his rather clumsy huge body to catch up. But it is too big, and taking one step is equivalent to 100 steps for teenagers, and it is not difficult to catch up with the target!

“It’s over, meow!” Hal couldn’t help but feel desperate when he saw that no matter how much he ran, he couldn’t get far away from the monsters, and they were getting closer and closer to the cliff! This time I am afraid that there is really only one way to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff!

Hasky said nothing, he’s already on the edge of a cliff, and he’s two steps away from falling!

About three hundred yards below, there is a larger forest.

However, the shadows of trees are secluded, I don’t know if it is “inside the field” or “outside the field”. ——In most games, when the player falls into an area that is judged to be “outside the scene”, he will die directly.

All in all, if you fall from this height, you’re probably going to die!

“My God, it’s here meow!” Little Howl exclaimed.

The giant forest bear saw that the two teenagers were cornered, and even began to raise his left arm, intending to make a fatal blow!

“Listen, I count to three, and then jump down with me.” Husky said, pulling his little buddy.

“Are you really going to jump off a cliff meow? … well, it’s better than dying at the hands of this monster, right meow.”

Boom! ! Attack is coming! The forest giant bear smashed both fists at the same time, raising an amazing shock wave, hitting the two teenagers in a straight line!

“Jump!” Husky pulled Hal and jumped down the cliff!

“Oh? Did you choose to jump off a cliff to your death?” Arthur watched all this from a distance: “That’s right. The forest giant bear is still too difficult for them. Try harder next time.”

It never occurred to him that the two teenagers did not die at all.

“Hal…!” Before falling completely, the canine boy pierced the long sword deeply into the cliff, so as to stabilize himself from falling: “Are you alright?” Wang?”

“Alright, okay, meow!” The Leopard boy did the same thing. When he saw his little friend do that, he imitated it instantly, which saved his life.

As a result, neither of them fell. When they swiftly climbed up the cliff, the giant forest bear was slowly walking to the edge of the cliff and fell down, slowly sticking its head out of the cliff, trying to confirm the death of the two players.

(I know how to be careful on the edge of the cliff, this game is really scary!)

So the two teenagers confronted the giant forest bear.

Before the giant forest bear could react, Husky had already jumped up the cliff completely, and a sword was placed in the left eye of the giant forest bear lying low on the ground!

Cut! The pig-toothed sword cut through the monster’s left eye almost without resistance, and transparent blood spurted out, while Husky stepped on the bridge of the monster’s nose and fled behind it!

“Halwang!” the dog boy yelled.

The leopard boy hurriedly followed. Behind him is a furious monster with scratched eyes!

“Oh god, he’s crazy meow! So scary meow!” Hal ran behind Husky and looked at the furious forest bear.

While covering its eyes with its claws, it stood up and lifted its huge bear feet and stomped on the ground!

Touch! ! Small cracks appeared in the ground on the cliff. The two teenagers dodged carefully, dodged the step, but were knocked flying by the shock wave. But their positions and the monsters had been reversed, and now they were facing the cliff, thirty yards from the cliff, while the Forest Bear had his back to the cliff, standing only ten yards from the edge of the cliff!

“Wow!” Husky was blasted out, and felt extremely numb when he landed. But their battle will soon be over, just try harder!

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly!” Before the monster stepped on the ground with one foot, before he could lift his leg to make a second strike, he rushed to the left foot of the giant forest bear!

His sword slashed out, slicing off a piece of flesh from the monster’s ankle!

The sting caused the bear to lift his foot slightly slower. Husky has grabbed the fur on the bear’s leg and climbed up!

The monster raised its feet high, intending to stomp on the ground and knock everything on it and in front of it flying!

But Husky had already climbed onto the monster’s knee and slashed down, severing several of its tendons!

Maybe he really knew it would work, or maybe he was just acting on instinct. In a word, the tendon of the left foot began to rupture under the blade, and coupled with the excessive force of the forest giant bear, the tendon ruptured even more!

Muscles and bones need the support of tendons. Without it, monsters can’t work hard! The giant forest bear raised his foot high, but when he stepped on it, the force was soft, with almost no lethality, and no shock wave! Howl on the ground can easily roll away!

Hal was not idle either, he rolled between the right foot of the giant forest bear and stabbed with his sword in both hands! The sharp pig-toothed sword was deeply embedded in the monster’s right foot like a poisonous thorn. The pain must be unimaginable!

But it’s not enough. Howl took the silver dagger he got earlier and slashed wildly, inflicting countless wounds on the monster’s right foot!

The forest bear roars and loses its balance! In order not to let itself fall off the cliff, it would rather twist its body and fall forward in a very awkward posture!

The two teenagers fled frantically, before the bear’s head hit the ground!

Touch! ! The behemoth fell to the ground, and the impact of the uplift made the two almost fly away! But they were well prepared this time, lying on the ground to resist before the shock wave arrived!

The giant bear thought it was over, thinking he had avoided falling off the cliff!

It’s wrong! The previous attacks have long caused countless cracks to appear on the cliff on this side! In addition, the forest giant bear suddenly fell to the ground, and the impact of its whole body weight made the ground crack even more!

Clap la la la la la! The whole earth made a tearing sound, and it was constantly tilting down!

The forest giant bear knows that something is wrong, and quickly stretches out his palms and crawls to a safe place!

But Husky already got up first, swung the heavy pig-toothed sword, and performed a discus-throwing spin again!

He took aim and threw a pig-toothed sword! The epee turned into a deadly circular knife wheel in the air, spinning wildly, drawing a wonderful arc, and smashing into the forest giant bear!

It’s deeply embedded in the center of the bear’s brow! Because of the weight of the blade and the power of the rotation, that blow could split the skull!

Paza! The colorless blood kept pouring out! The severe pain made the giant forest bear hesitate for a moment! It was this half-a-half of hesitation that made it caught by the **** of death, and a deafening roar rang out from the entire cliff, and it fell with the forest giant bear! !

“So, solved, meow?” Hal and Husky sat on the edge of the cliff, watching the horrific scene in front of them: “That’s amazing! Well cast meow!”

“It’s not…” Husky wiped the bead of sweat on his forehead: “Actually, I planned to attack its right eye.”

Fortunately, the forest giant bear’s target is large enough to hit it with any throw. Anyway, it’s good to achieve the goal.

Jingle bells! The inventory of the two teenagers rang together, and when they saw it, it was an upgrade prompt. It took a lot of effort and risked their lives to kill the They finally got a level up, and now it’s level two.

“Hehe, congratulations.” Arthur clapped his palms and walked over: “Finally raised a level. But is this really good? The bear fell off the cliff and died, and all the props it dropped exploded in It’s at the bottom of the cliff. If you don’t recycle it, they’ll all be gone in a few hours?”

“Huh?! How can you be like this!” Husky protested: “If the boss is defeated, can’t the props it drop automatically be sent to our inventory?”

Arthur asked in disapproval: “If you kill a monster in reality, will the items it drop automatically run into your inventory?”

“Of course not. But this is a game, so there’s no need to be so “realistic”, meow?” The Leopard boy looked at his Uncle Arthur with watery eyes.

Facing the almost pleading eyes of the two teenagers, Arthur smiled cruelly and shook his head.

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