Light Spirit Epic Chapter 814: The expedition is different from the first


“Can ** Yan ** first* (..)” Chapter 814 Expedition to another world

“Are you still alive and using techniques such as evil spirit possession to prolong your life?” The Holy Spirit Crown analyzed: “It is sad that the founding king of Pantoracken has become this kind of virtue.”

Arthur snickered that there is nothing to be pathetic about

It is human nature to be greedy for life and fear of death, especially those emperors, generals and prime ministers who have everything and start to work frantically to defend their property and buy their souls to the devil in order to live forever In the hallucinations—unexpectedly, they gave up far more than they got

There are very few people in the world who think it’s not worth it

“This dead old ghost would rather go out in person than let us escape, right?” Arthur turned to confront the ancient king, and there was only endless disdain in his eyes: “Then there is no way—to die.”

The King of Knights summoned a Holy Spirit that did not manifest a form but turned into a white light and melted into the King of Knights’ body

——One of the advanced application skills of the Holy Spirit [Possessed by the Holy Spirit]

Muscles are full of photons, and the white blood of the Holy Spirit flows through the veins of the Holy Spirit. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, King Arthur is full of strength and has grown a little taller. He now looks exactly the same as when he was seventeen when he became king

With this extra stamina, I can at least fight the enemy for a while longer

“[Possessed by the Holy Spirit] is only valid for thirty minutes, please make a quick decision, Your Majesty,” the Holy Spirit Crown reminded

“Thirty minutes is enough” The King of Knights sneered disdainfully: “Shaxing escaped from here with two little devils, I solved this old undead and then followed”

“Hey, you’re going to die” The evil star flew out and grinned cruelly

“Uncle Arthur needs to be careful that guy’s hands **** people’s energy” Husky also said worriedly

“Okay, just run away and don’t get in the way” The King of Knights raised his sword

Husky shivered for a while and wondered if he was shocked by the momentum of the King of Knights or because the other party’s words stabbed him in the dead end. He turned around angrily

“Turn into the left corner” The evil star has already crouched on Husky’s head and unceremoniously commands his wolfdog companion

Husky sighed and ran off to the rhythm of the evil star

“There are only two of us left now” Arthur raised his holy sword: “Come on, King Kasser, let’s have a good time and wait for you to be thrown to the ground. I still have a lot of things to ask you. What?”

At 0:00 a.m. at the same time, in the forest next to the sixth waterfall in the Nile and middle and lower reaches

Bedivere, who was in charge of the vigil, was already very sleepy. He leaned in and was about to wake up Zefer to change shifts when the movement in the sky caught his attention

The giant fireball whizzed through the sky like a bolide. It took the werewolf half a second to realize that it was a raft built by other candidates

I am afraid that the progress has been slowed down and anxious, so they drove all night to death, and their hot air balloon hit the cliff and caused this tragedy

“Humm…” Bedivere tried to calm down and those idiots probably didn’t save it, crashing into a jungle full of monsters in the middle of the night even without the impact of a raft (hot air balloon) crash Killing can’t escape the clutches of monsters

This has nothing to do with him, on the contrary, the lack of a group of competitors is also a good thing for Bediveville and the others

“…You really don’t plan to go see Kuang Meow” Saifer slowly got up and asked in a low voice in order not to wake up his companions

“Do you want me to see?” Seeing that the shift changer was awake, the werewolf lay down against Albert and competed with the tiger for the quilt: “Don’t worry about them anyway, they won’t survive tonight, knowing that there will be a Risk, who told these idiots to take the initiative to die”

Seifelton took a moment

Then the big blue cat sighed and reached for his own clothes and gear: “I can’t believe you are so ignorant, Bedivere meow—Seglade wake up we’re going out meow”

Let’s have a bowl of meow—“His twin brother was still enjoying the food in his sweet dream and was shaken by his brother like this before he finally woke up:”What’s going on, meow…”

“The candidates who died” Saifer has put on a robe and said: “Looking at their appearance, they should not be able to last until the rescue comes tonight, let’s check the situation”

“Yes, let’s see how many corpses there are to clean up” whispered the werewolf Bedivere

“Are you really not going with us, Mr. Bedivere meow?” Seglade asked in a low voice, with a pleading meaning: “You know we can’t use magic to move purely by physical strength. If it’s a monster, I’m afraid——“

(Then you don’t have to go)

“I just thought it would be nice if there was at least one more companion who could be on guard with bows and arrows, meow

—And our archery skills are not good. The best archery skills in the team are Mr. Bedivere, except for Dad.”

(Oh my god, this is endless)

“Tsk—” The werewolf reluctantly got up when he saw two blue leopard youths with mischievous smiles

Bediver frowned and said helplessly and reluctantly: “I’ll just go with you, don’t keep mumbling. Really, why are you three fathers and sons so nosy”

“Hereditary” Palamidis whispered under the covers, reached out and waved: “Go here, I’ll stand guard”

Bediver is even more angry: “Since you are awake, go with your sons

“Don’t you young people play, my old bones need more rest——” This **** leopard is starting to sell and grow old

Bedivere put away the blue veins on his forehead, picked up the bow and arrow, then took three burning arrows and a dozen ordinary arrows and jumped down the tree like this

Two blue leopard youths also took a torch each and hung a shield made of wood in one hand and a dagger in the other hand and took the most primitive equipment on the road

Bedivere looked at the equipment of the two big cats and said disdainfully: “You think this wooden shield can prevent the claws of the demon beasts. Under their attack, this thing is like a piece of paper”

“Yes, but it’s better than nothing.” Saifel raised his shield and that thing was actually not as bad as Bedivere said. The shield was wrapped with a layer of parachute cloth, a special material that could prevent slashing– —Even the previous Nile Black Vulture couldn’t scratch it. Its toughness can be imagined, and the cloth is also covered with animal fat. It seems that it intends to use the smooth shield surface to slide away the enemy’s attack

Simply put, this shield is not used to block attacks, it’s a design to undo the opponent’s attack.

Under the limited materials and production conditions, these two boys are very thoughtful

“If we can find better materials, we will definitely be able to make a stronger shield, meow” Saifer said as he walked into the woods: “It is said that Sudan is a great treasure trove of ores, and all kinds of minerals can be dug at will. It would be nice if it were true.”

Bedivere quietly followed the two cats with a long bow in hand, too lazy to say anything more

It is true that relying on the keen sense of smell of the orcs to dig various ores can be said to be no difficulty at all

However, smelting metals requires thousands of degrees of high temperature in a large furnace, and requires various smelting knowledge to support laymen like them who know nothing about metallurgy even if they have enough ore in their hands, it is difficult to make anything decent

But there is one thing that can be easily made without any smelting conditions. As long as there are materials and fire, the werewolf can have this idea in his heart. If he has the opportunity, he may try it

The three of them were nervous as they walked through the forest, lest the beasts would suddenly come and kill them

But I don’t know if it’s because they have torches for protection or the monsters are just not interested in them. The three of them didn’t encounter any monsters along the way, so they kept going in the direction where the raft crashed

They can already see the fire raft in the depths of the forest, hitting a big tree, and the tree is burning. Fortunately, the vegetation in this forest is not dense. Very sparse, no matter how serious the fire of one tree seems, there is no danger of igniting other trees and causing forest fires

“It’s so miserable…Maybe there are really no survivors, meow” Seglyde whispered and said in a low voice that this is the first time the young man of the mountain fire leopard has seen it

“I would like to know what kind of idiot lost his life in such a dark night” Bedivere is still in a state of drowsiness, his temper is more grumpy than usual, and his mouth is vicious

“Hmm…” There was a muffled hum from above his head. Someone overheard them from the tree


“The werewolf raised his bow and looked up and wanted to shoot, but what he saw made him hesitate. The arrow didn’t shoot anything else, but it shot out—- his head was hot and nosebleed.

“Yah sè wolf~~~~~~

“The girl’s screams echoed in the forest. Her robes, which were hung on the tree, were entangled in the branches and could not fall down. Bediveville glanced at the scenery under the dress and was immediately thrown by the girl. A huge tree fruit knocked on the middle of the forehead

The hard tree fruit slammed into the werewolf’s forehead and lured a rather strong concussion. () “The Legend of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it, and the position is only committed to providing health Green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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