Light Spirit Epic Chapter 834: Escape to the Demon Marsh (10)


Chapter 834 Escape to the Magic Marsh

Husky was unconscious for only half a second. “You can say **the first*(..)”

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was in a pure white world, surrounded by only the most basic white ground, which was almost close to the white, extremely light blue sky.

“Husky Meow?” A white mass came towards the canine boy, and Husky recognized it as Hal by his voice.

But, is this really Howl? The white mist-like thing in front of Husky only vaguely showed the form of a young man, but the form was very ethereal, like a ghost.

“Hal? How did you become so virtuous?”

Meow too. ‘ Hal retorted.

Husky hurriedly looked down at his body.

Yes, he has also become like Hal, surrounded by white air, with his hands and feet only vaguely emerging.

Are they dead? Is this a ghost? “The dog boy can’t help but be confused.

“It’s not a ghost.” A voice said behind the dog boy, “You logged in for the first time, and you haven’t set the appearance of the stand-in, so it looks like this [unrendered] state.”

“Uncle Arthur——” The dog boy quickly turned around to look, but the [Uncle Arthur] he saw was very different from the real Arthur. The figure is basically the same, but this golden knight looks very different from the real Uncle Arthur (a lot more handsome).

Uncle Se…? Husky immediately turned to a suspicious tone and asked, “Why do you look so different from the original you?” “

” This is my stand-in character Se said in a flat tone, “You have to figure out how to play a game to start, right? “

“So…this is really a game meow?” Little Howl surveyed his surroundings carefully. A ball of light flew over.

“Do you want to set character information for the first login?” the artificial intelligence in the light ball said.

“My God, this thing can really talk.” Husky excitedly circled around the ball of light, “setting data? What is the setting method?”

He asked knowingly. The dog boy has never played the game, and the character setting steps at the beginning of the game are almost the same.

The game they’re playing now should be the same – the only difference is that they’re there, not across a TV screen.

The artificial intelligence light ball ignored Husky’s questioning and asked directly: “Start the character profile setting. Do you want to keep the current shape?”

“Keep meow,” Hal said.

“Please turn me up a little higher.” Husky said, “It’s better to be a little higher than Hal.”

He feels that doing so makes him look like a big brother.

“You’d better not, it will affect the synchronization of your character’s actions.” King Arthur reminded on the side: “You don’t want to keep falling while running, it’s better to use the default body shape.”

Let’s do it. ‘ Husky replied gloomily: ‘Keep the current shape. “

“Understood. The body shape is initialized. Now start randomly generating the appearance.” The system said.

With a strange roar, the appearance of Husky and Hal appeared.

The two teenagers are wearing shorts and don’t have any armor yet, but they at least have the appearance of a human, and they are no longer the white fog they used to be.

As if to match the skin color of the little black panther on purpose, Howl’s character is a wheat-colored teenager with a round face, a short black head, a pair of big golden eyes, bright and clear, and the whole is slender and slender; /

Husky’s character, on the other hand, has a fairer complexion and a stronger build, but is a bit shorter. Beneath the gray-black short, those big blue eyes were exactly the same as his reality.

This is a character that is shaped according to their real body size, and even absorbs a lot of their personal traits from reality.

But this is human…

“Hey, how did you make me look like a human meow?” Hal said gloomily.

“Sorry, the system has not been fully developed yet. At present, there are only human characters.” Arthur explained with a smile: “Mermaids, orcs, giants and other characters will be added in the future, but only humans can be selected at present.”

Ski was dissatisfied again, his face was pinched into the face of a mediocre human teenager, neither too good nor too bad: “Where’s the hair on my body…  Dad won’t recognize me anymore.”

The canine teenagers don’t have the fluffy dog ​​hair, they look much thinner—this is their original body—if they shave all the hair on their bodies in reality, they will be as thin as they are now body is exactly the same.

“It turns out that you are so thin.” Arthur gave the canine boy a white look: “Oh, not only has no hair, but also has no tail.

No, —, add tails to them. If there is none in the database, use the scanned data to make one. If the character’s setting is missing something, there will be problems with the balance of the body later. “

“Understood. Added the tail.” Lightball said again. The tails came out from behind the buttocks of the Leopard and Canine juveniles, and the pointy cat and dog ears popped off the top of their heads.

“Oh, it’s almost meow.” Hal played with his cat’s tail, and the touch was almost the same as in reality.

For orcs, the tail is an important part. If the tail is missing, the balance of walking will not be the same as before, and it will be particularly easy to fall.

“Okay.” Arthur saw that the roles of the two teenagers were almost set, and immediately said: “Enter the player name, and then… we can start the game.”

“Wait a minute!” Husky hurriedly stopped: “Let me set the appearance of Wang again. This look is too ordinary, at least I have to make the face a little more handsome—“

“Hey hey hey, what’s the use of a cool setting? Anyway, after putting on the helmet, you can’t see anything.” Arthur grabbed Husky’s tail: “Log in with your username.”

A floating keyboard and an input box appeared in front of the two teenagers.

Little Howl couldn’t wait to type the three letters “hyl” and hurriedly hit the Enter key.

Husky hesitated for half a second before reluctantly typed “ky” into the input box, then turned his head to look at Arthur: “Uncle, is your face really randomly generated? How much time did you spend pinching your face—“

I didn’t expect Arthur to answer recklessly: “I didn’t take the time to pinch my face, all this was done for me by the designer.”

(Sure enough. He also said that the face is not important, he is the one who cares about that face the most.)

Husky clicked Enter on the screen and finished entering the username.

“After setting, start the simulation training course.” Light fairway.

“Wait, what——?!”

A strong light has dazzled the eyes of the two teenagers. When they were able to see things again, the world in front of them had become completely different.

This is a plain, vast and open, with occasional savannahs of low trees.

“Okay, awesome! Well done!” Husky exclaimed, wagging his tail.

“And all this is only born in your brain, which is a set of somatosensory interaction system that is directly connected with the cranial nerves.” King Arthur explained: “In short, you are playing games with your brain, no longer A gamepad is required.”

“Oh, that’s great—” Hal tried to run a few steps. Because the real body is too weak, he hasn’t really walked on two legs for several days.

Although it’s only in the game, being able to run like this really makes the Leopard boy feel at ease.

It’s like a dream.

No, strictly speaking, this is a dream. All this is born in their brains, what is it not a dream?

“But, is this really a game?” Husky moved, and immediately asked King Arthur: “I always feel that there is something missing.”

The phrase “simulation training course” said by the light ball just now made Husky wary. He always felt that Uncle Arthur wouldn’t just bring them to play games like this. It seemed to be in class… The thought of being in class made the canine boy uneasy.

“Oh, you can play right away.” Arthur sneered at the two teenagers wearing only pants: “But now, let’s organize the equipment first.”

He raises his right hand and draws a large “i” (short for invey) in the air.

A floating window appeared in front of Arthur with various lists and information on character attributes.

“Oh, my uncle is still a first-class man.” Husky leaned over and asked, with a lot of mockery in his words.

“This is a new account that I have specially opened to play with you.” Arthur said disapprovingly: “If we are at full level from the beginning, what are we still playing? Don’t be idle—you also learn to open yourselves. , and confirm the basic equipment I sent you.”

“Okay.” Husky, imitating Arthur’s previous moves, drew an “i” in the air with his right hand.

Inventory is open. Among the dozens of item slots, Husky found a “Apprentice Knight Set” and a “Basic Lightsaber”.

He nods to without hesitation and puts the gear on. The boy who was still wearing shorts at first, immediately changed into a set of shiny armor, looking quite handsome.

He felt that his body was a lot heavier, and it was not very convenient to move.

“Wow, that’s what it feels like to wear armor.” Husky moved his hands and feet, and kept muttering: “Is it the same in reality?”

“Of course, we are making the most realistic simulation game, even the weight of this armor is pre-measured, and all the feeling is exactly the same as if you are wearing the same armor in reality.” King Arthur said proudly.

So it is.

The canine boy instantly understood King Arthur’s intentions.

Why are you so obsessed with the word “truth”? Because…

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