Light Spirit Epic Chapter 846: Fighting in the Demon Marsh (22)


Chapter 846: Escape to the Demon Swamp

“There is no way, let the wolf smoke tell Palamidis and they come to meet them!” The werewolf sighed, pulled out an arrow, and tore off a bit of cloth, wrapping it tightly: “You still Can you urinate? Give me a little more. “But **yan**first*(..)””

“No more meow.” Seglade blushed and said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, I knew it would be like this, I just kept some stock meow.”

The giant tortoises get closer. They waved their tongues frantically, and their target was completely locked on the two young orcs-they coaxed before, ate the same kind once, and probably got tired of the same kind of meat.

There is no way, use water instead, and make a wolf smoke as soon as possible. In short, Bedivere and the others will definitely not be able to escape this time, unless——

“Look!” Seglade shouted happily: “Don’t let the wolf smoke meow! They’re here meow!”

Bediveville looks from afar. Seglade was right, a raft appeared from the distant sky, and two silver hot air balloons stood out in the sky.

“But they can’t get close.” The werewolf looked at the giant tortoises around him. The tongues of the monsters were thirty feet long, and if the ship rashly approached the landing, it might have been swept away. Swiped by these terrifying turtle tongues, the raft will definitely fall apart.

Got a way to get the attention of the swamp turtles! Even if it’s only for a moment!

The werewolf thought for a moment, then immediately reached out and pulled out the turtle’s tongue on the ground. The attack just now made the tongue pierce deeply into the ground an inch, and Bedivere struggled to pull it out.

Seglade looked closely, and couldn’t help but tensed again. This tongue is as thick as an arm. If they hadn’t avoided it in time, they would have been stabbed in the buttocks by this thing.

Bedivere didn’t say much, and immediately wrapped the turtle’s tongue in cloth, then cut his arm, and stained the cloth red with his own blood.

He makes a bait. Such a large piece of meat, in the eyes of those swamp giant tortoises, was no different from one of Bedivere’s legs. Coupled with the smell of werewolf blood, it was enough to keep these monsters scrambling.

“Seglade, crouch!” Bedivere has grabbed one end of the bait and spun it like a discus!

Whoosh! ! He threw the bait out fiercely! Throw it about thirty yards away!

Sure enough, the swamp giant tortoises were all attracted by the piece of “wolf meat”, and they all changed their crawling directions to compete for the big piece of meat! Not to be outdone, even the giant swamp tortoise beneath Bedivere’s feet crawled towards the flesh (it didn’t even know it was its own tongue)!

And Palamides and the others were also driving the raft. Bedivere saw Albert waving at him from a distance, and a long rope-like thing hung down from the raft!

As the raft approached, the werewolf and the leopard man were about to reach out to grab the “rope”, but they were shocked to realize that the so-called “rope” turned out to be the tongue of another giant swamp tortoise! The two still have lingering fears about this thing, and are hesitating whether to grab it or not!

“What are you doing?! Come on up!” Palamidis cursed from the raft.

Bediver and Segley endure great nausea, grabbing the stick in one hand… oh no, the rope.

Of course it wasn’t enough to bear the weight of both of them. They had to use all their strength to cling to the stick…, oh no, the rope, and scramble up.

And that thing appears to have been cut from another swamp tortoise, full of this slippery slime. Although it wasn’t so slippery that one couldn’t climb it, it was so disgusting that Bedivere was almost out of strength, unable to climb any further.

Actually, the werewolf and leopard youth didn’t climb up, the rest was done by Palamidis and Albert, who worked together to pull the two guys on the rope onto the boat .

“Oh my cat, you guys are so heavy!” Albert complained.

“Sorry, I’ve been lying on the turtle’s back for too long, my hands and feet are numb, meow.” Seglade told a little lie and fooled around.

“That kind of thing is easy.—Is the medicine in hand?” Palamidis asked hastily.

“Oh, here it is, there’s a lot of meows. Both my brother and Elaine were saved meows. Now we just need to sit down and make the medicine—“

“You better hurry.” Chanel probed Elaine’s forehead again: “Their burns are getting worse.”

“I’ll make the medicine right away.” Seglade, sitting next to his brother Zephyr, picked up a stone bowl and mashed the swampberries, mixed it with a little water, and boiled the medicine by the fire.

“You know how to make ice cubes, get them some ice to cool down, okay?” Palamedis handed Bedivere a pitcher full of saltpeter, and continued to operate the photon mirror himself, pushing Voyage of the spaceship.

“Okay.” The werewolf looked at the big wound on Palamidis’ chest: “It’s a serious injury, you also need to rest.”

“Wait until we pass this hell.” The leopard warrior muttered: “I’m really fed up with this swamp!”

(I couldn’t agree more on this.)

Bediver looked down at the giant tortoise array below, countless swamp giant tortoises still stuck out their tongues and swayed, as if they could attack Bedivere and others in the air.

He was eager to leave this hellish area right away.

At the same time, in the virtual world of a certain game, two teenagers are facing the forest giant bear.

In fact, rather than fighting, it is more about evading the monster’s attack.

The forest giant bear’s attack mode is very simple, either stepping on it or slapping it with its huge palm, and occasionally taking the opportunity to press the entire bear down to the ground.

Although it’s an extremely monolithic mode, it can kill people with ease. According to the physique of a normal person, without wearing any armor, anyone who is lightly touched by this monster will die.

Although they are orcs, the physiques of the two teenagers are not particularly different from those of human children—if they are only calculated from their vitality.

With this physique, it’s hard to fight bigger monsters, let alone defeat such a big boss!

No, even an adult can’t win a fight, right? !

Touch! ! The giant forest bear slashed out with one paw, digging a hole dozens of feet deep on the ground! The air waves and sandstones it set off spread dozens of yards!

When the two teenagers saw the giant bear raising its claw, they quickly retreated and rolled away. Unexpectedly, the impact of the monster still sent them flying out, hitting the tree heavily, making a muffled sound!

“Um!” Husky climbed up from the nearly collapsed tree trunk and wiped the (transparent) blood from the corners of his mouth. Although the pain was blocked by the system, the impact still carried the illusion of a great “pain”. He felt the huge pressure from the collision between his body and the tree, and the impact caused almost all the bones in his body to dissipate!

Impossible! This kind of boss is too powerful, if there is no whole team to besiege it and use all kinds of sophisticated weapons to slowly reduce its physical strength, it is impossible to defeat it!

At least, the two years of Husky and Hal can’t win!

Husky looked at the giant bear in the distance, and out of the corner of his eye he couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of King Arthur hiding in the depths of the forest.

King Arthur’s faint eyes seem to be saying to the dog boy: “Give it up. It’s not too late to give up now, let me go and defeat it.”

Although very unwilling, this is probably the limit of Husky and the others.

But why? The dog boy did not dare to murmur in his heart.

His Uncle Arthur is not a strong, lean build even among adults.

If you take into account the difference in strength between humans and orcs, this Uncle Arthur’s muscle strength is actually similar to Husky’s, maybe only a little stronger than the canine juvenile.

In this game, Uncle Arthur, who has no special equipment against the sky, should theoretically have the same conditions as Husky and the others.

—So, why? !

Seeing the giant forest bear that gave the teenagers a headache and was helpless, this Uncle Arthur acted confidently?

—As if with the strength of an ordinary human man, he could kill that big monster as tall as a mountain? !

That’s obviously impossible! Why? !

“Ooh—” the giant forest bear roared, raised its left foot, and was about to step on it!

“What are you doing!” Howl rushed over to pull Husky away, and the two ran in the opposite direction of the monster. Before the giant bear stepped on the ground, stay as far away as possible!

Because that stomping is definitely not just a stomping, the shock wave it causes has a very large range of damage!

Boom! ! —The giant forest bear’s feet hit the ground hard! It first caused a violent earthquake, which shook the two teenagers directly from the ground into the air;

Then it knocks rocks and sand off the ground, sending up a terrifying shock wave that blows everything around!

“Woooooooooooo!!” The two teenagers were thrown farther, and all kinds of small stones flew like It was enough to shoot several on them Hole! They had to set up a long sword to block, and covered the most vital parts of the body on the broad and heavy sword of the pig-toothed long sword!

Clang clang clang clang! Countless sand and stones hit the sword, making a crisp sound, and Husky also flew far away. He didn’t slam into the tree like he did just now, because he didn’t run away with his back to the monster this time. Even if he was hit by the shock wave and flew out of the sky, he could still control his flying posture!

Clap! He landed while still sliding back a long distance. In order to stop himself quickly, he stabbed the ground with his sword and applied a brake.

Then he felt a vague burning sensation on his feet and his boots were smoking.

There are only a few wounds on the body, all of which were scratched by the flying rubble.

Can’t win. This monster is too powerful.

While this idea resurfaced in Husky’s mind, King Arthur appeared in the woods again. Those eyes were still staring at the dog boy. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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