Light Spirit Epic Chapter 833: Escape to the Demon Marsh (9)


Chapter 833 Escape to the Magic Marsh

“Phew!” Bedivere breathed a sigh of relief, then sat down beside Elaine, leaning his back on the furry belly of the unconscious polar bear: “It’s finally safe for the time being. “But **yan**shou*(..)” Oh my god, how far will this terrifying swamp go on?”

“The road is still long.” Palamidis had a tired look on his face, but he deliberately suppressed the tiredness and said, “We can’t stop and rest until we reach a safe area. Young people , muster up your spirits and hold on.”

Fel couldn’t lift his spirits. The fall just now not only caused him to be seriously injured by the blood sucking of the tentacle monsters, but even worse, he even lost the shield and spear in his hand.

He originally just wanted to recycle the long gun and make money back, but he didn’t expect to lose a lot of money. Lost to death!

But is it really a loss?

The young Leopard Man sneaked a glance at his father’s back, and a burst of warmth flowed into the young Leopard Man’s heart.

This time, he was not abandoned.

This time, Palamidis not only chose to save Seglade, but also sacrificed himself to save Syfer.

Seven years later, he saw his down-and-out father become so powerful for the first time. The image of Palamides was raised in the minds of the sons.

Reality is not always so hopeless, and history does occasionally change.

If you work hard enough, the loser can fight back.

—Moreover, you will receive a rich reward from God.

“It’s time to deal with your wounds. Don’t move.” The elf girl Chanel grabbed Sefer’s hand and washed the wounds on the leopard youth with clean water.

Those wounds were bitten by the tentacle monster’s suckers, each with the size of a gun hole, all over Sefir’s back and arms, leaving the leopard youth with pits all over his body. Although the bleeding has stopped, they still look terrible.

But for some reason, Zephyr felt a little grateful to the swamp tentacles at this time.

“Wow, thank you.” Saifer blushed shyly as he watched Chanel clean up his wound: “I will wash the rest myself, don’t bother meow—“

“No, there are many wounds on the back. If you don’t take care of it properly, you will get infected. Take off your clothes quickly.”

“Uh, no, I really don’t need meow—” He said so, but he was even more grateful to the swamp tentacles.

“Take it off if I tell you to, don’t keep talking.” Chanel used a dagger to break a parachute cloth into countless strips. She intends to use these light, thin, yet breathable rubber fabrics as bandages.

Albert had just put a fig leaf around his waist, and when he heard the conversation between Chanel and Seifer, he immediately pouted his cat’s mouth in dissatisfaction: “Oh, I’m naked, you’re just a big opinion, he You can’t say it, but you’re not happy—“

“Shut up! You are a pervert who likes to run naked, and he is force majeure, how can he be treated equally!” The elf girl scolded angrily: “Do your precautions, don’t look this way. Um, Mr. Bedivere? Could you give me some resin?”

“Sure.” Bedivere took some gooey resin from a heated stone bowl, rubbed it on Elaine’s wound like this, and gave whatever resin was left in the bowl to Elaine. Chanel: “Be careful with your hands.”

Without any medical equipment, they can only treat teammates’ injuries with readily available materials, and heated resin is a good antibacterial agent.

—Of course, not all resins are antibacterial. The resin in their hands is an aromatic resin that has always been similar to the tropical dipterocarp tree, which can play a role in sterilization and deodorization.

Bediver applied the resin to a horrific burn on the Ice Bear’s chest, allowing it to heal the Ice Bear’s wound. It is not only antibacterial, but also has the effect of hemostasis and convergence, and isolation of bacterial infection. The borneol balsam resin, which is slowly waved after heating, even has a cool feeling, which is also very effective for burns and scalds.

The werewolf then casually bandaged Elaine with the shreds of the parachute cloth, so that the white bear, who was scorched black and struggling in the pain, felt a little more comfortable.

Of course, this also consumes a lot of resources. The resin stock in their hands is not much.

Today’s battle with the Swamp Serpent consumed a lot of wooden arrows, several high-powered incendiary arrows, and lost three jet thrusters, a shield, and a spear. Re-manufacturing these things takes an incalculable amount of energy and effort—not to mention that most of them cannot be made without the raw materials.

So much wasted for no benefit. Because of those damned swamp tentacles, they didn’t have time to clean up the battlefield and grab the loot from the boa constrictor.

Deville sighed deeply. He shouldn’t be lamenting too much. To survive the attack of that terrifying giant python is already a miracle within a miracle.

Or maybe not.

“Well, that’s weird.” Chanel frowned as she touched the resin on Seifer’s back: “Why do I always feel… as if something is chasing us? “

The werewolf also felt something. Not by smell, but by the constant murderous aura in the air.

He raises his bow and turns his head defensively.

A huge black shadow burst out from the bottom of the water, and the terrifying thing scared everyone on the boat!

It’s the Swamp Python!

The monster was blown into two pieces, and the part below the chest was left in place. It is estimated that it was besieged and sucked by the tentacles;

And the part above the chest, that is, the part where the snake’s head is attached, is still able to move, catching up with amazing vitality, which is the most amazing of the species!

——No, is this really a creature?

“My God, what’s that?” Chanel looked at the black smoke-like thing behind the giant snake: “Is there such a monster in the world?”

Bediver swallowed a mouthful of saliva, he knew very well that it was definitely not a monster. There is no monster in this world that can be broken into two pieces and can release black smoke and continue to move.

Those black mists that are constantly changing in shape and are being used as tails by swamp snakes are exactly a kind of spiritual body.

It’s more like a snake’s tail than a real snake’s tail, and every twist is filled with viciousness, bloodlust and greed. Since it is so dark, it is either an evil spirit or a dark spirit—the swamp python is so crazy and ferocious, I am afraid it is the latter.

This disgusting monster is probably infected by the dark son, and in the frenzied hunting for many years, this dark spirit is gradually created in the body;

…Or maybe just the opposite, the dark spirit existed from the beginning, just hunting in the skin of a big snake. God knows.

Beddieville knows only one simple fact:

The group of them exhausted their strength to barely defeat the swamp python, which is a “Warcraft”. That was their limit. Unexpectedly, this guy can still appear in front of everyone in the form of a dark spirit (or evil spirit)!

With the current equipment and state of the team, this swamp python is simply impossible to defeat.

——- In other words, they are dead!

At the same time, at 8:00 in the morning, Edinburgh Castle, the base of the Knights of the North, Edinburgh City, Great Britain.

Led by the Knight of the Round Table Cameron, Arthur and his party came to a huge room.

The whole room is filled with a dark and steel aura, which seems to have penetrated the castle brick by brick for thousands of years and can never be eliminated.

This room appears to be a training room, but it doesn’t contain any training equipment, just a thousand metal recliners neatly placed.

These metal reclining chairs have high-end leather seat cushions, which look like some kind of electric massage chairs, but have a cover to cover the head, and there are many dim lights on the seats, when the lights When lit up, the whole lounge chair is full of high-tech atmosphere.

“Wow, what a beautiful chair. I guess it will be very comfortable to sit on it for a massage.” Husky praised with a smile (spit), but he was muttering in his heart that he must have been hit by Uncle Arthur. Cheated.

——What about the playground? !

In this dark and metallic room, there is neither a playground nor facilities to play, just this large number of massage chairs! The electric massage chair that old people will like!

Could it be that Uncle Arthur told them to lie here all day and enjoy a “massage”?

Don’t bring such a fool!

“This is not a massage chair, little idiot.” King Arthur guessed what Husky was thinking. He didn’t rush to explain, just smiled lightly and put down Little Hal on his back: “Okay. , take off your shoes and lie down on the chairs. Let’s get started.”

“Huh? What started?” Husky sat on the chair suspiciously, lying on his back along the angle of the recliner: “Want to massage? I’m looking forward to it.”

King Arthur is amused again by the duplicity of the canine boy, but he remains secretive by saying nothing.

Although he was still muttering in his heart, the canine boy couldn’t help but admire: This chair is really comfortable, the soft seat cushion is still leather, and it seems that he will fall asleep at any time when lying on it.

“Also,” King Arthur settled Little Hal, and let the Leopard Man lie down on the chair on the left side of Husky: “Do you want to go to the toilet first? Once it starts, it is inconvenient to interrupt, now If you don’t clean it up first, it will probably be very choking later.”

Husky gave King Arthur a suspicious look. Lying in a chair and resting, do you have to prepare first?

“No, I just finished dipping before I left.” Husky said gloomily.

“Okay, let’s start.” Arthur also took off his shoes and lay flat on the chair: “Cameron, let’s do it.”

“As you Majesty.” Cameron snorted, evidently having some remarks about King Arthur’s hasty decision.

But since they are all here, they have already let these two little devils know the secret of this computer room, so they can only carry out the matter to the end.

The knights of the round table reached out and pressed each chair’s button a few times, setting the recliners to some sort of program.

Before Husky could react, the cover on the top of the recliner pressed down, pressing against his forehead.

Beep! ——The electronic device on the cover makes a wonderful vibrato.

“Start connecting.” A certain harsh voice said. It seemed to be an electronically synthesized voice, not a human voice anyway.

Clap! There was some kind of electrical signal hitting Husky’s head. The canine boy only felt that his eyes were darkened, his body seemed to be dragged by some unknown force and dragged into another world forcibly. Before he could react, he had already lost consciousness. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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